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Holding Ginger is like holding a Baby..and her babies tend to be that way too!!​
Past AKC Dam: Ginger's 2014 Nursery
PUPPY Update:
​Ginger/Alamo ​3 Healthy Puppies Came ​October 12, 2014


​​This is Ginger's last litter...she is almost 5. She will be spayed and offered as a sweet pet after her puppies are weaned. If interested, call me at 817 291-8007.

All New Puppy photos and Facebook Album LINKS are posted BELOW as puppies grow! ​
Ginger had a litter about half her typical size.. litter of 2 females ​and 1 male ALL sold
(reserved w/early deposits)​ See 3 new litters: Rosie, Zoey, and Rocher have Puppies coming in December of this year and Jan. 2015.. if interested in a puppy

Ginger/Alamo Puppies 2014 SOLD
DOB: October 12, 2014 Photo Updates will be added when Available. 

​​First Female:Brooke
​Second Female:  Amy G.

​First ​Male: Amy G. (Amy will have a brother sister pair for pets!)

Click HERE to see more photos of Ginger and Alamo's beautiful Solid Chocolate Puppies Newborn Album on FB..some from that album shown below on their Birthday 10-12-14​​!
Female marked w/ pink tail tip 
10-13-14  DAY 1 Below
Click HERE to see entire FB Album​
The two females have a little bit of white on underside of neck. When fur is long, probably won't show
Puppies are Deaf and Blind for about first 10 days..their main focus is on eating and sleeping. The Mama cleans them after they eat to stimulate them to "go". A healthy puppy about doubles their birth weight from 7-10 days.
Sire:Alamo ID colors; Tail tips        Birth weights  Time born
Dam: Ginger  Lime:      Male              7.1 oz.           9:25pm
 DOB:             White     Female          6.5 oz.           10:28pm
 10-12-14        Pink:      Female​          6.5 oz.           11:50pm.
Oct.         13     14    15   16    17    18    19     20     21      22     
Wt. Day    1​​​​​​​       2      3     4     5        6     7       8        9      10           
Lime:      7.4    7.9   8.1  10.2  11.1  11.6  12.0  12.9 13.9   14.4

White:     6.7    7.4  7.9   9.0   9.5   10.1  11.0  12.2  12.7  13.6

Baby Ruth
Pink: ​​​​​​​      6.5    6.9  7.6   7.6    9.0    9.7  10.8  11.5  12.2   12.9

Growing Puppies (Gaining Wt.) are Healthy Puppies​​. Puppies should about double their birthweight in aprox. 7-10 days
The heat lamp is bright..but helps keep puppies warm enough as they don't have a shiver reflex for about 2 weeks...and dependent on Breeder and Mama for warmth. Baby Ruth uses KitKat for a
comfy pillow​..Day 2 evening photo below. See more PHOTOS from this album...including "Snickers" their brother.
10/20 Day 8
Baby Ruth crawls up on her sister and uses KitKat for a pillow!
Click DAY 9 PHOTOS to see more of the album
Snickers crawling over Baby Ruth on Day 9, Oct. 21
Day 10 Baby Ruth Opens her Eyes! Click HERE to see more Photos
Day 12 Snickers Eyes OPEN! See More PHOTOS
Day 13 KitKat's Eyes Open  today Oct. 25th 
Click HERE for more photos (this album)​

​Sire:Alamo ID colors;      Tail tips                  Birth weights      Time born

Dam: Ginger                   Lime: Male                 7.1 oz.              9:25pm
DOB:                              White Female             6.5 oz.             10:28pm
10-12-14                         Pink: Female             ​ 6.5 oz.             11:50pm.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        ​
Oct.               25            26          27              28                29                30                31           Nov   2
Wt. Day        13            14           15              16                17                18               19            3 wks
Lime:         1lb.  2         1 lb 2.5    1 3.9         1 4.6         1 5.9            1 8.0         1 9.7         1  14.6                      

​KitKat        15.3            1 lb. 02     1 1.3        1 1.6         1 2.9             1 4.3        1 5.0         1  7.1

