AKC Shih Tzu Puppy Sale
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ALL Our Puppies are rare AKC Liver (pigment), though we produce Dark Chocolate (when we breed any of our females to Alamo, fading (brown fur that lightens over time to milk chocolate like our female Cocoa's fur, Liver and white (both Drk and fading Liver with the white), Creme Liver (like Zoey) will likely be produced when we breed her to Alamo in Fall 2013, Dark, non dilute Red Liver are likely to be outcome of a union between Bella Rose (Rosie) planned for Fall 2013.
AKC Liver Shih Tzu Newborns start with pink noses that eventually turn to rare Brown piqment because the Liver gene blocks black!DOB:12/17/12 1 Day old
2012 Christmas Litters: Alamo/Ginger Pups born 12-17-12
and Alamo/Zoey Pups born 12-21-12 all sold and Went Home ​
Valentine's Week 2013

Eye color: AKC Liver Shih Tzu Puppies will either have green or amber eyes. All newborn puppies eyes look blue due to the film over the eye. See Past puppy right. See more info on:  fur color
at bottom of page that above link takes you to.
December 17, 2012

​Ginger whelped 5 females and 1 male​:
​2 Liver and White Females, 1 Liver
​on Liver male, and 3 Liver on Liver Females.
​​We ​held Puppies by early deposit. We do the
same with our upcoming planned litters..Call Us.

​See more photos in this album and others at:

DOB:12/17/12 minutes old
DAY 1 (Ginger's Puppies Born 12/17/12
DAY 1 Puppy ID..tail tips are painted and we use colored backgrounds: see Below 

Liver on Liver (Liver pigment and Fur) Female Day 1/ wt. 6.9oz./SOLD
Liver on Liver female with white chest/6.7oz. on Day 1 SOLD
Liver on Liver Female/7.2oz. Day1/SOLD
Liver and White Female/6.0oz./Day1/One of two above or below are SOLD
To get an idea of how cute they are as they grow..please click on puppies below to see Alamo PAST PUPS
Liver and White Female 4.8 oz.
The Only Male/ SOLD/5.5oz. Day1
MORE PHOTOS OF PUPPIES DOB: 12/17/12 will be added below as they grow!! Each set of photos is labeled by Puppy age and date:
DAY 2/ 12-18-12  
Snow/Sold..later..scroll down
Cinderella (Cindi)/SOLD
Belle/ Sold
HOW to Purchase a Puppy from this Litter or from a future Litter:
​Four of the 12/17/12 Puppies were presold before birth and position of picks (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) were held with a $100 deposit applicable to total purchase amount. After birth all Buyers send in 1/2 of their balance within 7 days of birth (after their puppy desire is confirmed arrived (for example if they wanted a girl liver and were in 2nd position..and we have enough girls for them to get that girl from this litter, then their puppy is confirmed.  We fulfilled all our deposits this time (3 for girls, one of girls Liver and White) and 1 for boy. But if we hadn't, the buyers with deposits could either have a full refund or transfer deposit to a future available position in litter of choice. ​
 Picks are made in order of earliest deposit to latest...you can't lose, they are all beautiful and hard to find AKC Puppies!! Please Go to  Avail Pups/Wait List and Agreement/Prices
Future Puppy Photos will be posted BELOW Here:
I try to post weekly..but sometimes I just can't help myself and post daily!​ Please check back often. The first few weeks are spent eating and sleeping alot. Then things get interesting!
Dam: Zoey Girl (below) Sire: Alamo 5 PUPPIES BORN Dec. 20/21 2012
Come See Zoey's Puppies on our Facebook Breeder page, we have devoted a whole album to their surprise birthday December 20/21!!
Paste this link into your address bar after saving this site to your Favorites please:
DAY 4: Ginger's Pups..they planned their fellowship today...with like kind!
Our daughter Katie (12) took these photos (above) and said the poses were NOT planned!
Snow (above)1 is still AVAILABLE! She has more Beautiful White on her..
2 Males and 2 Females (right)
​in Zoey's litter !​
​We choose "Belle", Typically picks are at 3-4 weeks of age in order of deposit.  This sweet couple decided to select their choice etween the two female Livers. Congratulations! And now you can follow your specific puppies growth online!                                                                              

