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Located Just 20 minutes
​from Downtown Fort Worth
Kienna takes her sweet Travis home to NY. Kienna is back to buy a female..in 2nd position for pick from Rosie/Alamo's 1st Litter planned Dec.2013/ we have positions open for male and on our other females for Winter 2013
Truffles (Rico) goes home to Temple Tx. with Jessica
Truffles Sire is Cashew, his Dam is Cocoa. Jessica places an early deposit for female 1st  pick from our newest female "Rosie" who will be ready to breed Fall 2013..Rosie is Red Liver..so pretty and wll be bred to Alamo. Truffles Sire is Cashew..​​​at 1 yr we get news that Truffles has proved himself! 3 of Jessicas females have puppies: 16 pups in 12 hours all Sired by Truffles!
Alamo & Ginger's Past Puppies Jan 16.2012...below
Tonka went home to Lousianna today. Oct. 19, 2012
Thank you for sending in the photo of
​you , Haley, and Tonka, Melissa!​
2010 Thank you, Vickie for Referring your customers to us...Paul (below) and his wife, Kathy (to his left). Paul and Kathy went to Vickie's flower shop ( Casa Flora) in Longview, Tx. and saw Vickie's sweet Bella..his wife fell in Love with her and soon after he surprised her with Yogi (Sebastian..Sire:Cashew Dam:Cocoa..
​a brother to Zoey Girl from earlier litter
Dewanna's girls couldn't be happier with their new puppy. from same litter as Zoey..thanks to Dewanna, who was in 2nd position for female, knowing we were hoping for a 3rd female and had already promised positions before we knew we were getting Alamo, and rehoming Cashew. She suggested we keep Zoey and she took a male. She said we had been a blessing to her, but she was a blessing to us!!
   Ada takes home Ripple..it      was love at first sight!            Sire:Alamo Dam: Ginger
Cupcake was Pick  of Litter for Danielle. Sire: Alamo
​Dam: Ginger​
Kelly, thank you for telling your family about us. Beyla is so happy with her baby boy!, little Crockett..now he can come over and play with Maya..they're family too! See Crockett in photo
scroll way below..he's grown!​
Dejong with his Rose (Ziva)
​Sire: Alamo
Dam: Ginger
Vickie(above) loves Mrs. Butterworth (called by my 12 yr old son with a sense of humor) now "Bella".
Very well done, named Bella now!!​ Thanks for sharing how Bella loves to go to work with you next door at your flower shop in Longview! 2/16/12 Thank you for sending flowers to my son's funeral..they were beautiful and a blessing. Vicki has deposit on her 2nd pup with us..Zoey's pup for 2013
We love our Zoey Girl, 
Don't we Ayden?​
Aimmee and Ken did their homework to find a Hypoallergenic dog...Ken came over and held a Shih Tzu for almost an hour. I asked him if he wanted a money back guarantee and to take the puppy home for a week to see if his allergies are set off. He said..no, Normally he would have broken out all over his arm from holding a dog..the family happily took puppy home and came back in a week to get another puppy!!
Kelly loves her Mya. I love the story about Mya holding your curlers in her mouth while you fix your hair in the morning! Thats just too cute!
Oct. 20, 2012 Charlie(Neyo) and Naomi (Violet) flying to New York..our first experience shipping..though never had to! We decided to ship on case by case basis nonstop only thru Continental (united) Airlines "Petsafe" Buyer is responsible for all airline shipping expense which is $350 to USA and Canada (includes our delivery travel/time fee) also includes crate, required Airline Vet health certificate, and Insurance coverage of your total purchase price.
5pm got a text that they love their babies and they arrived safely (Charlie and Naomi).​
Neyo(Charlie) and Violet (Naomi) were so sweet and calm all the way to the airport and then during 1 1/2 hour check in, they fell asleep in their empty doggie dish!
Delaine back Oct. 20, 2012 for her 2nd Shih Tzu from us (bought Sasha (left) a year ago) loved her
so much came back for​ pick dark chocolate non fading Liver. Poppy rides in cabin with Delaine back to NY. Oct. 23..a message reply to my inquiry.... from Delaine:
"Malia (ma-leah) is doing very well. Sasha is coming around slowly.​"
       Vicki's Bella (left in Vicki's arms and above right with their Blue male) photo sent by Vicki
       Sire: Cashew  Dam: Cocoa​
Delaine's 1st Puppy
from us is Sasha..the lightest
of the litter Sire: Cashew
​Dam: Ginger​​.
Courtney comes a long way to
​pick up Paizey..and she brings
​her a cute bow, Courtney's
​daughter watched Paizey grow
​and saw all her Firsts..eyes
​opening, first steps, first food​, first socializing..on the internet..we
​post ALOT of Photos
for our Buyers. We love these
Puppies and we are excited to
​share​​ each milestone!

Oct. 20, 2012 Debbi sent this
​cute photo a few days after
​Bently ​went home to let me
​know ​he is adjusting just fine!​
Violet (Naomi) is now living
 ​in NY with her new family...
​ this looks like the beginning of
 something good!!(Oct. 21, 2012)

Oct. 23, 2012
"He's doing great. We are having so much fun with him!! He's a character."
​These friends, Vicki and Kathy
switch  holding their ​sibling pups
AJ and Dara's boy loves his
​puppy, "Bruno" (was Hunter)
We let him experience a
lapful of puppies!​​

To get an idea of what the Newborn Puppies will look like when older..
go see our nurseries with links at top of this page
​Call (817) 291-8007 to arrange for
​holding an AKC Liver Brown Shih Tzu Puppy or even ​just to ask questions.
​For Current Puppy Info:

​Call or Text 817 291-8007 Cecilia​​
​Retired ​Kort's Amielle
(Ami)​Grandma to Zoey
Ginger and Cocoa's Pups

