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Future Breeding Plans:
We downsized to a wonderful smaller home in Aledo, Tx..We have a wonderful enclosed patio which we invested $12k in for new doors on each side, sliding windows, portable AC/Heater, insulation, electrically safe, doggy doors leading to large outdoor kennels with predator roof..andthe dog room has all the comforts with couch , TV, Elyptical, dog whelping areas and other Hobby access..I spend much time out there and bring the dogs in to lounge on the bed as well.
We decide to downsize to 3 females and 2 males..we brought in a males, Yogi and Blaze and kept 2 female puppies to raise for breeding in 2016.We will breed Zoey and Rosie (which we are keeping) in Summer 2016 and spay by age 5. 

We bred our male, "Romeo"(now rehomed) to Rocher ((pronounced "Row-Shay"), one of our Chocolate females in October 2014..see his puppies born 9/2014 to one of our customers and also please watch our Avail Pups/Wait List page to see the pairs that are Due May/June 2016
If desiring a puppy check our next two litters planned after Rosie and Zoey are spayed..Blossom and Belle will breed to Yogi again in about October for aprox. Dec. 2016 pups..then we'll breed in 2017..please ask if you re interested in a future puppy and  you don't see their breeding schedule for 2017​

​Our Breeding Summary:

Rosie and Alamo bred in Oct. 2014 for Christmas Puppies that came December 20, 2014, and are all in their forever homes except one female, Blossom which we kept to carry on Alamo's line in 2016!

Rocher bred to Romeo and puppies came Dec. 22, 2014 and went home in February except one female, Belle, we kept to carry on their lines in 2016!

​Many Vets recommend Breed, Breed, then skip a heat. Mocha is Candy 2013 Rosie Nursey..she was pick of litter and we bought her back after our friend and Small Breeder Customer, Jessica passed. She has produced two 
gorgeous litters you can see her Nursery links at top of every page (bottom row) Click to see if we still have an available female 2016 Puppy!!
Rosie and Zoey skipped a heat and breed to new Stud.Blaze .quality line, a  Red and White dark red liver and white/
Yogi: Dark Chocolate with Fawn/Sable accents breeds to Belle and Blossom and Mocha May/June2016!
Expecting gorgeous small end of standard AKC Chocolate and also Red accented Liver Puppies!!

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Akc "Red" (Moses XXIX)
bred to Zoey..Alamo took his place...oops for Rosie 2014!
A Herd of Tiny Shih Tzu's...
Akc standard size is 9-16 lbs. Our Shih Tzu are AKC standard and typically get to 8-12 lbs. Zoey is between 8-9lbs and looks smaller than she is due to her hobby body.
We do not breed for tiny Shih Tzu
We want our customers to have best options for good health and long adult lives in their puppies. If questions about the tinier sizes, please call several Vets and ask what problems they see or call me and I'll let you know what  our Vet tells us.​
Rocher, shown below (Oct. 18, 2013) at 7 weeks and then at 11 weeks, was our dark Akc Liver Shih Tzu Puppy. She is Belle's Dam..thought you'd like to see her puppy photos..you can always see photos of the parents and grandparents of your puppies here!
AngelKiss, her sister, is Belle's Aunt shown below at age 11 weeks as we went back for her..she is from the same Litter as Rocher. They look alot alike, so we show Rocher with Black frames and her sister, AngelKiss, with pink frames.
 We often update with their current photos down at the bottom of their  pages (highlighted links above will take you there if you click on them).
If you are a Breeder, you understand that planning for the future litters is a big part of any Breeding program. And we have small Breeder customers with "like" philosophies on breeding to improve the Breed with special love and care, while staying small enough to be "hands on"..so our young adult dogs will rehome to these conscientious breeders when we retire. We are considering consulting to help match customer to Breeder as time permits. We will update by emails..please add yourself to our email list by registering your email address as a new member at our previous site ceciliadiane.webs.com, where we send our emails from.

​Our focus is on offering more Chocolate and Chocolate and White
​(if possible) to our Chocolate Lovers
We plan to breed three Akc females each year after 2016.​

Rocher 7 weeks
Sisters: Kisses & Rocher
11 wks.11-14-13

Playtime! Looks like a bunch of dark brown fur!
"Richmond's Romeo in the Holland Garden" aka: Romeo brought in April 2014 shown here at 8 months. .Please click HERE to see his very own Page with more information and pedigrees.to help you know the line Belle is out of, when you reserve Belle's puppy this is your puppy grandfather!!Coats are passed down along with other genetics.
Blaze' page was active at end of December 2014 when he came home to us from Glory Ridge. See Our Newest Future Male who began breeding our females in 2015/16... AKC Liver: Yogi (Sweet and Sassy line) as our new AKC Studs..1st planned breeding was Fall 2015 (Yogi and Mocha)
Romeo, Belle's Sire is a sweet and beautiful guy with a luscious coat!
10lbs ​out of tiny lines which can influence
​ his puppy sizes to be low end AKC​
          Blaze: All Fur!!before his haircut
out of smaller parents to help us to have low end sized AKC p​ups
Zoey's last litter planned with Blaze Summer 2016
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Red, rehomed 2014