Snow and one of the Liver females is available for sell​​
from Ginger's Litter (below).​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
ZOEY'S LITTER DOB: 12-20/21-12
Awww..just as we suspected, the smallest of Zoey's puppy didn't make it..the puppy had an internal defect or it would have responded to all we did. All the other 10 pups (between Ginger and Zoey) are gaining weight and thriving! I would rather see a puppy go early, rather than hang on for awhile and go later. This was the only pup that had issues during delivery, it was cold and we kept warming small blankets in the dryer for it while it lay on the heating pad. We also put her to her mama's teets often..but she was weak on nursing..as her siblings sucked vigorously, he could only give a mild effort and no matter how many times we put him there for nourishment , he fell asleep alot. We even tried having Ginger nurse with her bigger teats more full of milk. He was the smallest..it's sad, but as I said it's better now than a heartbreak later. It's normal for an occassional pup to fade with an early defect, that won't allow it to survive the week.The first week we keep the Pups close to mom and on heating pads. Kudos to Katie, my 12 year old daughter, who..though sick with a cough went up and down the stairs for warm towels and was so attentive trying to warm the little guy and get him to nurse. We also tried an oral syringe with egg yoke...he just wasn't meant to make it..sometimes nature seems cruel..but I look at the positve side..first time mama Zoey has 4 instead of 5 to nurse..a little easier on her.​
On Zoey's Litter, my husband is taking a shot at naming the pups (the kids usually give the temporary names)..can you see what he likes?

​Boy: Chevelle
Boy: Cuda
Girl: Lexus
Girl: Mercedes​​
Gizmo's playmate: "Belle" snozzes on this comfy pillow!
Snow and Tinker or Cinderella
Zoey's Male: "Cuda" Day  2/ 6.3oz.
Zoey's Male: "Chevelle" Day 2/ 6.7oz.
Zoey's Female: "Lexus"  Day 2/ 7.2 oz.
note: "she is under the puppypile​"
Zoey's Female: "Mercedes" Day 2/ 6.7oz.
Surprises come in small packages:
​Zoey is such a wonderful Mama to her Babies!
MORE PHOTOS: Visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.464404300284616.106287.
Day 5 Ginger's Litter: 2 Available/4 Sold
Belle: AKC Liver and White female/SOLD
8.6 oz.​
Cinderella:AKC Liver Female/1 of 3 Livers...SOLD
Tinker: AKC Liver Female /1 of 3 female Livers..SOLD/10.2 oz​
Beauty: AKC Liver Female/1 of 3 female Livers..SOLD/order of picks made at 3-4 weeks
9.2 oz.​
Snow: AKC Liver and White: Available
7.1 oz.​
Charming: AKC Liver Male/ Sold
8.8 0z.​
Zoey's Litter: Her Sire and her Stud both have Champion Bloodlines..Gotta love that sweet temperment and darling smooshy Face!!​
Zoey's Litter Birth weights and Day 3:
​Lexus:Akc Liver Female wht chest:6.2/8.1
Mercedes: Akc Liver Female 5.3/7.1
Cuda: Akc Liver Male 6.0/7.9
Chevelle: Akc Liver Male 5.6/7.1​​​

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly in His Word! We celebrate the birth of Christ, His growth as 100% man and 100% God. He came in flesh to die to redeem us from our sins. He was buried and rose again to Life Eternal, which belongs to every Believer because of What Christ did for us!!
Please copy and paste the Facebook album Link for more photos from this album!:
Alamo in his Tux before his Debut!LOL!
Rachel and Rosie Christmas Eve 2012
Christmas Day: Day 8/ Ginger's Pupies are all so Healthy/ Weights have about doubled the first week as they should!
Christmas Day 2012 / Day 4 Zoey's Puppies are all Healthy and growing (gaining weight daily) Here Zoey takes a needed break..she's such a good Mama
Cuda/ Male (green Backgound) 9.9 oz
Lexus/ Pink Border
Chevelle/ Blue Border 9.2 oz.
Mercedes/ Female (Red Border)
Merry Christmas!!
Ginger's Litter             >Sire: Alamo>
      Zoey"s Litter
Day 10
​Snow:  Akc Liver and White female

