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 Zoey's Nose Knows...
Akc Stud: "Red"
At first glance, Zoey appears to have brown pigment, just like our other Akc Liver Shih Tzus..see her nose (left).
We do know that Zoey has a Sire that carries the "blue" gene, though he is also an Akc Liver Shih Tzu (with brown Pigment). That blue gene is responsible for the "Isabella" lavendar nose in Liver Shih Tzus...see photos .
Akc Calls all Brown Pigment Shih Tzus Liver without reference to Fur or variations in that brown pigment. A Breeder that has researched further (below) feels that there should be further classification to take into account the genes that change fur and pigment variations.

I've been communicating with this educated Breeder that wrote 50 pages on fur genetics. She  has done quite a bit of research on genetics. See in quotes what she says in response to my questions about Zoey's Liver nose color:
( I told her Zoey's Sire carries the blue gene)...and her nose appears to have a tint.  I wanted to confirm if it was lavendaror not. I also questioned her thoughts on Breeding Zoey (possibly a carrier of the blue gene) and Red ( a liver with light pigment):

What is SAID ABOUT RED Breeding to ZOEY  and ABOUT her Nose:

" I know plenty of breeders that breed the dilute to dilute and have no issues with the health of the babies. I can see this litter having lavender, rose blue and liver pups with that pairing. Let me know how they come out cause I would love a female the color of pups. :)I can see the eggplant color in her nose. That's from that blue she carries. I would expect her to throw a nice array of liver to blue pups. I would have her tested for blue gene cause my bet she is carrying that dilute gene. The cost is around $55. it is common for the creams to be either blue or lavenders. Now... you know that AKC does not recognize lavender as a color in our breed? This is just a term breeders use to describe the colors to a more exact description like rose blue, chocolate, mahogany and such. If she had coloring in her coat it would have a purple hue to it because of the dilute (blue) gene that is over laying the liver gene."

What Could Zoey and Red's Puppies Look like? Read (right) and see her Sister, Ziva's Puppies as a result of her Breeding with Red!!
When we view Ziva and Red's
Puppies we get a PREVIEW

Bred Fall 2014 for December 2014 PUPPIES! 
In the Sunlight, Zoey's nose looks Lavendar (Isabella)
Ziva (Zoey's Sister) is Dam
and Red is Sire to this 2 week Pup (Precious!)... watch him grow, click
HERE for more photos
AKC Zoey
About Red and Ziva:
We expect some adorable Puppies in
this mating!
Line Breeding is good when no known weaknesses and sets strengths in Lines..Both have very strong lines and share about 6 dogs from Great Grandfather back. This should
maximize our breeding according to
two of our Vets. (Genetic Specialists).