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Our AKC Liver (with creme fur) "Zoey Girl" is Cocoa and Cashews's Pup. We love her so much. Her AKC Sire: Cashew aka: Robbins Nutty Professor has a champion bloodline and she looks just like him. He also carries the blue gene.  Some have suggested she might be a "rare" lavendar based on the tint of her liver nose color. In the sunlight her nose appears to have a hue...lavendar

​Sire: Cashew
Dam: Cocoa​
Zoey's Sire (below): Cashew / Cashew as a Pup Aka: Robbin's Nutty Professor. Cashew carries "blue" gene..please scroll to bottom to see info about whether Zoey is a SUPER Rare Isabella : also known as Lavendar. 
Zoey, like our other dogs loves to chew on calves hooves...we thought to be safe and high in protein. We knew Rawhide should never be given to Shih Tzus..there are many surgeries each year at the Vet because rawhide obstructs the intestine of small dogs. Keep lots of safe chew toys..baby toys are recommended! Chews left  around for when your pup chews something you dont want chewed..you can use low voice "eh eh" for correction and immediately give her a safe toy (click link below) for replacement..she'll soon get the message and chew appropriately!
Update: we are pulling our calves hooves after finding an article about risks..though we haven't had the problem sited:
To learn more, Please click: http://www.k911.biz/Petsafety/RawhideandChewyTreats.htm

In Loving Memory of Austin Holland March 12, 1992-Feb. 12, 2012..Austin loved Zoey..she was his pup. This photo is the last photo I took of our 19 year old son before he passed into Glory to be with the Lord..hear his testimony
                Zoey's Dam:Cocoa
Our Son, Austin
March 12, 1992-Feb. 12, 2012​
AKC Liver Zoey on Dec. 2, 2012. The dominance of her cream Liver Sire: Cashew shows in her fur fading to a Light Cream (like Dads!)..yet her puppies appear to have Alamo's chocolate fur since it is dominant
SCROLL DOWN to see Zoey's Christmas 2012 Litter..all sold and went home at 8 weeks around Valentines 2013.
We do accept early ​deposits to hold positions for 2 females (already accepted) and 2 males (accepted(..see Avail Pups/Wait List for future litters and to reserve a puppy. Deposits are transferable/refundable if we don't produce your pup/best way to reserve a pup is to place a partial deposit then deposit 1/2 down when puppy arrives after we confirm it..Picks by order of deposit take place at  3 weeks of age

2014-15 Fall/Winter Breeding we will breed Zoey to Red. Zoey is 9 lbs now and Red is 8.9 lbs..  If you are the type that plans AHEAD and patiently waits, you might want to place an early deposit to hold a male or female from that breeding.Scroll down & see photos of
chocolates &  red liver produced by her sister with Red..gives us a preview of Zoey's future pups!!

Continue to scroll down Zoey's first Litter: DOB 12-20/21-12
Zoey's SURPRISE! Christmas Litter..ready to go home Valentines Week 2013..see photos below:
​Sire: Akc Alamo /Dam: Akc Zoey​ /Puppies/ Day 5​​ December 26, 2012


