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      Located Just 20 minutes
​from Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
Rosie's Sire: AKC Red Cowboy
Rosie's Dam: ​AKC Gold Kitty
See their AKC Pedigrees below for Rosie's other Ancestors​

Rosie's Non dilute AKC Red Sire: (Above) Cowboy and Non dilute Gold Dam: Kitty (below)
photos compliments of r texas star Breeder and friend: Shawn Ryals​

    "Kitty" Rosie's Dam:
     Beautiful Non Dilute Gold​
Alamo/Rosie 2014 DOB: Dec. 20, 2014
​2014.Photo Updates will be added left side Below 

 First Female: Jessica  C (3rd pup w/us)                    
 First Male: Barbra
AVAILABLE:Call to reserve one with deposit 
2nd Male: Chocolate (2nd pick of solid males):Martha (pending complete deposit)
Third Male AKC Liver and White: Teresa D.

​See their Dec 1013 Pups for what pups will look like!

Rosie's 2014 Nursery 4 Puppies (sold)
Birth date December 20, 2014!​
2014 Rosie &Alamo                                                                                 
Rosie's First Litter! 6 Puppies (3 females of which 2 are solids and 1 is a Liver and white) and 3 solid males born Dec. 16, 2013 with same Sire: Alamo..go see them grow
 2013 Males (3)
2013 Females (3)
Rosie's PAST Puppies Below on your right with Sire Alamo
Click Here to see more photos of Rosie and Alamo pups from last year​...this is what your pup will look like at 8mos. !

Click Al-Rosie Dec. 2013 Pups for More Photos of Rosie and Alamo's Past puppies
Thanks to my wonderful Customers sending me photos of some of these puppies, Click HERE to See MORE
Rosie/Alamo 2013 Puppies as they get Older!!​
2013 Rosie Pup :"Love"..Now "Romeo" Shown at 3mos
2014 Alamo/Rosie Puppies are posted below on your left side!
(above) 8m  Rich Chocolate 2013 "Love" Puppy/
 Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie​
2015 Red&Rosie
Breeding planned
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
2013 "Precious" aka "Lola" now 11m

Age Progression of "Precious"
Belvedere Bear
12-2-14..come see Rosie's Belly GROW (Album)!
Rosie's 2014 Puppies are here!!
See their NEWBORN Photos
First Female: Cecilia H. (Us)
 Now known as "Blossom:
Pick of Solid Males
: Barbra​

Dec 2014 L&W Male: AVAILABLE

Call (817) 291-8007 Cecilia to arrange deposit if interested in reserving one of the two above.​
Precious(left) is from Rosie and Alamo
2013 Litter...the L&W in 2014
is expected to look similar in adulthood​​
Same dog: Precious almost adulthood
Belvedere as puppy (above)
​and Belvedere 1 yr. (below) 
12-20-14 Our BIRTHDAY Photos
Jessica's Female: born 7:34pm 6.2 oz.
​(we painted her tail tip pink for ID) later became our female when Jessica let us know she wasn't getting her.
First Male born 8:32pm 6.3 oz.
​(closest/green nail polish 
tail tip ID)
Boy with arm around his sister
Akc Liver and White Male 6.3 born 9:21pm. 
Will look like L&W to your right: Same
​Sire and Dam 2013>>>>>>>>
3rd male (last puppy born 10:14pm)
6.0 oz. either he or other solid Chocolate above will be
available..after Barbra makes her pick. If you would be happy with either...You can reserve him now with an early deposit​
Sweetheart(above), now Mocha..2013 litter as a pup and below, her as 1yr adult
Below..are all 2014 Litter Photos (both sides of page!
New 2014 Puppies Video on Day 1 12-21-14
 Female pre sold  with early deposit      
​(One of the solid males is sold and 1 solid Male available)
First pick of male makes choice at 3-4 weeks, other solid male​
goes to whoever makes 1/2 deposit to reserve it.​ Liver & Wht male available   

                ​Solid Female           Solid M (blaze)       Liver & White       Solid M
​DOB:            Sold                                   Sold          Available               Sold

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Birth Wt.              6.2                      6.3                6.3                        6.0  
Day 1                  6.5                      6.5​                6.7                        6.2
​Day 2                  7.8                      7.6                7.8                        7.1
Day 4                     9.5                         9.0                   9.7                           9.0
Day 5                   10.6                       10.8                 10.8                          10.4
Day 6                   11.6​                       11.8                 12.5                          11.5
Day 7                   14.3​                       14.8                 15.3                          15.0
Day 10                 1 lb                        1 lb. 06 oz       1 lb .8oz.                  15.5 oz.
Day 11                 1.#16​                     1.2.2                1.3.0                         1.06
Day 12                 1#2.7                     1#4.1       ​        1#4.8                        1#2.5