Charming: Akc Liver Male
Belle: Akc Liver and White Female
Cinderella: Akc Liver Female
SOLD/ Order of picks by January 13, 2013)
Beauty: Akc Liver Shih Tzu Female
Tinker: Akc Liver Shih Tzu Female
 Sold/shown here Day 10
1 Available Female as of 12-29-12
 2 Males/2 Females Available
Day 6
Cuda: Akc Liver Shih Tzu
Chevelle: Akc Liver male
Mercedes: Akc Liver Shih Tzu
Lexus: Akc Liver Shih Tzu
"You almost paid how much elsewhere for your AKC Liver Shih Tzu Puppy?"

​Akc Liver Shih Tzu Puppies typically sell  In NY $2000 without papers and $5000 WITH Akc Papers! They are Hard to find and especially hard to find with Champion bloodline!
Last Litter I had 3 Buyers from Ny.
My Prices (also shown on Purchase Agreement Link)

For Out of State in USA or Canada
Shipping is Buyers Responsibility​​ ​​: $350 includes Airline expenses, Airline approved Travel Crate, Breeder fees for time and gas to and from airport, and Required Veterinary Health Certificate (proves Puppy is Healthy for flight and required for all Cargo flown Puppies or dogs.  We fly Continental Petsafe Non stop only (when available). We make all arrangements (reservations for travel) if shipping, Full puppy payment and shipping fees are due prior to 7 business days of ship date.

These Gorgeous Puppies will go home at 8 weeks of Age..*Valentines Day or Week/ what a wonderful Valentines Gift to yourself or someone you love! (*Valentines 2013)
Ginger's Puppies Day 11.."Our Eyes are just opening!! Below
GINGY! The Beautiful Sweetest Mama EVER!
Beauty Poses! SOLD
Look Carefully and you see our eyes are Barely opening...on Day 11
                  Beauty is Beautiful!
Picks of the three Liver on Liver females take place by Jan. 13th​
Charming/ Sold
The Night Shift is Over, Kids!

Dam: Akc Zoey Sire: Akc Alamo
Day 7​
​2 Females/ Lexus, Mercedes
2 Males/Cuda, Chevelle 
"Cinderella" AKC Liver Female Shih Tzu Puppy (right) born to Ginger and Alamo on 12-17-12 Show here with her eyes opening on Day 12!  Keep Scrolling down for most RECENT Photos!
Snow: Akc
​DOB 12-17-12
Shown 12 days 
​Sire: Alamo
Dam: Ginger​

Cuda: Akc
​Liver Male
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Zoey Girl​​​
Chevelle: Akc
​Liver Male
​DOB: 12-20-12
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Zoey Girl​​​

Lexus; Akc
​Liver Female
​DOB: 12-20-12
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Zoey Girl​​​

Mercedes: Akc
​Liver Female
​DOB: 12-20-12
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Zoey Girl​​​
Ginger's Puppies Already SOLD (Below)
Alamo and Zoey's: Akc Liver on Liver Puppies (below)ALL SOLD. Day 11/ Their Eyes are just barely opening! Mercedes, Cuda and Chevelle shown below...
Zoey: The Mama
Ginger/ Alamo's Litter: an Akc Liver and White​ Female: Snow
From left to right: Snow, Tinker, Cinderella, Charming, Beauty, and Belle
Cinderella facing opposite direction (lower Pup), Tinker uses various  siblings for a pillow!
For more photos click on this facebook album link:
Most Recent Photos are at Bottom of Page/ Each Litter is Clearly marked and border color consistent with a particular puppy in that Litter
See the rest of the Photos from this album on my Facebook Breeder Page:

Ginger's Litter on 1-2-13

Ginger's Litter Day 17
Beauty:​​ 1.13 oz.
Snow: 14.1 oz.​
Charming: 1.04oz.
Tinker: 1.18oz.
Cinderella: 1.48
Belle: 1.13​​​​
Zoey's Litter Day 14
Lexus: 1.32oz.
Mercedes: 1.20oz.​​​
Cuda: 1.38oz.
Chevelle: 1.08​​
Puppies: Chevelle, Mercedes, Cuda, and Snow (below)
Chevelle (male)
Mercedes (female)

Cuda (male)
Snow (female) DOB:12-17-12
call 817 291-8007 about
 future puppies
...turns 8 weeks Feb. 11​​

The above three puppies will be 8 weeks on Feb. 14th and can go home for Valentines Day!!​

               "Yeah Baby!"
For those deciding between these three females here are
​their fur colors :
​Beauty, Cinderella, and Tinker​​

​Note: that fur changes as they grow older..as far as fading you should be able to see if any of these fade or not by 3-4 weeks..though ALL shih Tzus change some from birth through adulthood..ever see one that doesn't change??
           Belle and Snow
Ginger's Litter Day 19..trying to Walk! First Steps Caught on Camera...
Puppies toe nails were clipped with a baby toenail clipper today and face hair trimmed out of the puppies eyes​..aren't they so cute rushing over to Mama Ginger for Milk!
Zoey's Puppies..Eyes Open!
"We were woke up from our nap..for our toenail clip and photos!!"
"It did not take us LONG to go back to SLEEP!"
Ginger's Litter is 3 weeks (below) and starting to Socialize with each other! Picks take place by Jan 13 and Pups go home Feb. 11, 2013
Charming (below): Early socializing with Bella...
So he's learning what is acceptable!​
This is an extraordinary accomplishment: Charming has managed to get Belle's whole face in his mouth!
Zoey's Puppies 18 Days Old 2-7-13 
Cuda/ male
Lexus/Sold female
Chevelle/Available male
Mercedes/Available Female
Zoey's Litter already back to snoozing!
Proud Mama: Zoey (will skip a heat before breeding next year
See 159 photos of pups on 1-8-13 on my Facebook Breeder page PUPPY ALBUM
Beauty is Pick of Litter Female!Ginger's Litter
Congratulations Jody and her Grandchildren!​
was available for Emily and Arlene​/ CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Mercedes Is 2nd Pick transfered to...Zoey's Litter
Congratulations LeMarvin and Maria!​
Charming is First Pick Male
​Congratulations Natalea and her Girls! 
As the only male in a litter of 5 Females,
Charming has a Special place in Ginger's heart this Valentines Day​!
Thank you Kelly for being a good friend and referring Toni to us..it's been 4 yrs. and we are glad your "Tootsie...Kisses" has helped you to remember us!
Congratulations Toni on your first pick female from Zoey's Litter, "Lexus"!​
A Chunk of Love!
For Valentines Day 2013​
"To be any cuter, there would have to be 6 of me..hey there is! I have 5 Cute Sisters!"
Whew a place to rest my head!
Sire: Alamo
Dam: Zoey
 Dam: Ginger
Sire: Alamo
Mercedes has a sweet Smooshy Face and Cobby Body...She has Champion Bloodline on Dam's side and Champion Bloodline on Sire's side
Ginger's Litter at 3 1/2 weeks..First Puppy food
1-10-13. See Pup shows readiness when they lick puppyfood off my finger (below) Then it's Bathtime for Each Pup..which also receives a Blow dry​
Photos added Daily.........Chevelle
Belle..Garrett and Nicole's "Gucci" 
Valentines Puppies
  Went home Feb. 11-14, 2013            ​
Snow:  Female from Ginger's Litter
Grandson Ayden holding "Snow"with my son, Colton, Click on photo to meet our Family​
"Just step right in..this is yummy stuff"
"Yes! This is where we are supposed to go!"
The Potty patch (below) is great to transition puppy to outdoors, or to use for apt. dwellers​..see our tips on potty training on our Health Tips Page
A job "well done!" Good Puppies!!
(ok, so you didn't need the visual?)​
After feeding, each puppy is gently rubbed on their bottom area with a warm wet wash cloth to stimulate them to go to the bathroom..Mama did this before the first food, but now the Breeder must take the job over , as she won't like the taste now that they have eaten puppyfood. If a puppy isn't stimulated to go when very young, they could die! (Who said Breeding was easy!) See More Breeder Info and Health Tips
FIRST Bathtime!!
​Now for the cutsie Photos!!
After her Bath, Cinderella and Each Puppy gets a face trim..just angle the scizzors toward the center of the forehead and then a final cut across the top between the eyes with rounded scizzors...then a toenail clip once a week to spare mama the sharp needle like claws in her teets..OUCH!
Our Puppies learn to be calm, partillialy
​by being held often daily, and by being handled in various ways.
After your Pup comes home, continue to play with your Puppy's paws and she won't mind having her nails clipped when she gets older. The same goes for trimming facial hair. If you take her to a g
roomer, be sure to have ​your Vet give
Bordetella Vaccination. This is a vaccination which protects against Canine Cough Syndrome which is commonly called kennel cough and it is airborne. While on the subject of Vacinations. We give 1st shots..the 2nd and 3rd series of Puppy shots are given aprox. 3-4 weeks apart. Please do not take your puppy to
public doggoe parks or Petsmart until 10 days after the 3rd shot..for your Puppy's protection. We don't even allow our adult dogs walks while we have young puppies, so they won't track in anything.​Vacinations are boosting your pups immunity and start to wear off when Puppy is weaned as the puppy no longer gets the Dam's antibodies in her milk. Your Vet will give you a schedule as to when to bring your puppy in, if you miss the week, you must start the series of 3 shots over again. Some Vets will require
​a 4th shot as they don't count the Breeders early shot, but I don't dare skip this shot because of the Puppy losing it's immunity from her Mama.Some Vets accept the Breeder's early shot and some do not.