Baby Ruth  14.1           15 oz.       1 lb.        1 0.8        1  1.6              1 2.6         1 4.7         1 5.5
Pink: ​​​​​​​ 
Nemex 2 Deworming Schedule:10/27  2 wk dewormer given to pups and Dam
11/3 3 wk dewormer given to pups and Dam​
Dewormer given​: 11/10,
2,3,4,6,8 weeks (10wk also recommended..check with your Vet. We have never had a positive fecal and will have a group fecal at 7 1/2 wks before  pups go home​/Letter of Health provided Vet Visit 12/5/14
Puppies are growing very well and getting cuter..I love to hold them and Kiss them..Mama Ginger surrenders, Just have at it Babies! They nurse every few hours. I feed her very well with fresh chicken and fresh turkey in her softened puppy food several times daily and she has continuous access to dry food and water. Another week to week and  a half and she will get some repriece when they start eating puppy food and gradually wean over a 3 week period. But right now they are totally dependant on Ginger.
Snoozin on Day 16 See more cute photos from this album
Day 19:
​First Steps Baby Ruth (below)
"But Mama, I didn't do it...why do I have to stand in the corner?"
Early Socilaizing at 3 Weeks (below)..see 99 more Photos click HERE
Baby Ruth and KitKat Socializing
At 3 weeks, Brooke visits and holds the 2 females to maker her pick..so much fun, better come back and do it again next week!!
Nov. 5, 2014  Day 23
Baby Ruth
See More Photos from this Album
See more photos...First food! Nov. 6, 2014
3 1/2 weeks..puppies show readiness by first licking blend puppy food off my finger..then I let them go at it!!
Sire:Alamo    ID colors; Tail tips      Birth weights Time born
Dam: Ginger               Lime:  Male     7.1 oz.        9:25pm
DOB:                          Pink Female  6.5 oz.        10:28pm
10-12-14                    White: Female ​ 6.5 oz.        11:50pm.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ​
Nov 6 (3 1/2wks)Nov. 13 (4 1/2wks)5 wks   Dec.1 (7 wks)      


​Lime: 1lb. 1. 15 oz.     2. 9               2.13         4 lbs.     

​KitKat       1. 10           2.3                2.5          3.5 lbs

Baby Ruth 1. 8           2.03              2.4           3.0 lbs

Vet Exam 12-1-14 Letter of Good Health, Flight Health Certificates, Negtive fecal​​
11/8/14 Cecilia Holland (Me!) Breeder and
​Puppy we call KitKat..Brookes pick of Litter female
There's nothin Like a Warm Soft Puppy and Chocolate!
Brooke made her Choice!
Amy's Pair of Chocolates..See more PHOTOS
Snickers and Baby Ruth
(1st pick male and 2nd pick female)​
11/12/14 Puppies are 4 weeks..calm and sweet to hold
Our Grandson Ayden takes his job to hold our puppies..very seriously, when he comes over...

Baby Ruth
Ayden and Puppies...More Photos
See 193 Photos
Baby Ruth (left).."Come see our 5 weeks photo album (187 photos!)
Nov. 24, 2014 6 weeks BATH TIME! See more Photos in this album
KitKat (Maggie)
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Baby Ruth
Dr. Knappe does a thorough Vet Examination of Puppies at 7 weeks before puppies go home (next week). They also have a fecal exam, which is negative for worms. They all are healthy and receive a signed letter of good health stating their vitals. See more photos from this Vet visit on Dec. 1. 2014
3 lb KitKat during her Vet exam.

​​​8 WEEKS Photos
..under the Christmas Tree

KitKat after her bath and Blowdry
She goes home today!​
Baby Ruth after her bath and Blowdry
Snickers after his bath..he goes home to WV on Monday with his sister, Baby Ruth.
They will  be neutered and spayed and  be Amy's pets.​
Brooke is so happy with her new baby Girl! Her staff at Pawtree even threw her a puppy shower...so Maggie (kitKat) has all she needs at home and then some! Most of she will be loved..and look at Belle..so happy to have a playmate!!
Snickers and Bay Ruth go to WV...and arrive safely via United Petsafe
There only one place better than a warm laundry basket after a long flight...human arms//and my sister has those!!