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   Sire: Yogi
Sophie and Yogi Nursery #3
Under ConstructionDOB: Dec. 30, 2018!
Puppies go home Feb.25, 2019​
Sophie 8.5 lbs
To see previous Yogi Sophie Birthday litter Click HERE for more photos Day 1 FB Album after saving page to your bookmarks
Click HERE for First part of Album combined photos of both Belle and Sophie pups) 
Click HERE for Album  showing rest of puppy album Feb 15, 2018​
Puppies are weaned and they go home in a week, after Vet exams!​
Going home in 5 days! Had our first Shots, Vet exam scheduled for Feb.20, 2018. See out Feb 17 album includes Belle's litter, Click HERE

Be sure to look for our adorable videos when you get to FB album​​
..just scroll to previous dates
Reese  is almost a 
year old here (2 photos right
and above​)
This gives us an idea of what all Sophies litters will look like except 2021 (last litter) which she will be bred with Samson!​​For Available positions scroll down to Sophie planned litters
Our condolences to Karen's family. Karen loved her Gracie and Penny(Lizzie) from us. Her Daughter , Vanessa, inheritedGracie from our Zoey past litter, and Penny,Previously called "Lizzie" here she is at 11mos to give us an idea of what one of the colors Sophie Yogi produce..looks like Grandma Lady Rosie!
WHAT WE EXPECT...see Previous Pups DOB 12-29-17 from this pair, shown at 11 most of age..PENNY!(right) and Reese on Left
Penny at birth below
Any questions call Cecilia at  (817)291-8007

​​​First Female(Maya): Dionne B.

First Male(Milo): Antonia F
2nd Male(Chili):Glenda B

3rd Male(Hanu):
 Sheila E​
DOB: Dec. 30, 2018

Click HERE for Day 1 Dec. 31, 2018 Photos
Weight chart: Healthy puppies gain weight each day in their early weeks: they about double their birth weight by 7-10 days
Day         1                 2            3             4         5       6         7         8        9       
​DOB: Dec 30,2018
  12/31   1/1/19   1/2/19    1/3    1/4      1/5      1/6     1/7     

​Female: 5.6              6.0        6.9          7.8        8.8    9.9   10.2    11.8    12.5   

Male:​​​​     5.5              5.6         6.0          7.2       8.5     9.5   10.4    11.3    12.2   
​drk choc.

Male:      6.3             6.9          7.8         8.8      10.2    11.3  12.3    12.9    13.8  

Male:      4.9            5.1           6.2          7.1       8.3    9.0     9.9      11.3    12.2  
Med Choc​​​​​​
Click HERE for Day 3, Jan 2,2019 Video Sophie and pups
Click HERE for Day 2 Photos
Click HEREfor Day 4 Album
We are giving temporary names to the pups early! This is "Milo" Click HEREfor more Photos
Day 5 Photos Click HERE and HERE
Day 13 EYES are opening 
Click HERE for more Photos​
I get time for weekly album posts now, but you can see more on my FB page by going to one of the albums and scrolling down...Click HEREfor Pups about 3 weeks old
Click HEREfor Photos of EYES Open!
Pups are 4 weeks now..click HERE for more photos. We had the beginnings of Mastitus, but warm wet towel compressions, manual expression milk from that upper teat and a Vet visit and safe antibiotic cleared it completely!Sophie will be on Clavamoxin and get warm compressions twice a day (15min) for next ten days...we are so blessed to have answered prayer!
4 1/2 weeks old Jan 27, 2019
Click HEREfor a Video of Puppies just starting to wean to puppy food..it's a process that goes through the next 5 weeks at a gradual pace so as not to traumatize pups or mama.We offer food throughout the day and Sophie still goes in and out to nurse.
Click HERE for our 5 week Photo Album..we start on dry food this week, while still nursing when Mama comes into the pen...but we have teeth! We drink from the water bottle and poo on our potty patch!
 Sophie pups About 5 1/2 weeks Feb. 8
7 weeks
The Puppies got baths before going home at 8 weeks
Personal delivery of Milo and Hung at the DFW at 6 am, then waited for Dionne and Glenda to arrive at 9:30am for their sweet Maya and Duke
Happy to meet my sweet customers and friends, Dionne and Glenda who also have growing pups from​ me previously. 
Yea! playmates are coming home.
Sweet baby after the trip home, snuggling in his bed
And now in the arms of their furever families, Pet nanny delivered these two sweet babies