Our breeding Dams
​Hershey's Ginger
Fading AKC *L&W
Fading AKC Liver​​
​Hershey's Cocoa
​Both Produce Fading
​and non Fading Livers
and *Liver and Whites​​​
Dams to all Litters
Sire Alamo:Non Fading
​AKC Liver Stud to
​past 2 litters 2012
and to ​All upcoming
2013 Litters​​

Our Previous Stud
Cashew; Robbin's
Zoey's Sire​
AKC Liver
Fading Creme Liver
Puppies my children
are holding below
were from Cashew​​
2010 Past Puppies Chandler & Sebastian (now in Longview and named Yogi: Fading AKC
​Livers Sire; Cashew Dam: Cocoa​
note: photos in gallery at our previous site: www.ceciliadiane.webs.com
text (817)291-8007 with your email address to get on our future email and photo link updates
Zoey Girl:
                                              Fading Creme                                         AKC Liver                                            
​Sire: Cashew
Dam: Cocoa​​
Poppy Non Fading AKC Liver
Zoey Fading AKC Liver
Todd Ryals is           happy to take         Sierra back to         his wife, Shawn
         All three have the same
​         Dam: Cocoa but different Sires
  Katie and I stay in Longview LaQuinta   for a few days

Rosie is more               
beautiful than                     her photos sent                 from your wife,                   Shawn..thank                     you! We are                       thrilled to                             have her and                     love her already!
Ginger's and Alamo's 12-17-12 Puppies:
​CONGRATULATIONS!! Garrett and Nicole (above holding two Liver and White Pups) had placed an early deposit in hopes of Ginger having a Liver and White female like Sierra). After receiving the news they had two to pick from..Garrett and Nicole came early to make an early pick and drop off their depost to hold "Belle" who will match their "Gizmo" Male Akc Liver and White Shih Tzu Pup! Belle is only days old, but the decision was made after holding each of the Liver and White Puppies. December 22, 2012 They got to meet their Puppy, Belle.her sibling, Snow, her Mom Ginger, Dad Alamo, Grandma Ami, Aunt Cocoa, and Cousin Zoey! And me , of course..it was a pleasure! Garrett and Nicole will watch their Puppy grow online and pick her up Valentines Day! And of course if they are in the area and want to visit again before Pup goes home.. we welcome that too!
                            Yes...Shih Tzus a
                          ​HypoAllergenic Dog
Thank you for the photo of Bently
​on 1-12-13​
who went home Oct. 18, 2012 
estimated at 20 weeks here
He is an Akc Liver and White
Sire: Alamo
Nicole and Garrett (above) /Buying "Belle" and ​renaming her "Gucci" Sire:Alamo/Dam: Ginger /DOB: Dec. 17, 2013​​​
Out of Current ​Litter going home Valentines Week 2013. They came to place their deposit in person and make early pick from the two Akc Liver and whites
Shawn, Alamo's previous owner
asked me to make an exchange of Sierra for Rosie. Her son goes to Bible College in Marshal Texas
and we have past customers, Kathy Anderson and Vicki Slover, who live in Longview. So myself and Katie make a mini vacationout of our trip to exhange Sierra
for Rosie​​
"Naomi" now "Violet"A photo sent
from her owner from New York.
Naomi was the lightest
in the Litter and the only
​fading​​​​ Akc Liver, she is
​precious and her fading fur 
was desired over the non-fading siblings..
she lookslike MILK CHOCOLATE
and is so CUTE! Gotta Lovethat Face
(earlier photo of her shown being shipped
​and then with Wanda's boy on the upper portion of this page.​​​​​​​​
Laura was happy we still had 1 AKC Liver Female available...and her daughter, Ale holds her while she places her deposit and visits! They live close enough to
come by, by appt.​​ on 1-25-13
We had 2013 Puppies Sired by Alamo Coming!
They will be Born before Christmas & ready to go home at 8 wks
Valentines week​!
Ginger's Nursery
Zoey's Nursery
Rosie's Nursery
Above pages are dedicated to New Puppy photos
Vicki said:"Thank you for my Bella.....my 5th child/dog. She is sooo very special to me and the best personality and loving pup that I have had. (my 3rd ShihTzu)
Two Texts from owner of TONKA (right) ...From Previous Litter: Tonka at 5 1/2 mos..thanks Mellissa for the Updates!!
"​My precious Tonka!! Got his first haircut today, he was an angel. Weighed today too 8.4#. His hair is getting lighter. It's kinda of cream around his tail and the top of his head. He is very healthy skin coat and teeth. We are so blessed to have him. Needless to say he is very loved and spoiled rotten. A million thanks. Just wanted you to see how beautifully he is growing. :) "
TONKA:DOB 8-23-12 shown here 5 1/2mos
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Cocoa​​
Note: Our Male is Non Fading and female is fading..some will look more milk chocolate, like Tonka..instead of dark chocolate , Like Sire : Alamo due to the Mama's fading​ gene
See "Poppy" now "Malia "  (from same litter as Tonka) shown on this page (scroll up near top) in her bed with Sasha, Go see example of a puppy that got non- fading gene like it's Sire..They are all beautiful and we love 'm all!!​
"So good to hear from you. Tonka is doing great. He has quite the personality, maybe it's just that he is spoiled rotten. LOL. Just took this pic a few days ago he loves to sit on the bathtub ledge while I bathe." 
Facebook Post 2-10-13 Denise Priewe Loves those puppies!! My Biscuit that I got from you is 2 now! And just the most beautiful and handsome and well mannered. You do a beautiful job breeding your Shih Tzu's!
4 hours ago via mobile · Like
Garrett and Nicole pick up Belle, holding Snow here too..who is still available to the first person with payment...both puppies are so sweet!
The Puppy Pen is a wonderful experience!
Belle and Snow before Belle
​goes home with her new family!
It's official​, Belle has her dog tag..her name is now "GUCCI"
Later via text I'm told Belle enjoyed playing at a relatives with Garrett and then had a great ride home. She was very calm​​​.
Beauty and Charming fly to their homes on 2-11-13 when they turn 8 weeks
we now use a trusted pet nanny to fly your puppy in cabin and deliver pup to you at your main airport serviced by Amercan airlines

