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Rosie was an addition to our AKC Shih Tzu family (Nov. 3, 2012), she was 6 months and she is bred October 17,  2013 for Christmastime Puppies that go home around Valentines Day 2014!.  Alamo produces beautiful puppies..she is a non dilute red liver and he is a non dilute chocolate liver. AKC Sunkist Rose was 6 mos in the October 2012 photos below.

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      Located Just 20 minutes
​from Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
Our AKC Liver Stud: Alamo..he is very sweet and produces chocolate Livers due to the dominance of his non dilute (non fading) gene that affects the fur see his Pedegree of AKC Champion's He has 23 AKC Champions in his line!!This makes for puppies closer to AKC Standards!
Paired with Rosie we get rich Non fading Red AKC Liver and Dark Chocolate Puppies​  Akc registers "Liver" Puppies based on their brown points: Nose, Pawpads, eyeliner. Disclaimer: All Puppies have fur
changes from Puppy to adult..it's a fact!
Rosie's Sire: AKC Red Cowboy
Rosie's Dam: ​AKC Gold Kitty
See their AKC Pedegrees below
​ for Rosie's Ancestors​

Rosie's Non dilute AKC Red Sire: (Above) Cowboy and Non dilute Gold Dam: Kitty (below)
photos compliments of r texas star Breeder and friend: Shawn Ryals​

    "Kitty" Rosie's Dam:
     Beautiful Non Dilute Gold​
Nov. 3, 2012 We picked up our "Rosie" in Marshall Texas, then visited our customer. Vicki at her Flower Shop, Casa Flora< in Longview Texas..we are so pleased with Rosie
s gorgeous Red Liver Fur..reminded my daughter of Sunkist! So we will officially name her Hollands' Sunkist Rose!​
   Dec. 2, 2012. Rosie makes herself ​at home playing with her new family. 
So much is happening with two recent Litters arrival Dec. 17 and Dec. 21, 2012
(Ginger's and Zoey's Breeding with Alamo)
I've hardly had time to update everyone on Rosie's unplanned Breeding on the morning of Dec. 20, 2012. She will not carry the Litter at 8mos of age. She went to our Reproductive Specialist in Carrollton for Alazine Shots after Christmas for 2 days in a row 24 hours apart..it's the best and safest thing to do..she will still  be able to Breed as planned on her third heat in October 2013.
Alamo is such an attractive Guy that when our fence (that divided our yard and male and females) blew down completely..their plan to meet in his Kennel began! Here was the opportunity they had been waiting for and they made haste..Though Alamo was Locked in his kennel with a cover on his doggie door that morning when I noticed the fallen fence, I planned separately to let the dogs out to potty. When Rosie and her female pack were put out from their side to  potty, Rosie came to Alamo's doggie door outside and popped his doggie door cover off from outside and tied quickly while I was on the phone discussing a new fence with my husband!

