AKC Shih Tzu Puppy Sale
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Puppies include AKC Registration Papers,
​1st shots, worming at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 weeks, 
​Vet Exam & Fecal Exam 
to verify worming

Scroll down further to see VET Exams of Puppies Born Dec. 17, 2013 and Dec. 20, 2013. We take photos at every Vet visit...these may not be the most recent..you can find those on the page dated the birth of each litter.​Below, Oct. 15, 2012 Cocoa and Alamo's Aug. 23, 2012 Litter went to the Vet for a complete exam and fecal exam.All Pups are Healthy and negative for worms.All Puppies include: 1st Shots, Deworming + fecal exam, Vet Visit & signed Letter of Health, fully socialized to humans and siblings, AKC Registration Paperwork, 1 yr Genetic Guarantee
​​​Puppies (Oct. 17) Went home Oct.18-21...Born Aug. 23, 2012/​​Dam: Cocoa/Sire: Alamo​
Haslett Veterinary Clinic
​Dr. Knape Examines each Puppy: Does Vitals: heartrate, temperature, exam for Hernia, examines ears, nostrils, teeth, looks for testicals dropping, fecal exam, and more..then she types a letter of health for each Buyer and signs it!
For more photos from this album go to: Facebook.com/AKCliverbrownshihtzu 
                   Poppy (aka: Malia)

                    Violet (Naomi​​)

​Neyo (Charlie)​​
                       ​ ​​
Wake up Sleepyheads..time to go the Vet for your Exams
Zoey's chunky 4 puppies fit snuggly in the black soft carrier while Ginger's 6 fit in the small hard Carrier..and off we go to Dr. Crabill's/Dr. Knappe at Haslett Veteranary Clinic.
Cuda getting weighed..we put paper on the scale to protect him. his temperature is taken, and heart rate.
Cuda's eyes are checked.                              
                           Each Pup is checked
​                          for umbillical hernia
                          which occurs in about                                     10% of Pups​
         Dr. Knappe records all th ePups vitals
Lexus is weighed: Toni's chunky monkey
Mercedes gets weighed
Mercedes likes her exam
Charmings weight is taken
The temperature on Puppies runs higher than human's, by taking it, the Vet can tell if it's within normal range for the puppy.
Paired (at 18m-2yr) with a solid liver male, Snow would produce both chocolate and White and solid Chocolates.or have her spayed and have her as a pet ..she has personality plus!
We photograph or video pups in each of our litters during their Complete Vet exam.

Kiena's Travis
Veterinarian Exam 
Plus Socialization to humans ​and siblings daily​. We love our job
and in addition we take photos often for the love of our puppies
​and love of our customers​!Below is an actual Vet  intended to show an example of what our Vet does before every litter goes home!