​Emily gets her baby girl: CinderellaFeb.11, 2013. Coming home to Flowermound, Texas!​
Emily Pryor: "Thanks Cecilia for my beautiful baby girl!! "
Natalea (below) picks up her Chevelle and has a 5 hour drive home to Arkansas 2-13-13
(Beauty after shipment) "She has been curled up in my lap.. Ate a little and tail wagging.. We are bonding"
​A day or two later...When asked how "Rosie" (Beauty) is?
​Jody Martin: "She came to me spoiled rotten and getting more rotten by the minute! She is the sweetest baby!"
After his long flight to Va., Charming is well cared for: ​"}All cleaned up and taking a nap next to pappa! He's had a long day. We played. He instantly laid under me. We already bonded a little. I'm going to let him get a nap I'm sure after that flight he needs it." (Sent via text from Jamaal 2-11-13 evening)
About Lexus a day after she's gone home:
​"She's doing great. No potty accidents, she's going out w/ Baxter. This was this morning. I did get 1 of those potty mats like yours, and put it by the back door. She already knows where that is at and is responding to the bell when Baxter or Mattie hit it. Sooo cute."
Cherie Malin Emmons

Hi Cecelia,
Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying Snow. I've never had a dog this wonderful. I've loved all my little dogs over my life but this one has really captured my heart. She is growing and is the cutest thing. Sometimes she looks so majestic when she walks around and then she romps like a puppy. She's so excited when she sees us and gives us doggie kisses. I love that! She likes to snuggle with me. We get a kick out of watching her explore and run around the house.
I am so glad that she was still available! You are a very special dog breeder and I can tell that your pups are all so high quality. Thanks for all you do to offer such wonderful pets. My heart is so happy !

Thank you,
Call Cecilia (817)291-8007 for more information or to schedule an EARLY partial deposit of $100 to hold a puppy from our Fall/Winter Litters Breeding in 2020Available positions for males (2 are are available now in 2020) Position female deposits are ready to be accepted on our planned breedings for Sophie's and Yogi's daughter Sadie. If you want to get on a waiting list for a female and can wait, please call or get on our email list through www.ceciliadiane@hotmail.com by asking me to add you as a free member. The best way to assure getting a puppy is to place an early deposit (refundable or transferable if we don't produce). Our Customers with deposits are served first. Schedule a deposit.  Available Positions are listed on:our Avail Pups/Wait List Page
(Left) At  3 mos. 3-13-13 Nicole sent a photo of her Gizmo with Belle (on right ><> now Gucci) and said they are geeting along:
""Really well they love playing together."​
 Ginger and Alamo's Belle (above at 3 Mos.
Mercedes aka "Mocha" (below)
​at 3 1/2 mos.Thank you, Maria ​for the photo! She's adorable! And she does look like Alamo as a puppy! Maria says they lover her!!​

Crockett, now Cooper is from Ginger & Alamo's first litter together​..he was tiniest, but not any more! What a handsome boy!! Beyla says he is both "smart and adorable" and he is her husbands dog!
One thing about Shih Tzus that is consistent..their fur colors change from Puppyhood! Some get darker and 
​Some get lighter like this gorgeous Carmel Liver with chocolate accents, see "Cooper" (right) and then further right..see Cashew's daughter..Ziva lightened to a beautiful Creme Liver like her Sire: Cashew!
Snow is now 12 weeks (4-13)!!So beautiful and playful..she looks like her Mama, Ginger!
Snow DOB 12-17-12
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Ginger​​
Sire: Alamo Dam: Zoey
Our Zoey Girl (4/2013..now she is retired here and sleeps in my bed every night!
Sire: Cashew
Dam: Cocoa​
Charming (aka: Goliath)shown here at 4mos.  lives in Washingtone with Jamaaal. Thank you for the updates. Jamaal said:  "Yup. You did a good job raising him during the first few months of his life. He is such a good dog. "

"Getting him from you was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Even my dad loves Goliath. He acts like he doesn't but here he is having a conversation with him last week. Lol."
Charming after his 1st haircut

Is his name still Chevelle​
"No he is Ace!
He knows his name too!
He is a good boy
and spoiled rotten!!!"
Chevelle Aka: Ace
For Available Puppies
CLICK HERE​  For Prices Click HERE
Thank you, Rachael, for the photos of  your puppies Sired by our new Red. (below)..we are so excited to have him as part ofg our pack!! We love him so much and can't wait to breed him to Rosie, then to Zoey in Fall/Winter 2014. . The puppies below are not ours but give you an idea of what Red is capable of..he is already "Proven". He carries "dobie" genes (see below). Red produces AKC LIVERS: Fur colors REDS, CHOCOLATES AND CHOCOLATE AND WHITE and Dobie.
RED....Puppies SIRED by RED:
Our Akc Liver Stud.​
Red's AKC Liver and White Male 6 wks. (above)
Red's Akc Liver (Red) boy above
Red's Female (LEFT...Dobie with black mask)
Red's Puppy...SIRE:RED
Red"s Akc Liver (Red) Daughter: with Rachael's female
Past Puppies Sired by Cashew and Alamo..for email updates of current puppies, receive links to our photo albums  by sending request to: www.ceciliadiane@hotmail.com
Thank you to all our Customers that have sent in Photos and comments regarding the puppies they Have purchased from us....About Our Past Puppies : when you see quotations, ​they are exactly what our customers ​say about our puppies.Dam and Sire Reference shows the parents of each puppy. Between 2020-2021 our planned litters are puppies out of Yogi  (Our four girls Chloe, Tori, Sadie nsd Jazzie are his daughter). Samson our stud breeds until we stop in 2022 or 2023.  Sophie and Chloe our 2020 breeding females will retire in 2021...Note below that all Shih Tzu's change from Puppyhood to Adulthood. Also we had technical issues: photos  from customers were lost and so I erased empty boxes and left their comments, sorry for the technical difficulties.There are still plenty to see.
Our recent Litter born April 27, 2013..after they are gone home (BELOW)! Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa
This is Jason's Girl, pick of litter female and a message from her owner " My wife love her so much....She sleep in r bed now"
"They play all day together"
Mercedes above (aka: Maria's Mocha) DOB: Dec.21, 2012
​Sire: Alamo Dam: Zoey (Cocoa's daughter)
CocoMo at about 3-4 mos.
Shauna said: "I Love My Kisses" 
August 2013
LEFT "Caleighs First Walk" (outdoors):

