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Corn in Dog Food. Really?

"If you look at the ingredients of the vast majority
    ​of major brand dog foods sold in your local grocery store you will see most of them contain some type of corn such as cornmeal. Fact: dogs are meat eaters; even their teeth tell us this. They do not have grinding molars, they have ripping canines. Have you ever heard of a farmer having issues with dogs raiding their corn fields? No, what we might hear is a dog raiding the chicken coop for meat.
Corn has been linked to many dog ailments such as allergies, joint swelling, bloat and there have been some cases of aflatoxin contamination associated with corn in dog food. The corn that is used in dog food is sometimes contaminated with mycotoxins (toxins from mold or fungi). Corn metabolizes in dogs similar to the way sugar metabolizes in humans. It's like feeding a child foods high in corn syrup. The dog is not going to be as healthy and may experience energy rushes, crashes, hyperactivity and a hard time concentrating. Studies have also shown that high doses of corn can inhibit serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is an important chemical that reduces stress and anxiety... ​​​​​​http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/feeding.htm

"Contrary to some beliefs, potty training a puppy should start with the breeder very early in life. It is very important at 3 to 3.5 weeks old, when the pups become mobile and start to potty on their own, to set their room up PROPERLY. It is not really a natural thing for a dog to pee or poop in his crate. Wolf mothers are meticulous about keeping the "nest" very clean. So, once a baby starts eating solid food, and the mother no longer cleans it up because it can walk at this point too (at this point the mama wolf and den mates would have trained the pups to eliminate outside the den), it is up to the BREEDER to keep the box/nest very clean. This causes an aversion to poop and pee. When this is done right, by the time the buyer purchases the pup, he will already be ready to not pee in his crate or bed, as they do not pee or poop where they eat or where they sleep. So believe it or not, what goes on from the time of birth to the time you buy the pup plays a big role on the young life and what a buyer will be faced with. With this in mind, a breeder named Bev Dorma from MistyTrails Havanese/Mastiffs has created a method called the "Misty Method." It is basically a way of raising the pups that gives them a concept of housetraining at an early age. This in return not only helps the breeder keep the whelping area clean, it makes the puppy easier to housebreak once they go to their new homes. A win-win for everyone.... Within these pages she explains step-by-step how the method works." 
     Save our site to your bookmarks or favorites and then CLICK HERE for more details..we use this in our Breeding program and it works..your puppy comes to you partially potty trained and ready to adapt to your home training..the potty patch simulates grass..so it's easier to transition to backyard or use potty patch if apt. dweller.


Water bottle Instead of doggie bowl
The water bottle is safest for the Breeder..cause puppies have a tendency to track through a plate of water and we don't want puppies drinking in the bacteria after walking on their poo. If a water Bowl is used, fresh water dailyly should be added and a saucer type is best for snubb nose (flatter face) Puppies..so water does not go in the nose.
AKC Shih Tzu Puppy Sale