                       Nail Clip with Baby clippers
Blow dry to keep Puppy warm
 Facial Trim: Keeps eyes from  getting infection and it's easy
 with a cooperative Puppy​.
Potty Patch Training Mimics Outdoors
Puppy Learns to be comfortable in Human Hands from much handling (socializing to humans).
"I'm too Sweet for words"..."Me Too" (below).
" Charming" gets a "Kiss Break"when                     Ayden Visits Grandma
        We ALL love Your Puppy!!​
Tinker already drinking from the water bottle:
The water bottle is safest for the Breeder..because puppies have a tendency to track through a plate of water and we don't want puppies drinking in the bacteria from that!​
Ginger's Puppies are enjoying early Crate training: we just allow them to go in and out so they are comfortable with the crate..makes your job easier if you choose to crate train (recommended).
Ginger's Puppies are already going "poo" on the potty patch..this is to help transition your puppy to outdoor training..see tips on my Breeder/Health Tips Page..click HERE
Zoey's Litter tries first food..then have their FIRST Bath
Ginger's Litter: Early Crate Training, partial Potty Training, and water bottle use.
Tinker and Snow are still available​
1-14-13 Zoey's and Alamo's PUPPIES: Chevelle, Cuda
Sire: Alamo Dark Chocolate Akc Liver /Dam: Zoey (Cream Akc Liver)​
Chevelle                                                      Cuda
1-14-13 Ginger's and Alamo's PUPPIES:Snow (Liver & White) Tinker (Liver on Liver) Brown Fur on Brown pigment (nose, pawpads, eyeliner)
Sire: Alamo (non fading Liver Dam: Ginger (Liver and White)​
"Chevelle"/SOLD male as of 1-18-13
at which time "Charming" became available..Natalea transfered her purchase ...when she fell in love​
"Charming"/ Male Akc Liver
"Tinker"/ female Akc Liver
"Cuda"/Male Akc Liver
                  Puppy Weights on 1-17-13 