​​What a GOOD owner..Shauna waited until 10 days AFTER
Caleigh's 3rd Puppy Vaccination
Series to walk her puppy where other dogs (possibly unknown) frequent outside (thereby protecting her from possible exposure to Puppy disease!​​)...Kudos Shauna!
"her eyes are a green brown color..."
Shauna's story: Shauna had called a few litters ago just after Sierra (our Liver and white puppy) sold..she got into 2nd position female on Cocoa's upcoming April 2013 Litter​ desiring a Liver and white female like Sierra...she ended up getting her desire! Caleigh has beautiful markings!! This is a reminder to me that good things come to those who wait!! 
Sire: Alamo Dam: Ginger
"Charming..aka Goliath" (above)
From his owner, Jamaal:​​

​​"Things this way are great! Just wanted to reach out and see how you were doing plus send you some pics! Goliath is doing great. We go on long walks at the park every day which he loves. He gets to see people and lots of children (which he is great around). I tell everyone about you and your site. Thank you for the cards btw. We are going back to NYC next month and I will probably give them all out because people literally run out of shops all over NYC to pet Goliath."  

"Robbie said:" This is the best puppy we could have ever bought!!!!" CocoMo..now
"Dallas" lives in Louisianna
shown here at 5 months​​
Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa
born 4-27-13 ​​
Molly's "Dutch" (aka Reese) at 5 months
Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa​
9-23-13 Ziva has healthy Puppies..Dejong is so excited about his first experience in helping his Ziva through her labor delivery process..he spent much time at Breederinfocenter.org as we suggested and educated himself and we had the privilege of mentoring him through various phone conversations..Congratulations Dejong and Ziva..Good job Red! 4 AKC Pups..3 Red and 1 Chocolate..All Akc Liver! Dejong has made a wise choice to keep the two females (twins!) and will be purchasing an Alamo/Rosie male for Stud this Fall..and he intends to be a small Hobby Breeder in his retirement..we keep in touch to answer questions and share our ideas and what we have learned from others that we have applied that works for successful whelping in regards to such areas as socialization, solids transtion, and potty training..and more..all also found on our Breeder info/Health tips page
Since our Zoey is sister to Ziva from a previous litter..we expect similar pup appearances in our planned litter for Fall 2014 Red and Zoey! It's nice to have a Preview (the Dam's have the same genes pool so likely we will have Red and Chocolate AKC Livers too! See more PHOTOS OF THESE RED/ZIVA PUPPIES
Dam: Zoey Sire: Alamo
We Like to LOOK at Red's Puppies to give us an idea of WHAT His pups will look like..All our Puppies that will be sired by Red in 2014 will be AKC Liver (no black pigment..no black mask..but will have brown pigment and could have dark brown masks..we stud Red only to females that have been Vet tested
for diseases.
Our Red was stud to Zoey's sister, Ziva (produced by our Cashew and Cocoa in same litter) Please Click HERE to get an idea of WHAT our 2014 Planned Breeding
between Zoey and Red will look like..Zoey and Ziva have same genes..so we get an opportunity to PREVIEW future pup appearance!
Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa
Updated photo of Caleigh (left) on 10-18-13, age 6m. Caleigh, Cocoa and Alamo's Liver and White girl..has such a sweet face! Shauna said " People say she has human eyes because they are that green brown color!! "

Sox  (right)
Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa
"I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of Sox :) We just Love him Soooooo Much Tooo!!! His fur is Soooo Beautiful!!!"
"Wow...Sox is now 6 month old and he is 1 Happy. Happy, Spoiled Puppy!!"
Cherie (Snow's Owner) said "You really do have the prettiest puppies. I've been looking around and yours have beautiful faces. Must be that champion bloodline coming through!"

"Thanks To U, Cecilla for breeding the Best Shih Tzu's! Thank U So Much! We Love Sox Soooo Much!!" ( Dari I.)
Molly's New Soon to Be AKC Liver and White Stud: 6m Dutch (Aka: Reese) after his first haircut..so cute!
Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa

"Hi Cecilia, hope all is well! Goliath and I have had a great first year together. Here's a picture gallery of the summer and some pics from fall, he is doing great. Hope you enjoy...Take care!"
Sire: Alamo Dam: Ginger
"Biscuit just turned 4 and he is the most joy in my life! He has such a wonderful disposition & his coat is beautiful. He gets tons of attention everywhere he goes. When he is a few years older I shall consider getting another puppy from you!" Denise
March 2014: Thanks Christi for the photo update! "Love" (Now Romeo) at 3 months...so precious! Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
"Look at my good lookin boy. The vet and groomers all go crazy for him every time he goes in. Today they made a customer wait when she was gettin ready to leave until they brought him to me just because they wanted the customer to see what he looked like." Christi
4/2014 We HAD plans to keep Alamo's line through his and Rosie's son, Belvedere Bear (above with Dam: Rosie)..but rethought it due to Rosie's Vibrant Red genes..we already have a Red stud "Red" just for her...and need Chocolate line that can guarantee pure Chocolates(not red from her dominant genes) for our Chocolate Lovers! So Bear(16 wks) goes home with Dena to LA...and we got a new boy,AKC Liver and White Romeo, shown right (click his name to see his page) to stud our girls and give us Solid Chocolates with our Solid girls and MAYBE a few Liver and Whites (Like him). We will see! His first breeding will be in 2015 aprox. Summer. He will breed with Rocher, our dark Chocolate girl..her fur is so dark chocolate and soft and he is so thick gorgeous Liver and White... we expect amazing chocolate coats on super cute pups!! We may hold back an AngelKiss/Alamo female puppy to breed later to Romeo so we can still carry on Alamo's champion line! The Lord Blesses!
Dena and 16 wk "Belveder Bear" at Love field Dallas Airport, where I met het with Bear. Dena said that another puppy she had been puppysittiing for (same age) would never had sat so sweetly on her lap like bear did, while we talked in the car. We are so happy we had the privilege of socializing him for 16 weeks.., and he is so sweet, just what she wanted!!She's flying back with him in-cabin to New Orleans now.
4/14 "Just wanted to thank you for Caleigh, She is a Blessing"
Shauna ​
Sire: Alamo Dam: Ginger​
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
Valentine (aka: Sochi Valentino) ​
7/3/14 Maria said Valentino is "as sweet as can be"
Valentino will stud for Maria's small Breeding program
Sire: CocoMo (Dallas Sired by Alamo and Dam is Cocoa)
​Puppies result of Alamo's son
Robbies Dam​
6/2014 Congratulations on your first litter Robbie!!​
Recently one of our dear customers, Cherie lost her husband unexpectedly. Upon her permission to post her texts to me, I'm posting her two texts below as a testimony how the Lord has used Shih Tzus to minister and bless during times of human tragedy. God is good all of the time. Thank you, Cherie,  for touching my heart, for sharing, and for allowing us to share with others who might also be grieving over the lost of their human and or animal companions.

"Oh Cecelia. Our precious Snow stood up for me after the sudden passing of Matt. For the first miracle, all of my dogs were strangely quiet as I and then the medics worked on Matt in our bedroom. Matt actually passed on his hands and knees next to our bed, falling to his knees. I can't help but believe that he was kneeling at the sight of his precious Lord and Savior who had come to take him home.
That evening Snow stood guard at the foot and corner of my bed, barking at every tiny noise. She has been leery of all that have come inside our home these past days, but when a wonderful pastor friend of Matt's stopped by to visit, she curled up under the coffee table and relaxed. Last night when my mother-in- law left to stay in a hotel, Snow finally relaxed and was able to sleep through the night. She is my most faithful companion.
I just wanted to share this with you because although she is now my dog, I know that as you watched her coming into the world, you probably still have a bond with this precious pup. Thank you for her.
The fact that Matt willingly drive to Fort Worth and back in one day so that I could have Snow in my life, showed me how much he loved me. I had lost my last dog and was grieving so deeply. He knew what I needed and gave up a whole day to make my dream come true. That's the kind of husband I had. So sacrificing. He was suffering from poly cystic kidney disease and it was catching up with him. He would have gone through so much pain and suffering in a few years. God rescued him from that. Through my grief, I have to be thankful to God that He loved Matt enough to spare him.
Matt was pastoring at our small church. He was unpaid, just did it because he was called by God to do it after our longtime pastor passed away. He worked as an accountant during the week.

Snow age 1 1/2 yrs. (Below)​
​Dob: 12-17-12
​Sire: Alamo Dam: Ginger

"Hi Cecilia. Hope all is well. Just giving an update on Mocha aka "Sweetheart". She's such a doll who wants nothing but to be held. She's very hyper and has lots of energy lol. She can eat too! Her nickname is Cookie Monster because when she eats she looks just like him lol. We love Mocha and look forward to breeding her soon to our Hershey who adores her. Mocha is approximately 8 months now and has not went into her first heating cycle so we have a ways to go. Enjoy her pictures"
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
"Mocha (aka: Sweetheart) DOB: Dec 2013​
4 photos Below at 8mos.​
Shakira (N.Y) Thank you for the great photos and update on Mocha!! Cecilia
Kayla wrote:
"Here are a few pictures of Dakota now.
His fur has faded a lot but I think the color is beautiful​.
​​I thank ginger & Alamo for how gorgeous he is! Plus he has quite the personality, what he'll do next is always a surprise and entertaining.. He's a wonderful dog!"
Dakota (aka: Jace) DOB: Dec. 2013
Age 8 mos.
Sire: Alamo Dam: Ginger​
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Rosie​
"Love" (Now Romeo)
​Shown here aprox. 8m
​DOB; Dec 2013​

​​From Christi in Oklahoma..after I complimented his face.
"​Thanks. I always love his face too. Every time I look at him and I'm so thankful to have him."
This sweet message came Sunday on FB message, and Yes I do remember Jody who had pick of litter female on one of our past litters..here's what she said about the pup she bought from us:
"Hi Cecilia. I don't know if you remember me but I bought a puppy from you about 2 years ago. I live in Louisiana but you shipped her to North Carolina. I'm happy to report that my Rosie is precious and very healthy and happy! Smart as a whip I might add! I was thinking of getting another puppy and curious about your time frame for availability? Thanks so much. Jody Martin​
(left) " She's easily wound up but calms down just as fast. She's a lap baby."
​Thanks Jessica, for the Update on "Candy" now known as Mocha from Alamo and Rosie;s 2013 Litter
​This sweet pup at age 10 1/2 months shows us how pretty Rosie and Alamo's babied are and what we can look forward to in their 2014 litter!!
In 2020 we are breeding "Sophie" Rosies' last pup before retired. Her due date is April 19th,2020​
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
 Rosie and Alamo's One Liver and White 2013 Puppy "Precious" aka: Lola, almost a year old!
Pam sent me a message on FB:
Hi Ceclilia! Watching all your updates on your new litter is so fun! Wanted to give you an update on our precious Lola that has brought our family so much joy & laughter. We love her! (She's from Rosie's litter last year) We get stopped all the time and she walks to school with us every day, drives through carpool, runs errands...a very busy gal!!
She's the best! And I forgot to tell you, Lola is a total burglar, just like her mommy Rosie! She is always nabbing sonething, then proudly running it through the house until we tell her to "drop. " it's so funny!"​

