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​from Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
Our AKC Liver Stud: Alamo..he is very sweet and produces chocolate Livers due to the dominance of his non dilute (non fading) gene that affects the fur see his Pedegree of AKC Champion's He has 23 AKC Champions in his line!!This makes for puppies closer to AKC Standards!
Paired with Rosie we expect rich Non fading Red AKC Liver and Dark Chocolate Puppies​ and possibly some fading Livers. Akc registers "Liver" Puppies based on their brown points: Nose, Pawpads, eyeliner. Disclaimer: All Puppies have fur changes from Puppy to adult..it's a fact!
Rosie's Sire: AKC Red Cowboy
Rosie's Dam: ​AKC Gold Kitty
See their AKC Pedigrees below for Rosie's other Ancestors​

Rosie's Non dilute AKC Red Sire: (Above) Cowboy and Non dilute Gold Dam: Kitty (below)
photos compliments of r texas star Breeder and friend: Shawn Ryals​

    "Kitty" Rosie's Dam:
     Beautiful Non Dilute Gold​
First pick female: Jessica C.
Second female Shakira
"Precious" F Liver & Whit
e : Pam S.
(transfered her 2nd pick from Zoey's litter..now Jasmine in Zoey's Litter is AVAILABLE  AKC Liver with tuxedo markings..If interested, click to see her in Zoey's NEW NURSERY​

1st pick from available Male puppies Maria: picked early: Valentine
(Breeder passed but reserves 1st)
2nd position male: Christi S.
$100 deposit holds position and 1/2 down due by end of Birth week. Wait list without deposit applies if more than 4 puppies. Same 1/2 down (to hold till 8 wks take home) due when puppies are available.
This litter going home before Valentines 2014 (Feb. 10th) by Appt Feb. 8-11, 2014!
Vet Exam scheduled for Feb. 5 at 1:30pm

 ROSIE'S PUPPIES: Please go to www.ceciliadiane.webs.com and register
your email for our Breeding and links to our photo updates as we post them!!

Solid Red AKC Liver "Red" and Red AKC Liver Rosie 1st planned Breeding aprox. May 2015...hoping for Vibrant Red Livers 
Rosie and Alamo's Puppies
DOB: December 16, 2013: Candy or Mocha's Littermates
Update:In April​ 2015 Our dear friend, jessica of  SugarcookieShihTzu passed away
We helped her husband place her three Shih Tzus purchased from us and helped obtain duplicate Akc certificates and his right to sell. We are so happy to have Mocha or Candy back to remember Jessica by..Candy (Mocha) is full sister to Blossom (from 2014 litter).
Click Here for
Facebook Album of Rosie at the Pumpkin Patch 10-7-13.
Rosie on Dec. 6, 2013 will grow alot in the coming two weeks before her due date! See Dec, 8 below!
Due within 2-7 days..wow! gettin big Rosie!
Dec. 16..waiting for 1st pup..she panted thru the night in her whelping box
"Just wanna have my puppies!"
6 Puppies (3 females of which 2 are solids and 1 is a Liver and white) and 3 solid males born Dec. 16, 2013
Click HERE for her Facebook Album of Newborn Pups!
3 Males
3 Females
Sold                                                          Sold                                              Sold
Sold                                                        Sold                                                Available
Be the first to call to schedule a deposit to Hold this female Akc Liver and White Shih Tzu Puppy..what a sweet face!
As of 12-20-13: Only ONE AVAILABLE Female Akc Liver and White Shih Tzu Puppy (above) born 12-16-13
First Week Weight Chart           Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
DOB:​                    12-16-13             17           18       19        21     22        23         24      27      28    
​code name       Sex wt. in oz.Typically, puppies will double their birth weight in 7-10 days
​​Red: Sweetheart:      F      5.6oz.  5.6        6.2        7.1        8.8     9.0     10.2       11.3    12.7   13.5
Orange: Valentine:  M        6.2      6.7        6.9         7.1       8.6     8.8     10.2      10.09   12.9   14.5
White: Candy           F        4.8      4.9        6.0         6.7       7.6     8.2      9.5        10.2    10.9   11.3
Blue: Love               M       4.9       5.6        7.2         8.1       9.7    9.9      11.1       11.8     13.3  13.6
L&W: Precious         F       4.9​​​​       5.3        6.2         7.1       8.1    9.0       9.2        10.6     11.6  12.5
none: Belvedere      M       4.8​       5.1        6.0         6.9       8.3     9.2     11.1       11.3     13.1  13.9