Healthy Puppies about double birthweight in 7-10 days​​​​​​​
Early Weight Chart
Christmas Eve Day 4
Christmas Day Photo Album
Last Available Puppy in litter..call to reserve him!
Barbra and Martha are each getting a solid Male
​Picking takes place at 3-4 weeks in order of deposit​
Jessica C. Female (3rd puppy from us)
12-27-14 DAY 7...the Liver and White male is still available and gorgeous!!
Click HERE for more Close Up Photos
Available Male
Jessica's (Jason's) Female
Dec. 29 A week Old..see more Photos! Save us in your Favorites or Bookmark our site then, Click HERE. for more photos from the album pictures below are from. Martha's Forest (right) Eyes are beginning to Open! Toby (below) is still available!
Eyes Opening Day 9
Click HERE for DAY 10 Photo Album
Barbra's Hershey
Toby AKC Liver and White is Available as of 12-30-14
Martha's Forest
Jessica's Girl
Click HERE for New Years Photos..Puppies 11 Days old and Opening Eyes
January 3, 2015 Rosie's Puppies are 2 weeks old.They were dewormed with Nemex 2​, along with the Dam today."Toby" is available for deposit to reserve him until 8 weeks​
Female: Jessica's Girl (staying here with a new name
                                  Weight Chart (continued from above)
Solid Female:Jessica's Girl
 Solid M (blaze): Martha's "Forrest      Liver & White: AVAILABLE   Solid Male:Barbra's Hershey​

Day 15          1# 3.2 oz.         1#  3.6  oz.                                               1# 5.5 oz.                               1# 6.0oz
Day 16          1# 5.0               1# 5.5                                                       1#8.2                                      1# 7.8
Day 17          
Day 18          1#7.6               1#7.5                                                        1#11.0                                     1#10.1
Day 19          1#8.7               1#8.7      (Jan.7, 2015 )                            1#12.4                                     1#11.9
Day 20          1.#9.2​              1#9.0                                                         1.13.1                                     1#12.6 
Day 22          1#12.9             1#11.5     Jan 11,2015​                               1#15.7                                    2#0.3
Day 23          1#14.9​             1#13.5                                                        2#0.6                                     2#2.4
Day 24​          2#0.5               1#14.5                                                        2#3.3                                     2#3.1
Day 2​7          2#2.4               1#15.0                                                        2#5.0                                     2#5.4
4 weeks        2#3.3               1#15.6​                                                        2#6.6                                     2#7.9
5 wks 1-26    2#14.2              2#8.4                                                         3#0.1                                     2#15.1​

​Dewormed on Jan.3 (2 weeks), Jan. 10 (3 wks) Jan 17 (4 wks),6,8 wks. Vet exam scheduled for Feb. 10, 2015
Toby: Available as of 1-2-15
Martha's Forrest (sold)
Barbra's Hershey (sold)
"I Can Fly"... (In My Dreams)
Click HERE for more Jan 5 Photos
Jan 6, 2015 1 male available 
Jessica's Girl and Martha's Forrest
Toby is Available..reserve him with deposit
Barbra's Hershey
Click HERE for more Jan. 8 photos
Puppies are 19 Days old!​ 1 Liver and White male is available to first to call and schedule a deposit! 817 291-8007 Cecilia
1-11-14..At 3 weeks, Puppies licked soaked and blended puppy food off my fingers today. This shows a sign of readiness to start the weaning process. I'll be offering this puppy food several times a day while allowing mama to nurse when she wants..gradually they will take in more and more pupyfood until weaned by about 6-7 weeks..On week 6 Puppies will be nursed only at night that week and have a whole week between week 7 and 8 to be solely on moist and dry puppy food before they go home.
1-12-15 Toby(3 weeks) is Available!! Call to place a deposit...he can go to his forever home Valentines Day!
Forrest (sold)
Hershey (sold)
Click HERE for more 3 wk. Photos!
Jessica's Girl..renamed "Blossom"  (now ours)
1-31-15 Teresa placed a deposit today on Toby for Pet (last available in Rosie's and Alamo's Litter). He has a Champion Bloodline..and is zoo adorable...congratulations Teresa and Lonnie!
1-22-15 Due to unforeseen circumstance, Jessica's Girl became available and we are  keeping her to breed in Summer/Fall 2016. We love Rosie's color and Alamo's Champion Bloodline and this would be a way for us to keep their lines in our small Breeding program. Her new name is "Holland's Chocolate Cherry Blossom"..we'll call her "blossom!"
Come see us..we have grown! Click HERE for FB Album: 7 weeks old and no longer nursing.We are solely on Puppy food (free feeding dry) and soft food(dry soaked in purified water and keeps in fridge up to 3 days) throughout the days
7 weeks
2-13-15 Toby 8 weeks: "Happy Valentines Honey! I picked up the Puppy a day early..he's going with us on our Valentines Date out of town!"
"A Valentine HEART for my new Mom and Dad!! Love Toby"
See MORE PHOTOS from this FB Album
Forrest (left) Click Here for our Valentine Photos
2-17-15 Forrest in his new home
Also had a call from Barbara..Hershey made it in and is playful

Blossom is HERE with us...we love holding her and plan to breed her in 2016..watch her grow on her very own page: 2016 AKC Dam​​ Blossom

Rosie was planned to breed to Red in about May 2015..this was a long awaited planned Breeding..planned for Fall 2014..but Alamo had his way with her..and Red's litter had to be put on hold indefinitely, though we planned the next litter with him . We had a breeding promised us in our agreement to allow Red to leave sooner to his new home locally in Temple, Tx. Then, when unforseen circumstances of Jessica's illness happened we decided to Breed Rosie to Romeo instead..puppies are due July 2015 ! We expect beautiful dark chocolate possibly with Reddish accents and maybe a liver and white. We'll see! Watch our available Pups page!

Update: We helped Jessica's husband and family obtain the missing AKC cerificates and rehomed her AKC Breeding dogs to good small breeder homes, and Jessica's 2013 female pick of litter, Mocha
is now a part of our family...please be in continued prayer for Jessica's family as Jessica passed April 19, 2015 unexpectedly leaving 4 elementary aged children, an older son, and husband behind.