​ Ginger's Litter 4 1/2 weeks                   Zoey's Litter 4 weeks​​

​Beauty 1lb.15oz.  Sold                           Mercedes 1lb.13oz. Sold
Tinker  1lb.15oz.​​  Avail.                          Lexus       1lb.15oz. Sold
Charm 1lb.10oz.   Avail.                         Chevelle   1lb.15oz  Sold
Cinder  2lbs.2oz.  Sold                           Cuda        2lb.5oz​​    Avail.
Belle    1lb.15oz​   Sold 
Snow   1lb.10oz   Avail.
Ginger's Litter 4 1/2 weeks
Zoey's Litter 4 weeks
"Snow" Female Akc Liver & White
I know it was a tough decision for Natalea to switch her purchase from "Charming" in Ginger's Litter  to "Chevelle" in Zoey's Litter, but as a benefit of being in first position for males, she had that Option. Both these Puppies are adorable..and if my husband would allow it I would have happily kept either one! For those of you that have been looking for a male and had your eye on "Charming" please call me to schedule a deposit to hold him for take home the week of Valentines 2013!
I had a phone call this morning from a Previous Buyer that is breeding the male she purchased from us last year (already proven he is Sire to 3 Litters totaling 16 Puppies!! . She informed me that Akc "Liver" brown Puppies are going for $2000 in San Antonio Now! I always found they went for $1200 to $1800 online in nearby areas and $2000-$5000 in N.Y! I've been told how hard it is to find Akc "Liver" Brown Shih Tzu Puppies and several of my Customers have flown from NY or had them shipped to NY! We just started shipping to anywhere in the USA using "Petsafe" Continental Airlines. $350 includes all Flight and associated fees. With that said, Get your Female Puppy from us for $950 here and male Puppy for $900. Add $300 for Breeder Price( Akc Full registration vs Akc Limited Registration). We breed only AKC (the Best Registry for Purebred Puppies) and only for Akc "Liver" Puppies. We work to provide you better service and Puppies for less than the going rates! Each of our Puppies includes: 1st shots, Akc Papers, Complete Vet​erinary Exam and Letter of Health signed by Vet., Deworming and follow up Fecal Exam to prove negative for worms, Socializing Daily, Ongoing Photos for you to watch your puppy grow from your personal computer! Anytime access for answer to questions..we are a small Hobby Breeder, who love your puppy like our own with special attention to preparing your puppy to transition to your forever home. I'd be glad to address any questions or to arrange for your purchase when you call me, Cecilia

Note: Anywhere on this page of Past Puppies that says "available" please disregard...the puppies were sold much before their 8 weeks take home. The only reason they weren't presold in Zoey's Litter, Like Ginger's presold litter was because
Zoeys litter was a SURPRISE!
 When we had a temporary fence (not a good one) they had a rondeveau without our knowlege in our backyard! That fence has been rebuilt to never allow this again!
Chevelle (left) and Charming                                                                                     Charming (head up)
(817) 291-8007
Akc Liver Brown Male Shih Tzu
Katie Holds Tinker..available female
akc Chocolate (Liver) Shih Tzu Pup​
Holding puppies is quite Therapuetic! Cinderella seems to love her photo taken...
"There's Nothing like
​Holding a Puppy"...Cecilia​
Zoey Litter: See "Cuda" Male Akc Liver Shih Tzu Puppy..the chunkiest!
It's always feeding time when Zoey jumps into the whelping box/bed​
​​ ​Why eat Puppy food when we can
  ​have Mama's milk?                                          Only 1 a the table?        Visit to the "Loo"

​​Why eat Puppy food when we can have Mama's milk? 
It's a gradual process to get pups fuller on Puppy food so they start to take less of the Dam's Milk and more of the food (we prepare the food by​​ soaking for at least an hour in an airtight container in fridge, the puppy food the Mama has been on all along during her pregnancy), then we blend in a blender, starting out with alot of purified water and gradually add less water for thicker canned puppy food consistency. Most Puppy's lap it up..these Puppies are a bit full most of the time..but are showing more interest in the food each time.
After nursing and food comes the visit to the "Loo"..of course. And Zoey's Puppies are good to go to it with few accidents along the way!​ 
Before Puppies transition to soft puppy food​, Mama cleans them after each meal (which stimulates Puppies to go). After starting food, the Mama stops the cleaning. So Breeder takes a wet warm washcloth to mimic Mama's cleaning with her tongue..ewww..but it's instinct and nature to preserve the Puppies' lives
it is necessary​.