UPDATE: 2-23-13 Yesterday would have been her due date had we not prevented her from carrying a litter at this young age.
She is healthy and ready to skip her next heat and for breeding at the right maturity
on her 3rd heat​​​​..in Fall 2013! Sometimes Females come in EARLY after the Alazine..but she came into heat in May 13-16 days after Ginger and Zoey..and now she is coming into heat to be bred October 2013! We will update when we have a due date..please check our Prices/Agreement page and scroll down for available puppies and updates.
"I am Sweet but Smart!"
 "And I must admit..I do like Alamo!" So much so that we bred again for Dec. 2014 Puppies!
Smiling Cocoa and Rosie playing
underbites are common in the Shih Tzu breed (a minor fault in AKC Showing).
Meet (Below): Moses XXIX we call "Red"will breed with Rosie (May 2015).
​We'll finally get to see what a wonderful mating this can be!! 
We purchased Red with Rosie in mind, with the purpose of breeding the two to set Vibrant Red in their puppies..that's our goal. We know both are capable of producing Akc Liver "Chocolate and Reds"! Our Move to a smaller home required downsizing, but we will still breed him to Rosie in 2015..as part of his rehoming contract
​to allow him to go to our customer early and downsize here.
Red at 6 weeks.......................................9 weeks.........................
............................................................10 month
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .....and still "RED" !
Thank you Shawn of R Texas Star Shih Tzu for the privilege of exchanging "Sierra" our AKC Chocolate and White Puppy for "Rosie"in 2012..we were so excited to have Vibrant Red added to Our AKC Liver (Chocolate Shih Tzu family! And Thank you Daniel at Empress Shih Tzu for inspiring me with photos of "Pheonix" who I fell in Love with! I searched and search for a Beautiful AKC Solid Red with Full AKC Breeding Rights, while Praying for the "right" male to be our second Stud for now and later to allow us to retire Alamo in a few years...Thank you Rachael for allowing us to have Full AKC Breeding Rights in our sweet addition of Moses XXIX (Red) to Shih Tzu by Holland at AKCliverbrownshihtzu. We simply will call him "Red" as he is just a right fit..Red is such a Beautiful Eye Opening Color..The Color of Our Savior's Blood shed for our sins!
​We carefully reviewed his Pedegree and saw many familiar lines we have grown to love..even our sweet Holland's Zoey Girl has the same Great Grand Father as "Red" with 6 Shih Tzu names going back to the fifth generation the same Robbins Tigger Roo. The relationship is far enough back according to two of our consulting Vets who are specialize in Genetics and Fertility. With no known issues in the lines that are the same, Our Upcoming Breeding between Red and Zoey, after Alamo's next with her, should Maximize our Line Breeding for even more beautiful Puppies with Zoey in 2014..And We hope to set gorgeous vibrant colors in Rosie's 2014 Litter! We are so excited! We are also so happy to have a male that has recently proven himself with two litters before he left his last Breeder..rarely are Studs proven early..as they are in their prime for Breeding between 2-5 yrs.
​Our plans are to continue breeding our 4 yr old Alamo for about 2 more years, holding at least 1 beautiful female or more from His litters to keep that Rich dark non- fading Chocolate and that impressive 23 Champion Bloodline in our Breeding program..though not in 5 generation Pedigree but 6. Most Excellent! God is so Good to put us with the right people to bring about a successful Hobby Business that honors Him in a day when so many have turned away from their Creator. Thank you Lord..for your Blessings and wonderful Families that get our Puppies!! Thank you for people that Love Chocolate! We Love Chocolates! Who doesn't LOVE Chocolate? With God's help we produce sweet Chocolate Babies, so loving and calm in Creme, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate and White and now Red Chocolate are in our Breeding plans!!!! That beautiful fur on our Sunkist Rose..She who has gorgeous Red, Vibrant Oranges, deep chocolate and so this is what we desired more of..and the Lord answered our prayer in His time and His Way..soon we are adding Red ​to our Family of Shih Tzus..Feel free to let us know what you think as you view the photos courtesy of Rachael in Ohio, Red's previous Breeder!
Solid Red AKC Liver "Red" and Red AKC Liver Rosie 1st planned Breeding aprox. Dec. 2014...hoping for Vibrant Red Livers 

​​4-8-13..Rosie and Zoey love to play together!
Click HERE to go to Zoey's Page (Fall Litter Planned)
Happy Birthday Girl: Sunkist Rose 1 yr. old
April 2013​...your fur color is striking!
...about Rosie:
Sophia Rose's Dam​
Photos taken Oct. 1, 2013...This month is going to be her first
Breeding, we have plans to keep a female for our Breeding Program​. Update: Rosie and Alamo bred Oct. 17, 2013..Puppies are due mid December..and photos of them will be added to Rosie's Nursery Page.
           9-2013: "Red" at 16 months
See Avail Pups/Wait List for more Information on Rosie/Alamo, and Rosie Red Breedings and Available Positions for
Rosie playing with her son, Belvedere. Sire: Alamo

All  Puppies in Alamo and Rosies Dec 2014 Litter sold!!But we kep one female for future breeding..her name is Blossom. She bred to Yogi for one litter then she got to big for Yogi and so she is retired. Rosie retired to Royal Windsor family in 2016 after her last litter of 1: Rosita..which went home at 9 weeks but was offered back to us at 7m..we are so excited to have her back! Love little Rosita who we now call Sophie! She will breed to Yogi in 2018. 

March 2017 Rosie with Windsors.
Sophie (9wks photo)
4/2017 Just received this great photo and text from Windsor staff:"I've been hearing that due to her cute haircut style people are amazed to find out that she's 5 years old. They thought that she's a pup"
Lady Rose travels the Globe..she loves snow and walks with the Windsors
The Lord and Lady Windsor share Lady Roses 5th Birthday with us with a Video..they invited 52 and 6o dogs in her school showed up..Rosie sat through the whole English birthday song. Organic Dog goodies arrived at our door priority mail timed to arrive during her birthday party!!
We couldn't ask for a better retirement for Rosie!!​