NOTE The weights just show you that Healthy pups are growing pups gaining weight..they are not reliable to determine later size

BELOW see 2014 Breeding Mate: "RED"..positions still available CLICK HERE..then scroll down for more photos of Rosie amnd Alamos 12-16-13 Litter!! Also scroll down further to see continued photos updated daily or by weekly of the new pups as they grow and change!
ROSIE AND ALAMO'S Dec. 18, 2013 Litter..continued BELOW
They will be Ready to go Home Feb. 10th, 2014 (8 wks old) BEFORE Valentines Day!
But FIRST...How Does SHE (Rosie)  find the time? She is mother of 6..she feed's them, cleans them, and keeps them warm..all the while eating well and drinking plenty of fresh water for her own good health...and STILL..she finds time to READ!
To see how beautiful Alamo's Liver and White Females are when they are older..CLICK Ginger's page and look for "Snow"
DAY 3 Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie 5 Sold 1 Available as of 12-21-13 Click HERE for the rest of these photos
posted to our FB Breeder Page
"Precious" AVAILABLE as of 12-21-13
"Dutch" aka "Reese" (above left) and "Snow" (above right) shows some of Alamo's other Liver and White Puppies (Dutch's Dam: Cocoa and Snow's Dam: Ginger). Both have the same Sire as Precious, Sire:Alamo. These photos give you an idea of how beautiful AKC Liver and White Puppies are at 8 weeks!
Precious Nursing Dec. 21, 2013
Christmas Morning 2013
Puppies are 1 week today!
See More PHOTOS by Clicking HERE
Tail tip  Name  Sex
Red: Sweetheart: F
White: Candy F
L&W: Precious F
Orange: Valentine: M
Blue: Love M
none: Belvedere M
We temporarily named the Pups for ID purposes..many times they look so much alike , we have to look at the tail tips we painted when they were born!
Precious: Available as of 12-26-13
Sweetheart: Sold
Candy: Sold
The Girls!
The Boys!
CLICK HERE for More Photos in this Album
Click HERE for more Photos !!
Precious was Available
Day 12
Dec. 30. the Puppies are two weeks today (below)! They were dewormed. They will also be dewormed at 3, 4, 6, and 8 weeks and have a follow up fecal exam at our Vet exam scheduled for Feb. 5, 2014 at 1:30pm. I passed on Valentine, so Maria made her pick early for Him! Congratulations Maria on getting the Puppy you want! It's like being in first position when that happens!!
Valentine: Maria's Pick
facing same direction as Liver and white Female (2nd from top)
Candy and Sweetheart (below): will add more pictures of girls soon!
Belvedere, Valentine, Love, and Precious
Photo to follow soon...As of 1-3-14 Precious is SOLD..Pam S. transfered her deposit from Zoey's Litter, when her and her husband and daughter came by to male second pick in Zoey's Litter...they fell in love with "Precious" instead! Kelle moved up and picked Heather and Jasmine is now available in Zoey's New Nursery
AKC Liver and White "Precious" is now "Lola"!..Jasmine in Zoey's litter is Available as of this morning 1-3-14...but already pending a deposit on Monday
Keep in mind, Ive been getting up around the clock every 2-3 hrs to feed Runt Clover..this isn't even "normal" tired on my Face!Ha!
Now that's Precious and Precious!!
3 Weeks Old...
1-6-14 Picks are all in! And everyone got their pick!! Those in 2nd were very happy with the first pick choices..because they would have chosen the one they got!! Congratulations Everyone!!
Picks and Weights:                                        Weights on 1-13-14 (4 weeks)