DOB: 12/16/13
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
"Kalee is absolutely the best!!! I love her so much!!" Shauna
"Bear" Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
Dena said,
"Hollands Sir Belvedere Cioccolato Bear
turns 1 today!!! Luv, luv, luv him!!!!"
"Cecilia, I can't thank you enough for my little girl Maggie (Kit Kat from Ginger and Alamo's recent litter). She is the sweetest, most beautiful baby!! I SO appreciate all the photos and videos you sent me from the time she was born to when she came home with me -- I was able to create a puppy book for her! I was also AMAZED that she came to me already potty trained! This is the best puppy experience I've ever had! You're the BEST!! THANK YOU!!"
Feb. 2020 Note: Brooke went on to get 4 more puppies from us and has a pack of our babies!​
Note: Brooke works at PawTrees Pet company..check it​out! https://www.pawtree.com
1-21-15 Just heard from Malcom.
Malcolm's Truffles
Sire: Alamo Dam: Ginger​​

"A day doesn't go by without this little guy bringing a smile to my face. Thank you so much" Malcom A.
12-13-15 Toby goes home
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie​
"This is Toby and Dakota.
​They love each other already."

2/16/15 Teeter (Now Kaiser) went home yesterday. Tricia sent this great update! 
"Kaiser is such a happy puppy!!! He did very well last night. He slept through the night!!!​"
DOB: 12-23-14
Sire: Red
Dam: Zoey​​​
​Debby wrote on FB about Sweetie above,  (now Aurora)
"Lil Aurora is worn out and ready for night. Cecilia Holland she is so well behaved. We love her so much already. She is such a happy puppy
...Ellen we got her last week from Aleda Texas. Cecilia Holland shih tzu. Wish I had known about her before I bought Winston. Wouldn't give him up for the world. But Cecilia is the best. I will go back there again."
"Rocky" (belle's Brother)
Sire: Romeo
Dam: Rocher
DOB: 12-22-14
​​​​Video of Rocky (above)  Posted on FB by Bridgett with comment below:
​" he's just hilarious !! I will give him a big hug for you!! sweetest dog ever...we are in love!!!"
Toby: (Blossoms Brother)
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Rosie ​​
DOB: 12-20-14
​​Teresa sent us an update:
"Toby is so smart. He knows how to sit, stay, come, lay down, stand up, shake and bed. All in just a little under two weeks with us." ..."He's definitely a mama's boy"
"This little boy has brought so much joy in my life!! Love him to pieces!!!" Tricia
Teeter (now Kaiser) 3 1/2 mos. 
Sire: Red Dam: Zoey​
Thanks for the Update(below) Gary and Michelle...
​Early grooming is important. Continue to comb, play with paws, get trims and get nails clipped and he will always be this sweet to his Groomer!
​"Reese, first puppy cut. Couldn't believe how good he was around the Clippers and the hair dryers. I think he fell in love with his groomer because she give him lots of kisses! Lol"
4/2015 Reese (Gus) Sire: Alamo
Dam: AngelKiss​ DOB: 2-10-15
Chocolate "Max" (aka Trey)  7mos 7/23/15 left
 said "​ He is a sweetie, he loves hugs"
Sire: Alamo
​Dam: AngelKiss(Belle's Aunt)
Makes Max, Belles Cousin​​
7/2015 Rocky (Chocolate)
Sire:Romeo Dam: Rocher
Full Brother to Our "Belle"​​
Thanks Bridgett for the Update and photo.
Bridgett said "He's such a Sweetie...Rocky's first visit to the groomer... Such a ham! I love my puppy!❤❤❤ ​
Sonny (R)
​Sire: Red Dam: Zoey
​and Bela (R):
​Sire: Cashew
Dam: Cocoa​
​(left, Zoey's Dam)

​​In 2015 Vicki got her second puppy (Sonny, was Blazer) from us out of the sister of her girl, Bela. She said: "Thank you for Breeding and producing the best 
Babies" Thank You Vicki for your confidence in us! Cecilia
Sire: Hershey
Dam: Ami
Zoey's Dam Cocoa (above) in Panama
with Valarie and Family. Valarie said:
Wow! That's simply amazing because I've had you on my mind as well!! Here's a pic of Cocoa. She's a delight and I've never loved a dog like I love her!!!...Cocoa is the sweetest thing on the planet. We ALL love her to pieces. Your new puppies are adorable!!​

See Brooke's Ginger..aka Ariel at 6m in a Professional Video..Brook said that she did so well that they got done with the Video two hours early and the Wrangler commented on how Calm Ginger (Zoey's Ariel) is! Click HERE to SEE Video
Photos (right) starting to come in on Rosie's July 2015 litter: "Hi it's Tim I just want you to know Mason is doing terrific he is absolutely more than we expected is a beautiful puppy"
Mason 3 1/2 m (see his sisters, Poppins  and Ruby (below)
Sire: Romeo (no longer w/us)
Dam: Rosie (scheduled for last litter Summer 2016)..see avail. positions
DOB: July 10, 2015​​​
AKC Liver and White​
10/25/15 Molly said:"We LOVE Poppins! She just keeps getting better and better!"
Poppins 3 1/2 m (see her brother, Mason, above and sister: Ruby (below)
Sire: Romeo (no longer w/us)
Dam: Rosie (scheduled for last litter Summer 2016)..see avail. positions
DOB: July 10, 2015​​​
AKC Liver (solid Chocolate)
10/26/15 Tiffany said:
"​Saw mason and poppins pics thought I'd better send you a pic of ruby slippers she is amazing"