For More Photos in THIS ALBUM..Please save our site to your favorites, and CLICK HERE
1-21-13 Ginger's Puppies 5 Weeks Old
Snow:Akc Liver and White (Chocolate and White) Female  
Belle: Akc Liver and White )Chocolate and White) Female  SOLD
Cinderella: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Female SOLD
Beauty: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Female SOLD
Tinker: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Female
Charming: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Male 
1-21-13 Zoey's Puppies 4 1/2 Weeks Old
Lexus: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Female SOLD
Mercedes: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Female SOLD
Cuda: Akc Liver (Chocolate) Male
Chevelle Akc Liver (Chocolate) Male SOLD
Accepting Early deposits Now for future Puppies in planned litters..First come first serve, Please see AVAIL PUPS/Wait List for positons marked Available (in Yellow) then call or text Cecilia Holland (817) 291-8007 to hold a Puppy or for more information​:
Important Note: We accept Checks or MO for deposit..see Purchase Agreement
We DO NOT Accept Cashiers​ Checks due to Scammers Use of them
Come see more 1-23-13 Photos on Facebook...

Below: Charming, Snow, and Cuda​
Call Cecilia (817) 291-8007 about upcoming litters!
      Snow: female
                   Cuda: Male
Charming: Male

1-28-13 I just posted a new album of photos of these Puppies on my Facebook page..
Snow: Female Akc Liver and White (Chocolate and White)
"Get that tail boy!"
"Let's see if I can open ths..it was might tasty dewormer!"
Cuda/Available as of Feb. 5, 2013
Charming SOLD
Ginger's Litter Snow: Available Call (817)291-8007
Puppies had their toenails clipped..lets see thats 100 little sharp toenails clipped! There face fur trimmed and today I'll give each a bath and blowdry..they are ready for this. I moved Zoey's Pen of Puppies from the front room to the back next to Ginger's now that the Puppies are about weaned. Last Night, I put Zoey's Bed that she used to take a break and jump over and into when taking a puppy break. The puppies started sniffing..smelling Mama and this moring Katie snapped these photos while I was getting our grocery shopping done
Belle and Tinker go home tomorrow 2-9-13..they are up playing late..about 11pm..Usually they settle down and night..but even Zoey's litter is wrestling...

Ginger's Litter (Below): Snow, Belle, Charming,                               Zoey's Litter (Below): Mercedes, Lexus, Cuda, and Chevelle
​Tinker​​, Cinderella, and Beauty
Cuda likes his new toy..given by his new owner
Bye Belle!!" (Going home 2-9-13)
"My LAST RUN with the pack!"​
We combined the 2 litters and enlarged their space
​..Belle here led the pack running back and forth..
​it is sooo cute!! see the Puppy album on Facebook!
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PLAY NICE! Now that PENS are Combined! 2-10-13 pups about 8 weeks
On her hind legs..a standing ovation for those who fly today!
Bye..Beauty and Charming, we'll MISS you!
After his long flight to Va., Charming is well cared for:
​"All cleaned up and taking a nap next to pappa! He's had a long day. We played. He instantly laid under me. We already bonded a little. I'm going to let him get a nap I'm sure after that flight he needs it."
 (Sent via text from Jamaal 2-11-13 evening) ​
In travel crate,
Charming says          good bye to Texas and his Breeder this

morning at Petsafe      Cargo...
2-11-13 Beauty..ready to fly away to her new owner awaiting her arrival in N. Carolina
on vacation..Beauty will fly again to Folsom, La..but in Cabin at her owners feet​ next time.
A text message from Jody reads:

