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​Zoey has same  Gene pool as her sister, Ziva. below...who bred to our "Red" in July 2013 for Puppies born 9-23-13..we expect puppies with their coloring when we breed Our Zoey to Red! Ziva is out of our lines...we solf her almost two years ago and this is her first breeding. Our customer is purchasing a stud from our Fall Litter for his future litters. In the meantime we used our Stud, Red.

SISTERS Ziva and Zoey, have the same parents:
Sire:Cashew Dam: Cocoa

Red and Ziva Bred July 2013 (our home)
We recommend supervised Breedings ALWAYS... Dejong is a New Breeder who cares enough about his Pet to wait till she is old enough, educate himself, and learn from more experienced Breeders..we recommend a mentor, when possible.
Red..our stud steps his leg over and is back to back during the "tie" while Dejong comforts his Dam.
Red and Zoey's litter...Photos below..please scroll down!
Sire: Red Dam: Ziva
Dejong handles this perfectly..staying with his Dam, not allowing her to roll or run on
Red (which could seriously damage him).
She is held and spoken through the process..the tie can take up to 20 min.
Dejong downloaded the Pregnancy Calendar from www.Breederinfocenter.org
He took His Dams temperature three times a day and could identify within hours of her delivery..which he assisted with. Ziva (Right) had 4 Healthy puppies: 3 are Red Livers and 1 Dark Chocolate Liver.
The two girls (twins) will be kept for Dejongs Breeding program. All his females may be related, just not the male.Congratulations on your first litter, Dejong..Job WELL DONE!
The work is not done..go to our Breeder Health Tips page for help with transitioning to food, Socializing, and early potty training tips!

10-10-13 about 2 1/2 weeks
Sire: Red  Dam: Ziva Dob 9-23-13
AKC Male (aprox. 6 weeks) 
​ Sire: Red Dam: Ziva (Zoey's Sister)
This is a good indication of whatRed and Zoey's 2014 Breeding will produce in a puppy, sooooooo cute!!
Click Here to see Available Positions to reserve a future Red/Zoey Akc Liver Puppy (possibly expecting both Chocolate and Red puppies like Ziva's to your right!)
2nd position male is Available in Dec. 27, 2014 litter...picks take place at 3-4 weeks..but reservations for pup are made now with a $100 deposit that goes toward your total Puppy purchase!​
Zoey's 2014 Nursery Zoey/Red 
​Puppies Came Dec. 23, 2014​
​FOR ZOEY/ RED Puppies (This SIDE)
Ziva and Zoey
Red/Zoey 2014 Puppies came Dec. 23, 2014
​ Photo Updates will be added BELOW (left)

​​First Female: Robbie G.       First Male: Vicki S.
Second Female:
Brooke S   Second M:Tricia E
Third Female:Debby M

Early deposits choose first at pups age 3-4 weeks
then others make picks from litter in order​

See My Belly Growin Album 12-2-14
DOB: Dec. 23, 2014

​Sire: RED
Dam:​ ZOEY

5 Puppies Total
3 are females and 2 males:

puppies all sold
3 available pups in other litter/please call 817 291-8007 ​

Ziva 2013 PUPPIES
We paint the tail tips at times to Identify when they look a lot alike                   
​                                Orange Tail Tip                         pink tail tip          green tail tip          blue tail tip
DOB512-23-14        Female             F (Choc mask)F (white paws)        Male (wht paws)        Male w/wht Blaze
Birth wt Day 1               5.6 oz                           5.5                      5.8                                                5.0                                   5.3
Day 2                             6.2​                                5.3                      6.5                                                5.5                                   5.8  
Day 3                             7.1                                5.6                      6.9​                                                5.5                                   6.9
Day 4                             7.4                                6.0​                      7.4                                                6.0                                   7.4         
Day 5​                             8.3                                6.7                      7.8                                                6.7                                   8.1
Day 6                             9.0                                7.4                      8.1                                                7.4                                   9.0
Day 7                             9.9                              ​​  7.9                     10.1                                               7.6                                  10.1
Day 8                            11.8​                               9.2                     11.6                                                9.2                                 11.6
Day 9                            12.7​                              10.4                    12.7                                                9.9                                 13.1      
Day 10​                          14.1                              10.9                    13.6                                               11.5                                13.8
2014 Christmas Day Photos
Nursing is a labor of LOVE
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Oh Ya! This is the Life! Eat, Sleep..
​Eat and Sleep some more!!
Dec, 26   Click HERE for album these photos are from
Male with white blaze
Chocolate Mask Girl
Happy Female
Dec. 27, 2014 Click HERE for more photos from Album below
12-29-14 Day 6
5 puppies with 1 female and 1 male available as of 12-30-14 these are gonna be cu-ute!!​
Female with Chocolate mask!
DAY 9 ... photos below from this Album:
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                                      Weight Chart (continued)