Ruby 3 1/2 m
​DOB: July 10, 2015​​​
AKC Liver (Red Liver)​
​See her brother, Mason(above) and sister, Poppins (above)
Sire: Romeo (no longer w/us)
Dam: Rosie (scheduled for last litter Summer 2016)..seeavail. positions
to reserve a puppy from Rosie's last  litter..we expect some like this girl, when we breed to Red and White (Akc Liver and White) boy Blaze

Sire:Romeo Dam: Zoey DOB 7-17-15
Dec. 21, 2015
​Teresa posted photos and said:
​"We went to Three Dog Bakery for Toby's birthday and they had their picture taken. My babies are going to be famous!!! Toby J and Lula Mae came in for Tobys first birthday! They wore their reindeer and sock monkey sweaters they got at the bakery today!" 
Toby                              Lula Mae (aka Marigold)
Sire: Alamo                  Sire: Romeo.
Dam: Rosie​​                  Dam: Zoey
Jen said "She's the Best!!!!so sweet and never causes problems. She's my Baby!"
Bella Rose (6m)
Sire: Romeo
Dam: Zoey
DOB: July 17, 2015​​​​
Alicia's "Suki"  1 yr.
​(Aka Shelby) left
DOB: Dec. 22, 2014​
Sire Romeo
Dam: Rocher
Our Belles Full sisiter​​
"So excited to introduce the newest member of our family! Thank you Cecilia Holland!"
First Evening Home
​Graham(left) 8 wks 1-9-16
​Sire: Yogi
Dam: Mocha​​
Just this pic from Valerie in Panama..we had rehomed Cocoa (right)at age 5 when we spayed..Valari said:" Congratulations on sending your puppies to their new homes! They are all so cute, but none are even close to the cuteness and wonderfulness that is Cocoa (right)! Valerie"
Come toMocha's 2015 Nursery and scroll to bottom to see what families say as they TAKE HOME THEIR PUPPIES
My reply to Valerie: "So happy you love her.. I have to admit the hardest thing I ever did was to rehome her as I remember holding her little body in the palm of my hand when she was born and then 5 great years having her by my side. I'll have to agree she's the best dog ever!! Give cocoa a big hug and kiss for me..knew your home would be as good as mine with all your love for her!! And to be a missionary dog..what an honor!"
Sire: Alamo Dam: Rosie
Lola (aka. Precious) (Akc Liver and White)
DOB Dec. 2013 shown here 2 years old
Our Mocha's Full sister​​​
Mocha id Dam to Puppies to the left​
10 week photos Mocha/Yogi 2015 Puppies..thanks for the photos sent in! We are watching this litter as Mocha and Yogi are breeding again for June 2016 puppies on her next heat.
Graham (aka Duke)
Paris (aka Penny)
Bristol (aka Gracie Lou)
Shelly said "She's very much a lap girl!!!"​
Rose said "Getting ready taking penny Lou, with me to cowboy breakfast. "
See their early photos:
It's Feb. 10, 2016..On Facebook, I posted a happy Birthday message to AngelKiss/Alamo's litter born 1 yr. ago this day: Aaron said: "Aaron Allen thank you for letting us have such a loving dog we sure have fun with her.  she also loves tummy rubs and she sure is a chow hound she loves to eat." Photo (right) of Maddie (aka: Sally) when she was with us (before 8 weeks).
Our Blossom and Mocha have the same Sire, Alamo.​

​"Thank You for ALL you do Cecilia with these photos ,God Bless you, Your just amazing and soooo appreciated for the things you do to provde so much information and photos, your truly a wonderful a sweet spirited person and may your whole family be so blessed for the Holidays and Always. I really just wanted you to know this from my heart and this puppy is going to bring such Joy to each and everyone of our lives Thanks to you. Hugs and Many Many Blessings, CLAUDIA …KISSES MOMMY :)" (aka: Odessa. Sire: Yogi, Dam: Mocha)
Thanks Bethann for update on Dublin: Aka: "Chewy 4 months old"
Sire: Yogi
Dam: Mocha
DOB: Nov. 2015​​​
Click for Mocha and Yogi 2016 puppies​
March 2016: "Cecilia, she is just the perfect dog for us!! I can't believe how lucky I was to find you Smiling face with smiling eyes Happy Easter!!" Nikita

​Lily (aka Marli) 8 mos
Sire: Romeo
Dam: Zoey​​​
Available positions on Zoey's last litter (2016)
"Little Duke is doing so good with potty training, how he acts at the vet, and with some grooming at home you can really tell he was given a lot of attention from a very young age!"
Sire: Yogi Dam: Mocha (Blossoms full sister)​

Rosie and Alamo's Grandson: " Rusty went home to a lovely lady in Massachusetts!!"
Note:Our small Breeder customer (Shakira) sent this photo of one of her puppies from the female she got from us (Rosie's 2013 first litter)and raised to be her pet and breeding girl​: our Mocha's sister (also known as Mocha!)
Sire: Shakira's Hershy
Dam: Mocha (2013 sisiter to our Mocha)​​
4/2016 "beautiful Ruby Slippers"
Rosie has available positions for her last planned litter 2016: Click HEREand scroll down to Rosie​
4/13/16 5m "Chewy just got his first official haircut 🐶"
Sire: Yogi Dam: Mocha​
Click HERE to See Mocha's 2016 Nursery​
Duke )aka: (aka: Graham) "Sweetest Boy!"