Candy: 1lb2.9...Jessica's Pick                       1 lb. 8 oz.
Belvedere 1lb3.4 My Pick                              1 lb. 9 oz.
Love 1lb .6.4 Christi happy I didn't choose    1 lb. 12 oz.
Valentine: 1lb 5.7 Maria's Pick                       1 lb. 12 oz.
Sweetheart: 1lb. 7.1 Shakira's Pick               1 lb.  13 oz.
Precious: 1lb 2.7 Pam's Pick                          1 lb. 6 oz

See 4 weeks Album showing each puppy up close...Click HERE​​

To See Puppies at age
​4 weeks (1-13-14): Add us to your Favorites, Click HERE
"Bear" Alamo/Rosie's son

Belvedere "Bear"
4 Weeks Old
Belvedere (Bear) 2 lbs. 2 oz.
Love 2 lbs. 5 oz.
Valentine 2 lbs. 6 oz.
Jan. 22, 2014...6 weeks   
Candy 1 lb. 14 oz.
Sweetheart 2 lbs. 7 oz.
Precious 1 lb. 12 oz.
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Scroll to bottom of page for these 7 week photos
7 weeks Album..Click HERE
Belvedere Bear
Rosie's Puppies have been dewormed and  had their first shots. Their Vet Exam and fecal exam on Feb. 5, 2014 at Haslet Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Crabel). The fecal was negative for parasites and All the pups are healthy and ready to go home. Photo (left) is of all 6 puppies in carrier..after their Vet exams..amazing they fit without complaint..couldn't find the door to my bigger crate! They love each other. LOL
Rosie with Belvedere Bear
Puppies going Home Feb. 8, 2014
(now: Lola)
in Dallas
Christi's Love (now: Romeo)
gone to Tulsa, Ok

Maria's Valentine (now Valentino)
flys to St. Louis on Tuesday, Feb.11
I'm holding both pups 5am..getting ready for our trip to the airport​

Shakira's Sweetheart (now Mocha)
flys to New York on Tuesday, Feb. 11,2014..we are at the airport 8am.

Note: One last puppy (Jessica's Candy ) will stay a little longer and enjoy Sir Belvedere Bear all to herself until Jessica's kids are well enough for pick up
Romeo at home
(sent by Christi)
Shakira texted: "...she is adorable. She loves my son Aaiden. I am in love all over again. She is sleeping now after playing with Aaiden."
Photo sent of ​Sweetheart (now Mocha) left.
See More photos on FB: Click HERE
Bear 8 weeks
Love (Now Romeo) at 3 months...so precious!
​Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
To See More Photos of "Love" and Rosie's other 2013 puppies with comments from owners..click HERE and scroll to bottom of page
Sire Alamo Dam:Rosie
Love 6m
'Love" at 8mos. (aka; Romeo) DOB Dec 2013 Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
Photo Courtesy of Christi (Oklahoma)​
Dec. 2014 Rosie/Alamo Pups will look like these!
"Precious" above and below(10m)
"Precious" aka: Lola..at 10-11mos.
She was the one Liver and White in Alamo and Rosie's 2013 litter
..see what her owner said recently about her..by clicking HERE and scrolling to the bottom of page
December 16, 2014
Dena said "Hollands Belvedere Ciolccolato Bear turns 1 year today!!!! Luv, luv, luv him!!!!"
5/2015 Update her owner, Jessica, passed away 4/2015 and we acquired her..Candy was named Mocha by our dear late friend, Jessica. We consider it an honor to have Mocha as of May 2015.
5/2015 Update Candy's owner, Jessica, passed away 4/2015 and we acquired her at 17mos...Candy was named Mocha by our dear late friend, Jessica. We consider it an honor to have Mocha as of May 2015.