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​​We were a small Hobby Breeder​ that socialized our puppies daily. We also enjoyed photographing them! Sadie, Chloe, and Tori have gone to Breeders:
​We are
referring you to some of our trusted small Breeders from our most recent line for your future pups! See info below:

Sadie & Chloe 
are in Cedar Park, Texas:
​ Pizazz Shih Tzu Facebook by Sylvia​ Allen 1 (512) 230-1258

​Tori and another in our line is in Conneticut:
Nutmeg Farms Shih Tzu on Facebook 

​Breeders (below) that also have Breeding females from our recent lines and others:

Steele's Smokey Mountain Brown Shih Tzu FB (see her website info there) in 

Furrytails Shih-Tzu in Arkansas by Gwen McKenzie Fitzgerald on Facebook 

​​​​​​​​Let Christ Reign in Your Heart! He Lives!
Yogi and  Belle are Chloe and Tori's parents
Sophie and Yogi are Sadie's parents​
About Sophie (Rosita) and Her Family with Photos:
​Click HERE for Quick Reference to Sophie and our other previous breeding females
OUR ROSIE'S ROSITA (Sophie) Our Last litter before retirement..spot are full
"Hey, that's me as a cute baby(left)! Sophia Rose 3-16-17 
3-20-17  Chloe  gone to Sylvia 2/2021
Sire: Yogi Dam: Belle DOB: 12-15-16

Chloe and Samson

June 2017 Sophie 10 months
Jasmine (Jazzie) and Sadie are daughters of Sophie and Yogi
We expect AKC Livers​ that are chocolate and golden like Jazzie

Jazzie (DOB: 5/25/2019) and Samson 

​Dob: Dec. 26,2020

​Litter#1 then spay

1st Female​​ "Aspyn": Lori P

1st Male "Mahler": Bell N.

Chloe Nov. 6, 2017
Samson (above) will no longer breed here..he gave us two litters for a total of 6 puppies in 2021 from Sadie and Jazzie
Samson is ​gone to anonymous family
Jazzie and Sadie: Sophie and Yogi Daughters : Jazzie 2 pups SOLD 
Our one and only litter of Sadie pups go home Feb 20...Sadie went to Sylvia at Pizazz Shih Tzu in Houston for the rest of her breeding days.
After just one litter of 2, Jazzie is being spayed to be my pet .​
Sophie (aprox March 2021) Litter: Sophie/Samson
​Last litter: then spay! Sophie is due March 25, 2021

Sophie's and Yogi's line continue in Sophie daughter: Sadie gone to Sylvia at Pizazz Shih Tzu 

​​First Female: Gwen F​ (dep. transfered)

Second Female: Ayden R.
Third Female: Cecilia H​.

​First Male: Kevin D. 
Second Male:Pamela B.
Third Male: Ilsa W.​

Sire: Samson and Chloe Pups
Jazzie our sweet girl
Tori (Dob 11-19-19) 
(Tori (left) is Belle and Yogi's daughter, full sister to Chloe​​. She is so sweet, Just like her parents and grandparents!) She goes to Nutmeg Farms Shih Tzu in Conneticut and will be breeding there for Akc Limited Puppies only
Day 2 DOB:)ct.9,2020
For more info click on NURSERY​​

Summer 2021 Sophie will retire to Lori's mom Gay P. after her last litter, after spay and teeth cleaned!
Furrytails Shih Tzu by Gwen Mckenzie Fitzgerald Facebook (Limited AKC: pet buyers only) and Steele's Smokey Mountain Brown Shih Tzu By Carma Freeman Steele Facebook are Breeders that has this line below:
Yogi  (above Sweet N Sassy) is Chloe's and Tori's Sire
Also Sadie (Below) 
Sire​​ is Yogi..Tori went to Nutmeg Farms Shih See below Sadie

Chloe went to Pizazz                
Sylvia Allen (Houston)
breeding to a Liver carrier

Samson line at Gwens and Carma's
Sylvia's Sadie Now
Nutmeg Farms Tori Now