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2014/15 Nursery
Puppies are Here! All sold and gone home (Feb.2015)
Photos of New Puppies posted below on Left side..right side has photos of Rocher as a puppy
We got 5 solid dark chocolates
​(AKC Liver)2 females and 3 males



Thoreau 8 weeks
"Rocher" has 12 Akc Champions ​in 5 Generation Pedigree. She is a Dark Chocolate Akc Liver: ​            
​We estimate she will be in standard Shih Tzu size 9-12lbs and produce similar sized puppies (estimates are based on ​parent size and Alamo 's size & background​​​    
 Zelda 3 1/2 wks
Our "Rocher's" Parents
Rocher's Sire: Thoreau
Dark Chocolate (13 lbs.)
[carries "Dobie" markings]​
4 Akc Champions
Rocher's Dam: Zelda
Black (9 lbs.)
[Carries Liver gene &
​Dobie marking genes]​
​29 Akc Champions
10-12-13    6 weeks
Rocher (Row-Shey)
Rocher (Row-Shey) 6 1/2 weeks old!
      2 wks
Rocher, our Akc Liver female Puppy shown below at 9 weeks,with her solid black sister. Gigi , a Liver gene carrier is going to a fellow Breeder.
We looked for a very long time before we found this special little girl. We are so pleased as our customers are right. The Liver Puppies we produce here are hard to find, according to our many customers...some people look for years. Our looking led us to bring in another line for darker chocolates (her Dam is solid Black) Alamo has a Black grandmother and Grand father on his Sires side. With all the black here and there, the chocolate darkens. Of course we can't guarantee that chocolate fur won't change from puppyhood, as all Shih Tzu fur changes. We have high hopes for this little gal's future as our Pet and to breed with our Liver males. We welcome Rocher (Ro-shey)...isn't she beautiful! 10-30-13

Shey (above and below)
​9 weeks on 11-02-2013
Katie with Rocher, at the Alamo in San Antonio..our trip to pick up "AngelKiss",
Rocher's sister..is a field trip for Texas State History too!!
11 week old Rocher (above) fits into Katies pocket, just right!
December 7, 2013

Rocher and AngelKiss..10 1/2mos..It's always Playtime! Photo Album link
Rocher and AngelKiss4 Months
Jan. 29, 2014 Rocher (5 mos.) in long coat and Angelkiss after her haircut..easier to tell them apart now!
2-18-14 I Decided to cut Rocher's fur too! Here's some Outdoor fun while the girls get some doggie door training!
Rocher as a Puppy below
Chocolate Puppies HERE!
BELOW Daily and Weekly!
12 weeks
Past Akc Dam:​"Hollands' Divine Chocolate ​​Rocher"
Rocher left after weaning..Belle will carry on her line​..this is litter Belle was born
Sire: Romeo
2014 Nursery Puppies DOB:12-22-14

1st female: Cecilia (Breeder) Sasha..is Now "Belle"..staying to breed to Blaze in 2016 for cutest puppies!!

​2nd female:
Alicia (Shelby)

1st Male:Sara B. (Harley)
2nd Male: Bridgett K. (Rocky)
3rd Male:Maria (Hunter)
Check out photos on FB..links below​

SEE "my Belly Growin Album 12-2-14"
Chocolate Litter..heat lamp gives red tint but they are Brown!
Male first 5:13am. 6.2 oz, then a female at 6:39am, 5.5oz.
Then a male...6.0 oz..
Who Loves Chocolate? 3 Boys and 2 Females
2 males out of these are available..call to schedule a deposit to "hold" one"​
See more Photos from Day 1 on FB Album
Early Weight Chart: 
Sire: Romeo Dam: Rocher DOB:12-22-14
​We ID the pups by painting their tail tips