Your Puppy has been eating a Quality Puppy Food called “Diamond Naturals Chicken and Brown Rice” Small Breed Puppy food in the navy and cream Bag. It can be purchased at feed stores and Tractor Suppy.  We chose this brand because it is good quality and reasonable in price (A 40 lb bag is only labout $1 a pound for great quality). We keep the Dam on it during pregnancy and nursing as the higher fat content is best for her milk and so the transition is easy on Puppies digestion. It is rated a 4.5 by researchers .ClickHERE or copy link http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com to your address bar. Chicken is a first ingredient. Regardless of your choice, a named meat is very important for the first ingredient. Never purchase a Puppy food that has cornmeal, in first position on the label...Dogs are carnivores!  Chciken meal is the renderings and very high in protein and there are good choices available like "Nutrasource" rated a 5..for your puppy health..whatever your choice, please check the brand on the A-Z brand Look before putting your puppy on a different dog food. If it's not rated high..please don't use it..it may adversely affect your puppies health. Shih Tzus and many other small Purebred dogs are also prone to allergies, so when possible it’s best to avoid wheat in your treats. As puppies get older transition them to Exclusive Chicken and Rice adult brand or another brand rated high on Dog food Advisor by Brand. We do NOT recommend Plain DIAMOND in the purple bag as it is rated low (please look for the word "Naturals" in the title for the better Brand).If you choose to transition your puppy to a different quality Puppy food when puppy comes home, please use the Puppy food provided to make the transition easier on your Puppy. First add 25% of your new Brand to it for 3-4 days, then add 50% for a 3-4 days, then 75% for a 3-4 days and finally you should be at 100% of the brand you select. This will help you avoid diarreah in your puppy due to too quick a change. Please remember always to transition slowly when starting a change from one food to another.Finally, your puppy has been fed 5 times a day since 3 1/2 weeks and gradually weaned over the past week from their Mama. They have received more Puppy food..starting with a gravy consistency and blended. We soaked the dry puppy food in water and place in the refrigerator for an hour or more, then blended it in a blender.The food last for up to 3 days in fridge. Over the days and weeks, Less liquid was added and finally we stopped blending about week 5. So, your puppy has been eating just the puppyfood soaked in water..from the fridge. Please offer it, leave it down for 15-30 minutes and discard any uneaten portion. You will realize how much to offer when you see what is left. We have left dry puppy food available throughout the day from the time we noticed your puppy had teeth. For potty training purposes you might want more control over your puppies intake (see House training tips included with your packet). Please see your Vet recommendation whether to continue with both wet and dry or to offer one over the other.“A good quality, veterinarian-recommended premium diet is essential for the proper development of your puppy. At the time of weaning, they should be fed small amounts often, approximately four to six times a day. By the time they are completely weaned from the mother, normally at about six to eight weeks of age, they should be receiving about four meals a day. By the age of three months, you can increase the quantity of food per meal and reduce the frequency to three meals a day. Most breeds then progress to two meals a day by the age of six to nine months...” Ernest Ward, DVM

Finally, please don’t give your small dogs Rawhide..check ingredients. Rawhide has been known to obstruct the intestines and be the cause of many surgeries every year!
A Puppy from a recent litter of ours, doing his business (left) where we want him to..on a potty patch! We start with paper and then add a potty patch, then no longer leave paper. We use "Misty's potty training system described below:


We have known for a long time the dangers of rawhide for small dogs, it can obstruct the intestines. Furthermore, we have safely given our dogs calves hooves and alwyas remove them when they get small or if a piece is broken, Due to this article we are pulling our calves hooves and will find alternate chews for our dogs..the risks are not worth it, we love our dogs: To learn more, Please click: http://www.k911.biz/Petsafety/RawhideandChewyTreats.htm

Transition to Puppyfood 
We start Puppies on Diamond Naturals Small Breed Chicken and Rice Puppy food(rated 4.5 out of 5 )..soaked in purified water and blended ..Puppies take to it well and we start early partial potty training by providing a "place" to "go"..if any accidents in bedding we remove and clean and freshen so they don't smell it there and will learn to go in the designated "place" where we leave a little there so they smell and go to it (Misty's potty training method..without separation walls) it works and is great for the customer for easy transitioning to potty truing in their new environment...and great for easier clean up. We use a warm cloth on their behinds as they still require stimulation to "go"..mama will no longer lick as she had been, because she doesn't like the taste after the pups start on puppy food. Mama is still nursing for the next 3-4 weeks..we just increase the puppy food and naturally and gradually they will take less of mama's milk and more puppy food..that way mama doesn't get mastitis and pups are not traumatized being removed too quickly from her. Photos of our Puppy food below..always transition slowly by mixing 75% ours to 25% yours..then 50/50..then 25%/75% until you are on the new food over a week or more..when I bring a new puppy in I use tupperware to premix the ratios so I can transition the pup and not cause digestion upset or diarreah by too abruptly changing their food​
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