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We  bred our previous male, "Romeo" to our previous Chocolate female, Rocher in October 2014 .. (current photo courtesy of breeder shows Romeo at 8 months DOB: 8/29/13). Romeo produced Solid Chocolates with our Solid Chocolate female, Rocher. Just because he is AKC Liver and White doesn't mean his offspring will be Liver and White  (Chocolate and 50% or more White!) Liver and Whites matched with Solid Chocolates produce solids and MAY produce some Liver and Whites too. With Rocher, all their puppies were sold chocolate including Sasha, the female we kept and renamed Belle.
​Our previous female, Ginger (also Liver and White bred to Cashew (a creme Liver) could not produce a puppy just like herself which is what pick of litter customer wanted! But, when she was Bred with Alamo, she produced mostly solid Livers with 2 Liver and Whites in 2 out of 3 breedings! Go figure, Alamo had the right genes to pull from, while Cashew did not. We have noticed that Cashew's daughter , Zoey..who has a Liver and White grandmother on her Dam's side, produced only solids with Alamo (no Liver and Whites) BUT some had tuxedo white markings and were so cute! IF a Liver and White is matched with another Liver and White their offspring will ALL be Liver and White (also called Parti: which means two or more colors). We Love BOTH Solids and Liver and Whites and hope to get both in the upcoming litter from Rosie and Romeo. Romeo is so sweet and we are sure his puppies will be just as sweet! We reserve 1st and 2nd pick mlae and female in each litter..only 2nd position male is available in our upcoming July litters..call for more info or to reserve a puppy...by arranging an early deposit.
Looking foward to A Herd of Tiny Shih Tzu's...

Our focus is on offering more Chocolate to our Chocolate Lovers!.Romeo is expected to         produce Solid Chocolates with our Solid          females...It's possible there could be some Liver and Whites like     him,      but no guarantee...we will see!If you would be happy with either
we would recommend you place an early deposit when you see his        name on Avail Pups/Wait List page paired with our female for breeding. This boy is as sweet as our females!

Romeo's Dam: Nestle
Nestles Sire:
Richmonds Nestle Quick​

Ruben  Pedigree
Nestles Dam:
Amber Pedigree

Romeo's Sire: Coco
Kims Dreaming Chocolate​
Coco's Dam:

Li-Ming Pedigree
Coco's Sire:
Clancy Pedigree
We brought in Romeo from a larger Kennel, but they have employees which help maintain and for control over their Breeding program. They are known for their thick coats in their pups, smooshy faces and coby bodies. We were excited to have the opportunity to bring Romeo into our pack.
We appreciate their care in raising and socializing Romeo,  so he fits in with our smaller Shih Tzu Family. We are looking forward to his contribution to our smaller Shih Tzu family breeding program.
Our Dark Chocolate females have soft thick coats, as well, so we are looking forward to some sweet fluff balls to improve the Breed here! See the bloodlines of Romeo's ancestors in their pedigrees (left) and photos of Romeo's parents (too cute at 10-11 lbs adult size):
Ruben and Amber are Nestle parents.
Li-Ming and Clancy are Coco parents.
Sire:Coco & Dam: Nestle (left) are the parents of "Romeo"
Please explore our site: Click on their names to Come see the females we plan to breed Romeo to in the future. We plan a breeding to Rocher as early as Summer 2015 and we accept early deposits for picks of litter
"Yes..I am adorable...an oh so sweet!"
Romeo (above)7 1/2 lbs 8 mos at end of April 2014
Photos and Pedigrees courtesy of Richmond Kennels.
We LOVE SWEET Chocolate! Solids AND Liver and White! Getting in a position of first or second pick is wise for those that want a choice. Of course color is not everything and most Shih Tzus fur goes through change from Puppyhood to Adulthood. These girls are beautiful and have a very sweet temperament. 2015 will be their first breedings, one to Alamo and one to Romeo. Romeo, an AKC Liver and White has a Liver and White Sire. He is expected to produce solids mostly.. Hope people don't look at him and think he will only produce his colors. By Experience and several breedings Our Female Ginger (about to retire) is a Liver and White with a Liver and White Dam would only produce Liver and White with Alamo. We could not get a Liver and White when bred to Cashew (Robbin's Nutty Professor) a creme liver.. But even with Alamo ( solid Liver) most of the time we got only two Liver and Whites (about 1/3 of her puppies) with the other 2/3's majority  being solid Chocolate! So it depends on the genes of the mate. Rocher only shows dogs with white showing up in her 4th generation. She has a shiny solid Black Dam and a dark Chocolate solid Sire.  Our first Breeding with Rocher and Romeo turned out to be Oct. 2014..puppies are due Jan. 1, 2015!!. Sign up for email Updates and Photo links by adding your email as a member at our previous site that we only use for email purposes:
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Romeo 10.8 lbs!
Sisters: DOB: 8-30-13
Romeo: DOB: 8-29-13
Video Of CoCo and Nestle  Litter on Oct. 25, 2013 video courtesy of Richmond Kennels NOTE: See Romeo darkest Liver&White in video
​(8 wks)...CLICK HERE
So Sweet...I love this Boy!!
Photos taken on my iPhone 4-30-14 right after Romeo arrived at airport...He is so sweet..reminds me of our Ginger!!​ Can't wait to breed him with Rocher next Spring/Summer 2015!!
Romeo is a Happy boy! He fits right in with our pack and we love him so much!! Looking forward to his first breeding in about Spring ​2015! He has a cobby body and short legs and thick soft coat. Expecting gorgeous solid chocolate Pups when we breed with Rocher!
May 10, 2014 Romeo 8 1/2 mos.
Click Here  then scroll down for available positions on breeding planned aprox. in Spring 2015
Romeo's first haircut!
July 7, 2014: Romeo's first gig! He was stud for one of my customer's first breedings with her female, "Honey".
​ This is also his opportunity to Prove himself...he knew just what to do, and all went well with her first tie in our home...puppies are due September 9, 2014! Congratulations Romeo and Honey!
Sonogram reveals 4 puppies!!Our Romeo Breeds to Rocher AND to Zoey this Summer 2015..accepting early deposits now!
DOB: 9/5/14 (Below) Romeo Produces both Solid Liver (Chocolate) and Liver and White with this fading Liver (Honey) that belongs to one of our customers...(there may be so many Liver and white because she has a Liver and white grandparent) Shih Tzus draw genes as far back as 8 generations! Half appear dark Liver and white like their Sire(our Romeo) and the other's appear a lighter Brown due to the fading gene of the Dam (Honey). Although all Shih Tzus fur changes from puppyhood into adulthood
Sire: Romeo
Dam: Honey (not Ours)​
Happy Birthday to Romeo's 1st Litter of Babies!!
Sire "Romeo": Richmonds Romeo of Holland Shih Tzu​

​Our PAST AKC Liver and White Stud Romeo is Belle's Sire He was been rehomed.  He produced solid dark Chocolate Puppieswith Rocher Dec. 22, 2014...that's the litter our Belle (aka Sasha) was born into.
Romeo and Rocher PUPPIES due Jan.1, 2014
Check Rocher's Nursery as time grows near.
Romeo is Belle's Sire,Chloe's Grandfather. Belle's Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather Below