See the rest of the photos from this album: Click the word: Facebook
We add a few photos here and many times we add 30-100 photos..the rest of the album on facebook where they can be quickly downloaded and viewed. We use our previous site to send out Email Blasts to those that like to view our puppy album
Dec. 21 /Day 2 Sadness: Katie awoke before I did and found
the smallest boy in Zoey's Litter was cold and weak..we tried to warm him and get him to nurse..even tried egg yoke in an oral syringe..he was 4.6 oz and dropped to 4.1 oz while all his siblings were gaining weight and nursing vigorously, he was fading and soon passed. We are sad, but grateful this happened sooner and not later to affect a buyer. Occasionally Nature produces a pup with internal defect (the explanation for a pup born that does not thrive...weak, not strong enough to nurse..something is wrong and nature usually shows us within a few days of birth.)
and we must accept and look for the blessing in it. Zoey is small and this is her first litter as a young mama..even though she is doing wonderfully in everyway..4 pups nursing is surely easier than 5. We thank the Lord for taking the pup early rather than it lingering. We are also thankful the puppy passed quickly before we got too attached.
Three of Zoey's Four pups are shown above...all are Liver on Liver: 2 Females and 2 Males..call to see how you can reserve the last one available and ready to go home Valentines Week 2013! Scroll way down for early days..Il'l update recent photos here often.
​Photos taken prior to Day 6 photos above
Zoey and her Puppies...​
December 27: Day 6
Lexus Is SOLD..to a sweet lady, a referral from a customer from several years ago! Zoey has three Akc Liver on Liver Puppies: 1 Female and 2 Males were still available as of 1-2-13. The second female was chosen by Maria and her husband who plan to breed her when she is of age...congratulations..she a gorgeous choice! 1-18-13 Natalea and Josh transfer their deposit from "Charming"in Ginger's Litter to "Chevelle" in Zoey's Litter...so "Charming" is now Available​! Update..later Charming sells to Malcom in Washington.
Mercedes/sold (Maria and
​Le Marvin's girl
Chevelle/Natalea & Josh's Boy
"I'm Available" (Cuda)
Lexus/sold (Toni's girl)
Zoey is a great Mama..her puppies are so well fed that they aren't taking much interest in puppy food yet..of course all that will change when teeth begin to emerge and they try to nurse with them!
Zoey's Litter at 5 weeks old...><><>
See them at 8 weeks going home by clicking on Alamo's Past Pups and scrolling down to bottom of page​
NEXT PLANNED LITTER UPDATE: Zoey will be Breeding again to Alamo after a skipped heat: Breeding will take place aprox. October 2013..To place a $100 deposit on a Puppy from her 2014 planned litter with Red...there are still available positions on that upcoming breeding (deposits come in early to "reserve" puppy positions, please call, text, or email me (sometimes emails are missed if you aren't already in my contacts) so better to call. Picks are in order of deposit for Available Puppies, The Union will bring about similar pups to Ziva'Red Puppies estimated to be born aprox. December 2014 and ready to go home aprox. Feb.  2015.
Note: These are estimations based on Zoey's heat cycle of 6mos. Sometimes females become irregular and our estimations may be slightly off. Just FYI Red is small like Zoey and we are very excited about how cute these puppies will be. Since Ziva is our past puppy from Zoeys litter (Sire Cashew and Dam: Cocoa) we expect Zoey and Red's Planned breeding to produce VERY simliar pups in coloring and appearance since the genes are the same.
Video of Lexus (Zoey and Alamo's) baby, Lexus, at 8-9 weeks 2-19-13
Photos of Zoey/Alamo's babies going home at 8-9 weeks Feb. 13-19, 2013
                  Toni with her "Lexus" 2-18-13
                  Lexus has tuxedo (white markings)
Natalea with her "Chevelle" Zoey/Alamo's Baby boy shown at 8 weeks 2-15-13
"Mercedes" Zoey's Baby with her Family in St. Louis
"Cuda" with my Grandson, Ayden. just before going home on 2-19-13 (almost 9 weeks) Special Kisses from Cuda for Ayden!
Mercedes aka "Mocha" (below) at 3 1/2 mos
Thank you, Maria for the photo! She's adorable!!​
Sire: Alamo Dam: Holland's Zoey Girl
DOB: 12-20-12​
Zoey Girl Produces AKC Chocolates with Alamo. Some are dark non fading and some will lighten. By 3 weeks, the undercoat shows which fur color the puppy will have. All our puppies are gorgeous. See Zoey's Champion lines in her Sire's pedegree..a great combination with Alamo. She has a short cobby body and her puppies tend to have smooshy faces..Photos below and right are of playtime with her favorite playmate, Rosie on 4-8-13
Click HERE for Rosie's Page: Puppies planned Winter 2013-14
April 19, 2013
Sire: Alamo Dam: Zoey
Chevelle..aka: Ace lives in Louisianna​
7 Puppies born 4-27-13 to Sire: Alamo and Dam: Cocoa...See PUPPIES in Our April 2013 Nursery
To SEE AVAILABLE POSITIONS for Puppy in One of Our Planned Litters CLICK HERE and scroll down our Planned Breedings. We accept early deposits to "Reserve" your Puppy!
Zoey, Cocoa's daughter, just skipped a heat May 2013. She will breed to Alamo in her next Heat in the Fall for Winter puppies. Then she will either skip a heat or breed back to back (only if she has an a mazing recovery) to our Akc Liver "Red"..Positions for Female and male picks  are available in that planned litter. Call to place an early deposit if interested in a puppy from her breedings.
about Zoey Akc Liver Isabella..Lavendar
Some Breeders that choose not to breed Shih Tzus that are recessive try to say there are more issues with Livers and Blues ( the rare and recessive colors).
​By experience, I see there are not. I have never lost a litter. Never had a C section. Occassionally nature produces a puppy that does not thrive or is a defective pup. That Puppy doesn't make it past the first few days. It's common for Breeders to have this occassinally in any Breeding. Healthy puppies come out nursing strong. I stay with my Mama through the night making sure all is well...when I see a weak pup, I try to warm it and get it to nurse. Something is wrong internally or it would not be that way..so I don't force bottle feed it , to keep it alive. This may sound cruel, but I don't want a heartache for any family down the road. It's sad, but a fact of life for the Breeder that nature is not perfect. In Some litters, every Puppy thrives. In Some litters a puppy may be stillborn or die shortly after birth. I don't consider myself the all-knowing expert on genetics, which is complicated, as genes can be pulled from as far back as 8 generations. Weakness from both parents can produce a weakness in a puppy, just s strengths from both parents can produce strengths in a puppy. We monitor weight and health of our Puppies daily..a healthy puppy gains weight daily. We also have a Complete health exam at our Vet and our Vet after thorughly checking the health and vitals on each pup, records them and signs a Letter of Health for each buyer! We would not sell a sick pup!
​We plan to Breed Zoey to Red toward the end of 2014 and hope for Beautiful Puppies!  See Zoey's nose photos below to determine for yourself whether she is Rare "Lavendar" Cream AKC Liver.
​I've been communicating with a lady that wrote 50 pages on fur genetics and has done quite a bit of research on genetics. Here is what she says in response to my questions about Zoeys Liver nose color
​( as her Sire carries the blue gene)...it appears to have a tint and I wanted to confirm if it was lavendar and also questioned her thoughts on Breeding Zoey (possibly a carrier of the blue gene) and Red ( a liver with light pigment):