       Female              F (Choc mask)          F (white paws)        Male (wht paws)         Male w/wht Blaze

Day 10​                            14.1                   10.9                           13.6                                  11.5                       13.8
Day 11                            14.5                   11.8​                           14.3                                  12.2                       14.6
​Day 12                            15.5                   12.5                           15.7                                  13.6                       15.7                  
Day 13                            1#1.6                 14.3                           1#.02                                14.1                       1#1.5
Day 14                            1#2.7                 14.6                           1# 04                                15.0                       1#1.5
Day 15  1-7-15                1#4.1​                 1#.0                          1#1.6                                 15.5                      1#2.5
Day 17                            1#4.6                 1#2.2                         1#2.9                                1#06                      1#4.0 
Day 18                            1#6.4                 1#3.2                         1#5.0                                1#1.1                     1#4.3                   Day 19 1-11-15               1#7.8                 1#5.0                         1# 5.2                               1#2.2                     1#5.2  
Day 21​  1-13-15              1#8.5                 1#7.3                         1#5.3                                1#3.2                     1#6.3  ​
Day 22                             1#9.2                1#8.0                         1#6.2                                1#3.9​                     1#6.9  
Day 25                             1#12.4              1#9.6                         1# 7.8                               1#5.3                     1#11.1
Day 27 1-19-15               1# 13.3​              1#13.8                       1#13                                 1#70                     1#13.5  
3 weeks                           1#14.0              1#14 .2                      1#14.7                              1#8.7                    1#13.5  
weekly weights form here on.  
5 wks                               2#0.8                2#2.0                         1#15.9                              1#12.7                   2#1.7
Jan 30                              2#4,0               2#5.2                          2#2.,9                               1#15.7                   2#5.9                         ​  
​​​​Nemex 2 Dewormed 2wks, 3,4
Male: Teeter
Male Blazer
Female: Ariel
Fermale: Sweetie
Female: Cupcake
Click HERE for Jan 5 Album
Jan. 6, 2015 2 weeks old
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3rd pick female is available...you can hold her by deposit..picks take place within 2 weeks
      Jan 7, 2015 : One of these two males is still available
Jan 8, 2015 : One of these three females is still available
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Jan. 13, 2015 Deposits are coming in on Zoeys male and female...so Zoey's litter is sold...Picks take place in order of deposit in the coming week...you can't go wrong with any of these!!
To see more Photos in the FB Album these are from..Jan 13: Click HERE
Jan 14 Photo Album: Puppies first food: Click HERE after saving our page to your favorites
Teeter 3 weeks
Robbie's Cupcake
Picks are as follows:
Robbie G: Cupcake​​
Brooke: Ariel
Debby M​​: Sweetie
Vicki S: Blazer
Tricia E:​​​ Teeter
Jan. 19 Photo Album: Click HERE
Teeter 4 weeks
Please Save our website to your Favorites and then click HERE to see 5 week photo Click here for 5 week photo album
Feb. 8. We are almost 7 weeks..come see us..we are growing!!
Sweetie and Teeter 47 days old
Cupcake (left) Click HERE to see the rest of Us in our Valentines Photo Album
2-16-15 Robbie and Harold picked up Cupcake, Rocher and Alamo today. They will be back for AngelKiss and Romeo in May after Romeo breeds to Zoey.
2-16-15 Teeter (now Kaiser went home with Tricia (left) yesterday. Tricia had been following my site for two years before she finally got her puppy...she had called a few years ago and I all were sold at the time. Thanks Tricia for coming back and for your patience!
Tricia said: ​"Kaiser is such a happy puppy!!! He did very well last night. He slept through the night!!!"
Philadelphia had some bad weather, So Sweetie stayed an extra day when her flight got cancelled the night before her flight..we rescheduled for the next day and she got home safely: Debby said:
"Got her and I'm thrilled‏​"
2 pups in the litter are here with us a little longer..Blaze and Ariel kennel..we continue to hold them daily and give the same great care we have all along..Vicki picks up Blazer on 23rd and Ariel, now Ginger goes home March 7, while Brooke is away on Business.
"Vicki came and got me early..I was supposed to go home Monday when she was already gonna be here for my Bubba's appt,but she wants me safe on the roads.. I love my new mama" Blaze 2-21-125 
Vickie, thank you for the thoughtfulness of flowers from your beautiful Casa Flora Flower shop in Longview Tx. Cecilia
Ariel(Ginger) is with us until March 6..she plays with Belle and Blossom: Brooke's 3rd puppy from us. Click HERE to see more photos
3-6-15 Saying goodbye to very sweet little Ariel (now Ginger)..no more Zoey pups until about July! Available Male positions ..we accept early deposits
Blazer (aka: Sunny) Vicki's pick of male
Sire: Red Dam: Zoey​