​Day1  Day2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day6 Day 8 Day 9 Day 11
​Pink tail tip female
5.5     6.3      7.1     7.4     8.5      9.2   10.9   12.2      13.2
orange tail tip female
4.6     6.2​      6.5     7.2     7.8      9.0   11.1    13.1      14.3
male with white feet/green tail tip 
5.5      6.2​​     7.8     8.5     9.5      10.1  12.2   13.1      1#.06
Male blue tail tip 
6.0    6.2       7.4     8.3     9.2      10.1  13.2   14.3      14.8
Male plain tail tip 
5.8    6.2​​​       7.6     8.4     9.2      10.1  12.0   13.6      14.6
Healthy Puppies about double birthweight in 7-10 days​​​​​​
12-24-14 Christmas Eve: Day 2
Christmas Morning Photos
Click HERE for FB Album of These Photos
December 26, 2014 Day 4...ClickHERE for more Photos from this Album
Day 5: 
ClickHEREfor more Close Up Photos from 1 week old Album
Females  (Sold..one staying for our small Breeding program )
3 Males (2 are still available for now!)
2 males were available..click HERE for more photos. After saving us to your Favorites or Bookmark and you will be taken to the album these photos below came from 12-30-14.Note the heat lamp effects the photo colors.
You're a good Mama, Rocher!
New Years Album combined with Rosie's Litter Photos: Click Here
12/31/14     9 Days
Jan 3, 2015 DAY 12
Weight Chart (Continued from above)
Sire: Romeo Dam: Rocher DOB:12-22-14
​We ID the pups by painting their tail tips
​                                                                                                                               1-7-15
                                     Day12    Day13    Day 14   Day 15    Day 16    Day17   Day 18   19      21        22       23     24            25
​Pink tail tip female:      13.6        14.6       15.5        1#02        1#1.5     1#2.0   1#3.4   1#3.8  1#5.2   1# 5.3  1.6.6     1#6.9     1.9.4
Day 26: 1#10.5    D27  1#11.2  4 wks: 1#12.0 D291#13.5 weekly weights  from now on 5 weeks: 2# 1.5
orange female            15.7   1#1.8      1# 2.5     1#4.3       1#4.8     1#6.2     1#7.6     1#8.5  1# 10.5   1#12.2  1.13.8  1#14.9   2.0.1 
              2#2.4             2.3.3                2#4.7            2#5.0                                                 5 weeks: 2#14.4
male w/white feet/green 15.7      1#1.8    1#2.2      1#2.9       1#3.8     1#5.0     1#6.6     1#6.9   1#9.9   1#12.6   1.12.7        1.15.2  
              1#15.4           1#15.9             2#2.0            2#2.9                                                  5 weeks: 2#6.4  
Male blue tail tip              1# 1.5     1#4.3      1# 4.4    1#5.7       1#6.2     1#7.5      1#8.7   1#9.4   1#12.2  1#13.6     1.14.3      1.15.2
              2#0.6              2.13                2#2.4            2#2.9                                                  5 weeks: 2#6.1   
Male plain   1# 0.4        1#1.8            1# 2.2    1#3.4      1#4.8   1#5.7     1#7.6   1#8.7  1#11.1   1#12.7  1.12.8  1#13.3     1.14.7
             2#0.4               2.1.0               2#1.0           2#2.9                                                   5 weeks: 2#8.4     

Male: Hunter
Female: Shelby
Female: Sasha
​(our Belle grew up retired 2020)
Male: Rocky
Male: Harley
2 of these 3 males (below) are currently available as of 1-3-15..next deposit gets 2nd pick male..after first chooses from the 3. Call  Cecilia to schedule a deposit. 817 291-8007
More PHOTOS from this Album: Click HERE
We deworm Mama and Puppies with Nemwx 2  at 2 weeks, then puppies are dewormed at 3,4,6,8 weeks.
!st deworming Jan.5, 2015 (2wks),​ 2nd Deworm at 3 wks Jan 12, 4 wks dewormer 1-17-15
1-14-15 started on soaked and blended puppy food ​
Click HERE to see the album the photos below is from..photos taken Jan 5 at 2 weeks old! I changed their bedding daily..Rocher loves to dig in the corners when I put thicker blankets down, so flat whelping pads with velcro that stick to corners and is made for the eZwhelp box works especially well for her litter!
"We Just Went BELLY UP!"
Jan 6 Shelby
Hunter and Harley
2nd and 3rd pick male are still available..call 817 291-8007
Jan. 7..click here for more photos
Come SEE our 3 weeks Photo Album!! Click HERE!
By the beginning of *week 4) Next week Each Puppy will be picked in order of deposit placed...1st pick (Sara) makes her pick and 2nd and 3rd male are still available!! They are all so cute! 
ClickHEREfor More Close Up Photos Jan. 13
Rocky: Bridgett
Harley (Sara's Pick)
Hunter: Maria
Picks as follows:
Cecilia Holland: Sasha (stays here for pet/Breeding in 2016
Alicia J: Shelby
Sara B. Harley
Bridgett K : Rocky 
3rd Male:Maria

HERE and HERE  (Jan 21 album) for more 4 week photos
(after saving us to your bookmarks)​​
Sasha 2016 planned breeding!
Save us to your Bookmark and click HERE for 5 weeks album
Click HERE for Jan 30 FB Playtime Album
..and watch us play..
Zoeys Litter and Rosie
are on the album too!

We've decided that Sasha (above), who is staying to be a part of our Breeding program, will be called "Holland's Isabelle" we'll call her "Belle"..see her very own page: 2016 Dam Belle
Come see us in FB Album (1 day shy of 7 weeks!)
"Belle" (was Sasha) 
Shelby..so sweet and calm..just love this little girl!
2/14/15 Happy Valentines Day..Puppies are going home this week! They are being groomed and bathed before they leave!
Rocky (left) Click HERE for Photos of the rest of us!
2-18-15 Rocky is in his new home with Bridgett and family
Refreshed and ready for photo shoot with Bridget the next day!
2/17/15 Harley is welcomed by his new family after his flight to Sara
February..at 8 weeks Puppies go home!
2/17/16 Hunter went home to Mo...Her daughter holds him next to their other puppy...this is Maria's 3rd AKC Liver ShihTzu puppy from us since 2013..she said "I love him!"
ClickHEREfor Belle's 8 1/2 week FB Album..she is staying to carry on Romeo and Rocher's line in 2016..we will enjoy her puppyhood till then!
Our SnowBunny "Belle" staying Belle's Page​