"​​I know plenty of breeders that breed the dilute to dilute and have no issues with the health of the babies. I can see this litter having lavender, rose blue and liver pups with that pairing. Let me know how they come out cause I would love a female the color of pups. :)I can see the eggplant color in her nose. That's from that blue she carries. I would expect her to throw a nice array of liver to blue pups. I would have her tested for blue gene cause my bet she is carrying that dilute gene. The cost is around $55. it is common for the creams to be either blue or lavenders. Now... you know that AKC does not recognize lavender as a color in our breed? This is just a term breeders use to describe the colors to a more exact description like rose blue, chocolate, mahogany and such. If she had coloring in her coat it would have a purple hue to it because of the dilute (blue) gene that is over laying the liver gene."
Is Zoey Rare Isabella : also known as Lavendar?
​Zoey is AKC Liver...based on Akc classification of Shh Tzus by their pigment (nose, pawpads, and eyeliner) . Breeders call her a Cream Liver recognizing her lighter Cream fur. Her Father is also AKC Liver with Cream fur AND he is a carrier of the BLUE gene...sometimes a puppy  from a Liver carrying  Blue can be a Lavendar, which shows up in the lavendar tint of the brown pigment of the Shih Tzu. One of my astute customers asked me if Zoey was a "lavendar" (still considered AKC liver). So I contacted someone I thought might confirm it after taking several photos of Zoey's nose. In addition:
Zoey's Planned Breedings:
2013 Fall/Winter: To Alamo (non fading Chocolate Liver) 
2014 Fall/Winter: To Red​​ (Vibrant Red Liver) Avail Pups Wait List to reserve..check and contact us.
Until I get Zoey tested: Further description of "Isabella" from internet search:
​http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/dilutes.htmlrare :
​ "The same dilution gene that causes a black dog to become blue also causes a liver dog to become isabella (aka lilac), which is a pale greyish brown. Dilution and liver are both recessive and relatively rare, so isabella is a rarely seen colour. It is, however, the colour of the Weimaraner, and also occurs occasionally in a handful of other breeds (any of the breeds in the list above which carry liver will come in isabella, although if both liver and dilution are rare in the breed anyway then isabella dogs may be barely known or even never reported). An isabella dog will have the genotype bbdd (homozygous for liver, homozygous for dilution)."
The Nose knows!
In the sun
Zoey Looks to be Isabella based on her
"eggplant color in her nose" pigment​... we haven't had her tested, but now her father carries "blue" though he is AKC Liver.
7-23-13 SISTERS: Ziva and Zoey
LEFT and below are photos of ZIVA (Zoey's Sister (she has the same genes as our Zoey and was produced by Cashew and Cocoa in same litter..we recently bred her to our "Red" AKC Stud and here are their puppies..this gives you a preview of what Zoey and Red's planned litter (in Fall 2014 W 2015 will look like..of course all are AKC Liver..but as you see three here are RED and 1 Chocolate...just beautiful! Thanks for the Photo from our customer, Dejong.
We will try to update you on any fading or not..with future photos as they are provided!​
Sisters: Ziva and Zoey (Sire: Cashew Dam: Cocoa
Our "Red" stud..Sire to Ziva's pups 
Ziva: Out of our Litter
​owned by our customer, Dejong
Sire: Red Dam: Ziva (sister to Zoey) 
we expect to have similar pups when we breed Zoey to Red next year ..accepting early deposits for positions for 2014 Breeding now​..red and chocolate AKC Livers possible
10-1-13 Zoey and her Pals: Rosie
We recommend ONLY supervised ties. Above we mentor our customer with his Ziva (sold to him about 2 years ago) and our Sire: Red.
Our stud "Red" an Akc Liver (red) boy produces gorgeous babies!
The genes in Ziva, here are the same as our Zoey..so when we breed Zoey with Red in 2014, they are likely to get Reds and Chocolates too! Some positions are still available and we are accepting early deposits of $100 to "hold" positions for our planned breeding.
Zoey always puts her head on a shoulder..even a strangers!.
Zoey bred to Red
 Zoey's 2014 Nursery​

​July 15, 2015 Nursery Coming!!