"She has been curled up in my lap.. Ate a little and tail wagging.. We are bonding"
Emily and Arlene Pick up Cinderella
​this evening 2-11-13 when she is 8 weeks. They ask for a photo with me..
​their Breeder

​When the Pryor's get home, we receive their texts:"By the way she has already gone potty on the potty patch!!Woo-Hoo!!"....and

​"We are having such a great time with her​​"
​         Continental/United

 ​        Non stop when
         ​Only two animals
         allowed per flight​
         makes me more
         ​comfortable​ about 
         shipping Cargo​​
         Temperature controlled​
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Emily Pryor "I love my baby girl!!!"
SNOW: 8 Weeks on 2-11-13  AKC Liver &White, Vet exam and Letter of Good Health dated 2-7-13, Dewormed , Fecal negative 2-7-13,Socialized to humans and pets, Adorable sweet just like her ​Dam: Ginger. Sire has Champion Bloodline..makes for beautiful Puppies!
Snow: female
DOB: 12-17-12
Age 8 ​weeks​​
Dam: Ginger (AKC L&W)
Sire: Alamo (AKC Chocolate Liver)​​
Status: Available Now
Contact: Cecilia (817) 291-8007​​
Snow is just proped here relaxed on my arm while I walk around the house doing things!
Charming at home in Virginia 1 day after his flight..making himself right at home!
Natalea drives from Arkansas to pick up her Chevelle to take home to her 3 girls as a surprise! Click on Photo to see more Happy Customers! 2-13-13 
Tinker is picked up this morning 2-15-13, by Laura.
When she gets home she goes in her new playpen!​
Mercedes and I enjoy some quality time in the Airport parking lot before I take her in for shipment to St. Loius, Mo. to Maria and LeMarvin
        Here's the last 3 (below) still with               me..soon to go home over the next           few days..Saturday, Sunday, and               Tuesday
5:52pm..just received text that Mercedes arrived safely in St. Loius
Sent from the Williams family in Missouri, we are sure that Mercedes (shown her first night right at home in their arms!) is getting plenty of attention!
After an 8 hour drive from Corpus Christi,
​Cherie is ready to take her new baby, Snow home!
Ginger is like holding a baby..and we believe she passes that temparment on to her babies...they tell Ginger she did a "good job" with Snow!
Cherie takes her new Puppy home today..to Corpus Christi..I recieve a text when shes driving home:"
I can't thank you enough for offering such a beautiful puppy! All of the puppies are beautiful and Snow is so healthy. I'm so glad I found you on google! She's very affectionate too."
Another text from Cherie on their way home:" Snow crawled up to get cozy".
 After 16 hour round trip we received this wonderful text from Cherie:
​"We made it home with Snow. She did good on the long ride. She has already bonded with us! It's nice because she loves all four if us! She wags her tail and looks so excited when ever we speak to her. She will be SO spoiled! We love her SO much!
...Snow is such a special puppy. We are so happy and excited to have her in our family! Thank you again for all of your great work with your shih Tzus! Worth the trip!​"
"Our Little Princess Snow"
Lexus went home with Toni to Weatherford this morning 2-18-13
Cuda (Cocoa's grandson) and Alamo: Sire to all our Puppies
Alamo's & Cocoa's previous litter
Ginger and Cocoa are sisters..their parents are the same so their puppies are similar..Gingers 2014 Planned Litter Available Puppies (for early deposits) will have the same gene pool....
Charming (aka: Goliath) at 4 mos....Jamaal said: "I took Goliath to DC and I could hardly get down the street. Everyone wanted to know what type dog he is and where I got him. I let them know about your site." 

​Thanks Jamaal..Cecilia​
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...Ginger and Zoey's 2012/13 Puppies
"Mercedes" (below)aka Mocha 7 mos. Sire: Alamo Dam: Zoey
Blow dry also prevents bacteria
by drying undercoat too.
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