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   Sire: Yogi
Sophie and Yogi Nursery 1
Under ConstructionDOB: Dec. 29, 2017
Sophie Yogi pups DOB: December 29, 2017:
​​​​​​​2 Males and 1 female: 
1st Male: Claudia J
2nd Male: Tim H.​​

Female: Karen B.​

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Sophie 8.5 lbs
Male (Milo) born 5:26pm weight: 5.3oz
We will call this sweet boy "Milo"
we marked his tail with red polish​​
Akc Liver  (he may turn out Red like Lady Rose, his grandma​
Male (Reese) born at 6:55pm wt: 5.8oz
We will call this handsome boy:"Reese" ​
Akc Liver ( appears dark chocolate, may have reddish tint later..we will see!)
Female (Lizzie) born 8:30pm wt. 5.6oz
We will call this gorgeous girl, "Lizzie"​
Akc Liver appear reddish like grandma Rosie, but has white on chest and forehead like she's been kissed by mama Sophie! Sophie is an Akc Liver and White because she has 50% or more white per Akc.
On their Birthday!
Click HERE for more photos Day 1 FB Album after saving page to your bookmarks
"Click HERE to see my Beautiful babies in
​Day 2 FB Photo Album..then click HEREfor Day 2 More photos..can't resist sharing them!  
My pups will about double their birth weights by 7-10 days...believe me, they nurse often!​"
My human brings me extra special soaked quality puppy​food with shredded chicken breast several times a day..and today I got scrambled eggs! Sometimes my human holds the water bottle while I nurse, so I can get extra water , it's all about making the best milk for my puppies and keeping me healthy too!!"
Day 3 Photos: Click here
​for FB album which the photos (right ) came from!
The boys: Milo and Reese"
Click HERE for more Photos
"To see my Puppies on New Years Day..please save my Nursery page to your favorites and click HERE!"
Day 5 Jan 2, 2018...see puppies are gaining weight as expected of healthy puppies. They will about double their birthrights by 7-10 days as Healthy pups gain weight!. We mark tail tip with polish and look at markings to ID Puppy. We temporRILY Named pups.Click HEREfor more photos from this album on FB (be sure to save this page first). If you are not on our puppy updates to receive our album links to your email, please go to our page CONTACT USand follow links to our previous website which has email feature. You can also see our beginnings there! We have many customers that like receiving our breeding updates, Puppy Birth announcements and FB Album updates.
DAY 6 Reese, 10.7, Lizzie 10.4, Milo 9.7   Click HERE for more Photos downloaded on FB
1 week Photo album includes 8 days photos: click HERE
 Puppy    DOB: Dec. 29,2017      Day 2        Day 3       Day 4         Day 5        Day 6        Day7             Day 8         Day 9
   ID         Birth Weight​  Oz.         Dec 30       Dec 31     Jan 1          Jan 2        Jan 3        Jan 4             Jan 5          Jan 6 
 ​Pup #1            5.3 oz.                  5.5             6.7            7.6              8.5            9.7           11.3               12.2            13.6   Red Tail tip                                                                                                                  Birth Wt. Dbl.

  Pup #2​​​           5.8 oz.                   6.5            7.2              8.1             9.2            10.6         12                   12.3            13.1       Green tip                                                                                                                        Birth Wt. Dbl.               

   Pup #3          5.6 oz.                  6.3             7.4             8.1             9.3             10.4          12.2                13.1           13.9    ​
   Female                                                                                                                            Birth Wt. Dbl.
Click HEREfor FB Album( 10 days)..combined album has Belle's litter in it too..see comments for whose who please.
Milo (day 9-10)
Day 11 Our Eyes are Just beginning to OPEN! Belles pups are shown on Day 6 in same album. Click HEREfor more photos and look for pup video before album post by scrolling down my fb .
Day 12 FB Album: click HERE
ClickHERE for Combined Belle Pup album on FB 
Puppies and Mama had their first Deworming at 2 weeks of age. They will also be dewormed along with mama 3 weeks, then puppies at 4wks, 6weeks, and close to 8 weeks prior to going home. Soon we schedule Vet exams  at 7 weeks. At that time we do a follow up fecal. Below are several albums at 16 weeks, note there are albums on day 13, 14, and 15, just scroll down on FB after viewing the albums
​click HERE and for continuation of that FB album ClickHERE
More photos, click HERE
ClickHEREfor Combined album with Belle Puppies
Continued album Click HERE​
Click HEREfor 3 week Puppy album, pups were dewormed today..and they are trying to walk!!

