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"Alamo" was our Dark Chocolate Stud. He's AKC Liver and from a Champion Bloodline.
​He is Sire to two of our females, Blossom and Mocha.
​​Alamo is the result of two AKC LIVER parents both with NON fading gene ...so when bred with Rosie (non dilute Liver he produced  dark chocolate non fading fur 
In our breeding program..Mocha has that fur . When we breed him with our AKC Liver females that have the fading gene..half the puppies fur was a lighter chocolate. We love dark chocolate and light chocolate and so will you! We have pans to breed both Mocha and Blossom (Alamo's daughters) to dark Chocolate stud:Yogi. We guarantee AKC Liver (brown pigment) ​but can't guarantee fur color as it changes as Pups grow ​older..Yogi carries a gene for sable /Fawn accents and has beautiful reddish tips or accents! He could produce the same in his pups..genes are drawn from the parents but also from 8 generations back!
​See our Gene page.​See his puppies..additional photos in albums are posted to facebook too. You don't have ​to be a member to go see!

 Call (817) 291-8007 for more info on holding one ​of Alamo's ​future puppies or
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Click below ​to see one of Alamo's ​previous ​l
itter with Cocoa on Facebook:​ ​ALAMO'S PUPPIES7 weeks at Bathtime

For GENE CHART to help you understand
Breeding for AKC Liver..please Click HERE
Alamo as a Puppy: 6 Mos
Bringing Alamo home was a joy...
since then we have had several litters from him. Click on any of the Blue Puppy Links above starting with his name to see how adorable his past puppies were!!

When Alamo was a Pup..he had many friends (all shapes and sizes!)
​​Some of Alamo's Ancestors can be seen in their full Akc Champion Coats in photos on Alamo's Pedigree page or click on his photo (above) for his 5 generation pedegree. In his pedigree of  65 dogs, 23 of the breedings were Champion Breedings with a total of 15 Champions (some are duplicate dogs breeding his relatives..this is a common practice called "line Breeding" to set  certain traits considered strengths in the line. CH in front of the dogs name denotes an Akc Champion in the pedigree
I'll be meeting Alamo's breeder again when we trade; AKC Chocolate and white Sierra for AKC Red Liver Rosie..we both win! Shawn gets Alamo's genes back in her Breeding program and we introduce dark red Liver into our Breeding program..WARNING: these fur colors can be addicting!
Alamo in his Tuxedo before his Christmas Debut! Copy and paste the link below to your address bar for some great Photos of Alamo singing!!
See 2012 Christmas  Photos of Rosie, Ami, Cocoa, Alamo, and Rachel on our Facebook Breeder Page
Rachel and our Retired "Ami". Dam to Cocoa and Ginger, Grandmother to Zoey Girl...Ami is soooo very sweet, and tends to pass her sweetness onto her puppies and their puppies!
7 Puppies born 4-27-13 to Sire: Alamo and Dam: Cocoa...See more photos of littermates of these  PUPPIES in Our April 2013 Nursery
...about Alamo(Retired): Alamo is Mocha and Blossom's Sire
​Sire: Alamo

2016 Dam:Blossom's Page: Click HERE
Blossom/Yogi Nursery​

Sire: Alamo
​Dam Rosie​
2015-16 Dam: Mocha's
​Page click HERE​
Mocha/Yogi  2016 Nursery