"Gracie Mae goes in tomorrow for her spay and micro chip!!! Her coloring is gorgeous!! "
​"She's the best dog.
​She loves my kids and
​is so good.
​ Listens so well"
Penny Lou ( Paris) loves to dance! Thanks for the update Rose
Below: DOB: 11-16-15 6m Pups of
Sire: Yogi Dam: Mocha
More like this in Mocha Nursery May 2016 and Blossom Nursery 2016​​
Odessa Kisses..now Mocha 5-29-16
"Gracie is the sweetest most adaptable pup I've ever seen!!! Thank you for doing such an awesome job with these little babies adapting to life. I'm very thankful for your dedication and knowledge. Thank you!!!"
Duke (aka: Graham at 8m old) His first road trip photo from Linnzi and FB comment about getting pup from us:
"Linnzi Schieder Cohlmeyer Highly recommend Cecilia Holland my little Duke was so easy to potty train since she starts them early. He is the sweetest and so well behaved. Worth every penny!"​
We think Monroe could look a lot like Duke (above Right) because he is full cousin and his Dam is full sister to Dukes Dam and same Sire is Yogi. Their coloring looked a lot alike when babies. Here is Monroe now and he is available and he could stay darker or lighten in areas like Duke..which is gorgeous gold with chocolate mask. The phot above is probably taken with flash and all other photos show darker fur. here is a copy of comment of one of my past customers:
Vickie Clark Slover "HELLO PEEPS. These are the smartest, even tempered, most lovable pups you will find. Whose baby at 8 1/2 weeks is already leash trained?????? Superb breeder.......need a reference, AAAA++++ All the way. You need to act now, don't miss your opportunity. I have 4 and 2 came from Cecilia Holland.​​​"
AVAILABLE as of 8-1-16 
Monroe  (below) 9 1/2 weeks ​
Sire: Yogi
Dam: Mocha​
Sire: Yogi
Dam: Blossom​ (Mocha's FULL sister)

"Good evening Ms Cecilia. Just an update on our

Miss Duchess.

She weighs in @ 6.8 lbs doing fantastic! One more round of shots next month and finished for the year!! YAY!

We fall in love all over again every morning!!! Her color and coat are so unique and just gorgeous! Cherry red some dark chocolate and her dainty lil paws beautiful blonde ( and can't forget her white heart on her chest!) Still gushing over her and will continue!

Thank you again!

Praying the Lord continues to shower you and yours!! Much love sent!"

(left above)"Here's a picture of her beautiful color contrast!!! :D"​​
Duchess ( Sire Yogi Dam- Blossom)
Mogi Nov. 16, 2016 (1 yr.) Sire Yogi and Dam: Mocha
We have two females, Belle is planned to be breeding over the next 3 years(till 2019) we will breed her to Yogi, they will look a lot like Mogi (Same Sire) and dark Liver chocolate Belle. We purchased Rosita back and since he calls her 
Chloe (we already have a chloe pup kept from belles litter) we changed her name to Sophie. We expect Rosie's vibrant Red to show up in solids with Yogi and since he carries the Liver and White gene like what Sophie is..we COULD POSSIBLY get some that look like Sophie..she will breed to Yogi from 2018-2020 or 2021..we retire by age 5 for the health of our dogs.
"Happy first Birthday to my gorgeous Mogi girl! You have brought a ton of joy to our family!"
(borrowed comments and photo from Samantha Facebook)​
Mogi and boy from us sent on 1-1-17
Samantha getting a final pup from us in our last litter 2019​
Sophie (was Rosita)..baby photo and her Sire Blaze..Blaze no longer with us, but we now have his line and Rosie's line through  daughter below, purchased back March 2017
Purchased back March 2017
Jason said she is VERY sweet, just like she was when we raised her and went home at 9 weeks (pictured above)..but she has a very bad haircut (though her coat was beautiful before the cut) so we will wait to post new photos when it grows out.
Rosie and Blaze give you an idea of what she might look like in color and coat as an adult​
WE HAVE AVAILABLE POSITIONS ​NOW: March 2017...if interested please check our waitlist page for planned estimated planned litters and call us.
Sophie's Sire Blaze (w/our breeder customer: Tiffiny)
Sophie's Dam: Rosie (in England
​with Windsor's.. Royal family)
Our Chloe below ( Belle and Yogi daughter)
is doing great! So sweet and lovable!..shown here at 12 weeks..Belle/Yogi future pups expected to look like her and all future litters have waitlist)​
Marla ​8.5 lb
​Nikita P. sent update on Marli ( Same Sire,as,our Belle- Romeo and Dam is our sweet Zoey retired here. 3-2017 Nikita said:
"She has a perfect temperament, very sweet and relaxed. And smart as a whip! "
Save us to your Favorites or Bookmarks, then please See 5 star reviews on this Litter that Chloe is from..on Facebook page 
11-07-18 I received this text update from Nadia on Blocky, Sophie and Samson's July Pup:
​"Blocky had his first week of formal training and he looooooves its!!! He loves learning. He reminds me of my Rottweiler Bubba who was a fully trained protection dog....just dutiful and loved tasks. Blocky is so sweet so smart and so well adjusted. His trainer cannot believe that this small breed dog behaves so well and has such an incredible attention span. She said his breeder did an amazing job socialising him. She is blown away by his abilities"
2019-202I post photos now on FB and on nursery pages please contact me if interested in a current male puppy or to get on future waitlist. Best way to reach me is phone or text. Thanks, Cecilia

Feb. 21,2020 Streak and Desi were sold and went home, they have been Vet examined, have had all their puppy shots, wormed and had follow up negative fecal and have a letter of good health and genetic guarantee.
June 21, 2020 Liz said 1 day after she got her "Georgie" Sophie and Samson puppy DOB: April 22, 2020

​​"We are having so much fun!!! He's been eating his soft food and going potty on his grass! No crying at all last night. He's been amazing! Thank you so much!! We are beyond thankful and feeling so blessed!!! 💞💞🐾"🐾

Georgie at 8 weeks
Prada went home to a small "like-minded Breeder, Heather. Here's Prade the night before she was picked up at 8 weeks. Heather said: "She's Perfect" when she got her! Chloe/Samson pup DOB: April 25, 2020
 See more customer puppy photos and comments at bottom of nursery pages. We plan to retire (really this time! we tried 3X before) aprox. December  2023.