Click HERE for  FB Photos ...pups have dewormer on their sweet lil faces!​​
3 weeks 1 day, we are starting our transition to puppy food. If puppy licks it off finger, puppy is ready..we will gradually increase number of servings to 5x  a day! we gradually wean to puppy food over next 4 weeks and will partially potty train at same time..see the FIRST PUPPY FOOD Video..Click HERE see all Sophie's pups are loving it!
Tim's "Reese"
Picks are as follows: Claudia chose "Milo" Tim was happy because his pick is the one he got: Reese (below) and Karen gets the one girl "Lizzie" now Penny!
Jan 21. 2018  Click HERE for Photos
Claudia's Milo
Tim's Mom's Reese
Karen's Penney (aka Lizzie)
Jan 22 Day 25
Puppy Video...Pups began transitioning to Puppy food and are going on Potty patch! Click HERE
Photos after 4 week deworming Click HERE

Sophie pups had 4 week dewormer today. See them walking nicely now..awe so chunky and cute. They are a bit slower to transition to puppyfood and don't seem to want much since they are fat and happy..but we still offer 2-3 X a day, and they are still learning to masticate it instead of lick. Some photos have dewormer on face fur, in case you wonder.
Penny ( aka Lizzie) see Belle and Sophie pups album Click HERE
Click HEREfor cute Penny photo
Click HERE for Video of pups eating puppy food..both Belle and then Sophie pups
Click HERE for lots of VERY CUTE PHOTOS of Both Sophie and Belle's Litter ..Sophie pups are about 5 weeks now!
Feb. 2, 2018 Puppy album..mixed with Belle Puppy Photos Click HERE
Day 37 (5 1/2 weeks) first dry food now that we have teeth! Click HERE for more photos
All our puppies are used to being held out with outstretched arm and perched quietly and calmly while we take many many photos! We have heard some pose on the way home in the car!! Click HERE for combined photo album, lots of cute photos of this litter and Belles litter..Sophie pups are 39 days old now Click HERE
We moved our Vet fecal float up from Thursday to today. I was anxious to get an answer as to how pups are doing. I give Nemex 2 to deworm Hookworm and Roundworm. Last year we had a new experience with Coccidia which a few pups, to our surprise, went home with and needed treatment. We were told by our Vet that it's in the soil, which we have tried to grow grass in our outdoor kennels accessed by our dogs through doggie doors. Bleach, which I tried, does not treat the soil, so we put in beautiful clean pet artificial grass over 5" of gravel for drainage and I'm happy to say it worked! We also had treated every adult dog with Marquiz, a one time treatment that wipes Coccidia out. We are please to say it all was worth it, as we just got the results for puppy fecals on both litters and they are NEGATIVE for Coccidia, Gardia, hookworm, whipworm, roundworm and neg for blood in the stool! We were prepared to treat for Coccidia to be sure they all go home clean..but we found all to be negative. We still have two more Nemex 2 treatments (for hookworm and roundworm), and we will follow that deworming schedule. Sometimes Stress activates things in a dogs gut, so we are proponents of Nutracal for stress and for periodic fecals based on Vet recommendations. We do want to let all our puppy owners know this litter has a negative fecal (Ya!) and we still have Puppy exams on Feb 20 before 2 fly out on Feb 22, 1 goes to Texas on the way to airport.The otherl 5 of Belle puppies fly on Feb 27. Our next breeding will be Chloe Samson 1st litter for May pups and then Sophie Samson and Belle yogi prior to a skipped heat for the two in Fall. See photos and the copy of signed fecal floats (separate fecals done for each litter).Any questions, please let me know. We groomed our adult dogs a few days ago..now we start baths..Sophie shown below had her bath first..isnt she cute and fluffy? I love her so much! Click HEREfor Jan 6, 2018 Photo album
Puppies are about 7 weeks and ready to be solely on Puppy food as we gradually weaned them over the past 4 weeks..they are so cute: see their latest video ClickHERE
Click HEREfor 7 week Album
Click HERE for Video combined Belle Sophie Pups Video
Click HERE for First part of Album combined photos of both Belle and Sophie pups) 
Click HERE for Album  showing rest of puppy album Feb 15, 2018​
Puppies are weaned and they go home in a week, after Vet exams!​
Going home in 5 days! Had our first Shots, Vet exam scheduled for Feb.20. See out Feb 17 album includes Belle's litter, Click HERE

Be sure to look for our adorable videos when you get to FB album​​
..just scroll to previous dates
Cashew ( aka Milo), Reese, and Penny (aka Lizzie)
3 FB Photo album links:

Click HERE for Cutsie photos Belle and Sophie pups
Not sure which ones have been posted, I think these are last nights and I didn't get around to posting yesterday

​​​​​​​Started Baths Click HERE..see Mocha (Casey)needed one,Then Reese, Penny and Cashew..got baths before pups go home Feb 22.. they get a bath..all were very sweet and one with bath, rinse, conditioner, since and blow dry!Will bathe the other 4 before they fly on Feb 27..Look at those Fluff Balls!

​​​Click HEREto see Haslet Vet Dr Crabil as he checks over each puppy, Belles pups, then Sophie pups..starts with Chewii (Aka Amber)...all have normal vitals, no hernias, they are healthy puppies..he kept commenting on how sweet they are..and I think it was the highlight of the Vet techs day to hold them after their exams!
Pups were calm and quiet in car to and from Vet and when they got home they ran straight to grass potty patches..good puppies!!​

Zoey Pups , now adults         
Reese  is almost a 
year old here (2 photos right
and above​)
This gives us an idea of what all Sophies litters will look like except 2021 (last litter) which she will be bred with Samson!​​For Available positions scroll down to Sophie planned litters
Karen's Daughter inherited Penny, here she is at 11mos to give us an idea of one gof the colors Sophie Yogi produce..looks like Grandma Lady Rosie!