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  Ginger: AKC Liver and White Female
Sire: AKC Liver/ Alamo
Dam: ​AKC Liver and White/ Ginger
Ginger with our previous Stud: Cashew
(creme) Liver and Sire to our Zoey Girl
who we planto breed to Alamo this Fall 2013​​
Right before giving birth..2013 litter...Poor Gingy!
Right after giving birth..that;s better! I stay up with her through the delivery and assist when needed. I immediately tear off the clear sack from puppy faces and suction mouths and noses, so they can get oxygen immediately. Puppies with Oxygen are smarter and easier to potty train!
Our Retired Sweet Pet, Ami: Dam to both Cocoa and Ginger..she and Ginger look so much alike, Once I put Ami in with puppies to nurse them..she just looked at me like I was coo coo! When you come to our home you can meet your puppy's Grandma..you'll love her calm disposition!
Ginger is so sweet..we figure she inherited her sweet temperament from Ami, her Dam. Also, our daughter held her constantly throughout puppyhood..and that makes for very sweet "melt in your arms" type adult dogs!!
Holding Ginger is like holding a Baby..
and her babies tend to be that way too!!​
Ginger (above) on December 2, 2012..just a few weeks before her due date!!
Sire: Alamo
Ginger (above) is less active, December 8, 1012  only 10 days away from her due date..she relaxes on her new Dog Bed: a KH Mfg Ortho Bolster Sleeper..click on photo below to view more of Ginger's  previous puppies on our sister website: ceciliadiane.webs.com 
DOB:12/17/12  1 Day Here
Ginger with Past pup
It's Christmas Day...and snowing. Ginger is our only Shih Tzu willing to go out the doggie door to get her feet wet! Had to set up Potty Patches in the house for all the others! She's doggie door trained and will also bark to be let out if no access to a doggie door..she's a good comunicator.
Ginger/Alamo's Dec. 17, 2012 Litter
Day 15 on
Jan. 1, 2013
Happy New Year!
Added 1-18-13
6 sold
"Ok..I'm still Available but will be spoken for soon"
Ginger's litter 1-14-13
"Armful of Puppies" at 5 1/2 weeks
Katie, 12 loves to hold your puppies!!
Ginger's Sold Puppies include: Beauty, Belle, Cinderella, Tinker, and Charming. Then Snow sold

Snow: AKC Liver and White
(Chocolate and White Female​ Sold 2-16-13 Ask about our April 30, 2013 litter..we accept early deposits to reserve you a Puppy!! See how that's done explained on our Agreement/Prices page
NEXT PLANNED LITTER UPDATE: GINGER  again to ALAMO after a skipped heat: Breeding was October 2013..2 females and 2 males are on hold..if more are born, they will be offered at time of birth to those on Wait list without deposits. Call to get reserve a future pup after viewing Avail Pups/Wait List. Picks are in order of deposit for Available Puppies,
See Alamo and Ginger's Past Puppies link. Also to review Alamo's bloodline see: Alamo's ( Sire's) Pedigree: He has a Champion Bloodline, which makes for puppies closer to AKC Standard and so cute...With his Pedigree and Ginger's awesome sweet temperament..It's a perfect combination for adorable sweet puppies in their next litter!! Next Litter will look like the Dec. 17, 2013 litter, since they are from the same gene pool of their last union..Also see the puppies below going home at 8 weeks old with their new families,
Tinker went home with Laura 2-15-13
Charming and Beauty before they
fly to homes in Va. and S. Carolina​
Belle going home 2-9-13
Emily taking Cinderlla home 2-11-13
Snow goes home with  Cherie 2-16-13
Natalie takes Chevelle
​Home to Arkansas2/13/13
The Williams family sent a photo with Mercedes after she got home frm the airpost in St. Loius. They renamed their puppy, "Mocha"
Charming before he flew home to Va. to be with Jamaal
Lexus (Zoey's and Alamo's female pup at 8-9wks) with her new Mommie.going to Weatherford, Tx. Click here to see Zoey's page
Charming (above and right) at 4mos in Washington..thanks Jamaal for the update (below)!
​ " You did a good job raising him during the first few months of his life. He is such a good dog. Getting him from you was one of the best decisions I've ever made"
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Charming Aka: Goliath
April 25, 2013 after Charming's first haircut
Chevelle (below), now Ace..at 4mos
Dam: Zoey (Ginger's Neice and Cocoa's daughter) Sire: Alamo​
   about...Ginger(Retired and adopted)
Alamo/Ginger Puppy DOB:Oct. 12, 2014
​Click HERE to see Ginger's last Nursery full of New Puppy Photos! We retire by age 5.
Ginger is so sweet, we spayed her after her puppies weaned by 7 weeks.. Dec, 2014. She had her teeth cleaned while under anesthesia. Ginger is adopted to a sweet couple who are spoiling her the way she is accustomed!

Reese below (aka: Dutch) 5 1/2m
Sire: Alamo Dam: Cocoa (Ginger's sister..same gene poole)
Ginger, you are an amazing pet...how will we ever be able to rehome you?
At almost age 5, Ginger Rehomed to Judy in Haslet...thanks Judy for the Photo of "kisses from Ginger".