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AKC Holland's Sophie Rose  planned for breeding 2018 to Yogi ..see her Nursery DOB:8-7-16 photos below on right(most of Sophie pups will be solid..but could get some just like her coloring).We're adding ALL new photos on Left after her fur grows out..we purchased her back from Jason in March 2017..and she had a bad haircut from her owners mom

Sophie's Dam: Rosie and  Sire: Blaze
see her video at bottom of page

ONLY Female we will call  later Sophie but was"Rosita" (little Rosie): and intended for Jason who got her at 9 weeks and sold her back to us at 7m.

Weight Chart: A Healthy Puppy Double her Birthweight in about 7-10 days

DOB:8/7/16  8    9       10     11    12     13    14     15       16    17
​DAY 1        2      3       4      5       6        7       8       9        10    11

wt.​              6.3 oz.  7.8    8.6    9.0    9.7    10.6   11.0     11.3     12.2   13.2

2wks: 1 lb .08​​
Day 2 Photos (Below) 
Day 4 Photos
Day 8 11.3 oz bundle of beauty and joy!! Rosita: Click HERE for album
Click HEREfor more photos from 2 week Album..Eyes open when she is not sleeping! 1.08Lb
18 days Old Album Click HERE
20 day Album combined with Zoey litter (1 male available) Click HERE
8-31-16 First Puppy Food Album: Click HERE for more photos
​​Rosita Album 6 1/2 weeks: Click HERE after saving our page to your favorites or Bookmark as it takes you to our Facebook page.

All our puppies have a Vet exam scheduled for Sept. 28,2016 and first shots and fecal exam before going home..Zoey pups will share an area with sweet Rosita until she goes home! She goes home Oct. 2. No I don't get to keep her! NOTE: I had no idea she would return at 7m..I so wanted her when I wrote this back before she was 8 weeks!  We are now accepting deposits only for first and second male and female picks for Rosita(now Sophie)/Yogi puppies we expect to breed her to Yogi when she is old enough..first litter is planned for W/Spring 2018!we can accept early deposits.For available positions Click Avail Pups/Waitlist. Any questions call me or text me at 817 291-8007 Cecilia
Click HEREfor Combined Vet Visits..Rosita and see Zoey pups and Mocha before she flys home!
10-02-16 BATHTIME: Rosita is 8 weeks and has been socializing well with Zoey's litter, she goes home tomorrow..we gave her a bath..click HERE for her and Brazil (Zoey's Pup) Photos from Bathtime!! We'll miss you pretty girl!
Wet dog
Blown Dry Dog!
10-3-16  Rosita has gone to her forever home!!She has two little girls waiting for her and she may come back to breed with Yogi when she is old enough!!!
NOTE: Little did we know that Jason would decide to go back to ONLY one Breed (Bulldog breeding) and offer Rosita (now Sophie back to us in March 2017!!​
Jason and Rosita
Rosie Sophoe's Dam) and Zoey (below after their spay and teeth cleaning today 10-10-16
Zoey(5) retires here with us and Rosie (4 1/2) goes to her wonderful forever home this month.​
10/20/16 Rosie Retired to the Windsor Family..and will live in Santa Barbara and U.K with this Royal Family. We are very excited for her, though we will miss her so much!
The Staff surprised LadyWindsor and Lady Rose with this embroidered Blanket and many other items for Lady Rose!
"His Lordship himself has phoned ..personally and ordered 4 coats for lovely Lady Rose so she won't be cold"
Rosie (now Lady Rose) took to Lady Windsor "straightaway"
3-8-17 Important Note: When Jason called us to let us know he was not pursuing breeding of Shih Tzu anymore and returning to only Bulldog breeding, he offered Rosita for sale back to us..it was a hard decision as we already decided to retire at end of 2019..but I so loved that pup and would have kept her had she not already been committed to him at birth...so on March 14, we got her back..at about 7m..she has a bad haircut so we will work with it. we got her adjusted to our small pack . It's like she remembers her early home and us!! When she is old enough around 18m,we plan to breed her to Yogi..oh and we renamed her with a name that sounds like Chloe as she has been called Chloe and though she's not registered until we file our Akc papers of ownership...We named her SOPHIE as we already have a Chloe. As her fur grows out we will will provide new photos..we expect cherry chocolate and possibly Liver and white in the future
Sophie (AKA: Rosita Nursery Photos BELOW
More PHOTOS will be added below left side later before she breeds in 2018! see her pup photos 0-9 weeks on right...she had such a good start with us,being a single pup in Rosie's last litter at age 4 1/2: she nursed well and socialized with Zoey 2016 pups! We even post albums with her and Zoey pups playing ..see Links on Zoey 2016 Nursery
AKC Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose 3-17-17
We are letting Sophies Fur grow out from a bad haircut  given by previous owners..
I've been informed that Rosie is quite the global traveler..she's been to England, Switzerland, and Indonesia!! She loves to walk in the snow but doesn't like t wear boots (video below)..
Find more of Rosita (now Sophie ) Photos in Zoey pup album links in Zoey 2016 Nursery as we socialized Sophie with Zoey pups
June 7, 2017 as her furis growing in!​
Sophie's fur is coming in nicely shown here on June 7, 2017
Sophie: 10 mos