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​AKC Rare Colors
BLUE and LIVER Understanding Recessive Gene Genetics

"Breeding for Rare Colors

AKC recognizes for the Shih Tzu two colors that come from recessive genes:
Blue and Liver

Breeders add to this list, the color Chocolate, which is just a darker shade of the Liver color.

Also the tan markings (that are located similarly to the markings of a Doberman Pinscher) comes from recessive genes. This marking is referred to by breeders as the “Dobie” marking.

These colors and marking are relatively rare since they come from recessive genes, meaning that both parents of a puppy must “carry” that recessive gene for the puppy to have that color or marking.

The color of the hair is not crucial to classifying a dog as Blue or Liver color. More significant would be the color of the “points” (eyes, nose, lips, paw pads) and skin. If these features are Liver rather than Black (except for the skin) then the dog is Liver. If these features are Blue, then the dog is Blue, regardless of what the hair color may appear. Conversely, if these features are Black (except for the skin), then the dog is not Blue or Liver even if the hair appears to be Blue or Liver.

One of the breeding objectives of some breeders is to produce the rare colors and marking, since there is generally more demand than supply. Knowledge of color genetics is vital to success in these breeding plans. The following summary should give a working understanding of recessive gene genetics.

For this analysis, all Shih Tzu will be classified as to color (or marking) as one of the following:
1. Recessive COLOR (and thus a recessive gene carrier)
2. Recessive gene CARRIER (but not a recessive color)
3. Recessive gene NON-CARRIER (and thus not a recessive color)

All possible combinations of two parents are presented in the table below, which shows the recessive gene results of the breeding.

​​​​AKC Registration of a Shih Tzu

A pedigree documents the parentage of a dog. A 3-generation pedigree shows the parents, the grandparents, and the great-grandparents of the dog (a total of 14 ancestors). A 5-generation pedigree also shows the great-great-grandparents and the great-great-great-grandparents (a total of 62 ancestors).

All Shih Tzu at AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland are "registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). This assures you that the pedigree of the puppy is accurate and that the puppy is pure-bred Shih Tzu. No other pet registry in the United States (and there are several) comes close to providing that assurance to the same degree as does AKC. AKC requires that all males siring more than 7 litters must have on file with AKC a profile of their DNA. This DNA profile enables AKC to detect scientifically if a breeder misidentifies the sire of a litter (upon the later DNA profiling of any one puppy of the litter). AKC also regularly conducts on-site inspections of breeders who frequently register litters. This inspection program gives added assurance as to the proper record keeping and the general cleanliness of the living conditions of the breeding dogs. The inspection even includes testing DNA profiles to verify the correct identity of the parents of a litter. This in no way gives any guarantee that the AKC breeders will produce only healthy dogs or that they will be straight forward and honest in their dealings with buyers, but it is certainly better than dealing with a non AKC breeder."
Note: DNA Profile is also required on AKc males that Sire 3 Akc Litters in 1 year.

Breeding info Ref: JiDu De ShenTi Shih Tzu

http://www.ceciliadiane/.webs.com (our prior website)

We Currently have Twos Akc studs :Yogi and Samson and two breeding Females: Chloe and Sophie as of February 2020
You can see Family Photos and Pedigrees on each on our Website.​ Chloe (Yogi and Belle's Daughter) and Samson as well as Sophie and Yogi Nurseries show what they Produce. You can get also see the parents of each female look at her Nurseries Rosie is Sophie's Dam and Blaze is Sophie's Sire. We previously owned them both. 

Click on Photo for photos of Past Puppies
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​ABOUT OUR Chocolate or AKC LIVER PUPPIES...ALL Our Puppies are "AKC Liver" and some consider them "rare" because aprox. 20% of Shih Tzus are Liver 
("Liver" refers to pigment: nose, paw pads, and eyeliner being Brown and not black)..Fur colors vary with the Liver or Chocolate Puppies. All are equally beautiful and fur color is second to the sweetest temperaments we strive to produce in our Chocolate Puppies through socilaizing to humans. When we breed any of our Yogi to Belle we see dark Chocolate in our puppies. If you look at Yogi's page you see red accents from the fawn sable gene in his DNA profile. The tips can be cut off and the accents no longer appear when he is shaved. Our female, Sophie is expected to produce reddish chocolate sometimes feared to as cherry chocolate but still called liver by Akc. Sophie can possibly produce Liver and White like herself..see her photos , she is red and white..so beautiful..we will see in their first litter planned for 2018..but they will definitely produce solids..could be some with white markings. Past breedings by our retired Alamo the results varied from fading (brown fur that lightens over time to milk chocolate like our female Cocoa's fur, Liver and white (both Drk and fading Liver with the white), some Creme Liver (like Zoey) could be produced when we breed her to Alamo. Dark, non dilute Red Liver are likely to be outcome of some in a union between Sunkist Rose (Rosie) and Alamo in Fall 2013. Rosie is Sophie's Dam, so we expect that viv=brant red fur, chocolates and possible Red and white fur.We know that ALL Shih Tzus fur changes over time (Just look at your own if you have ever raised a puppy! You can also find much info on the internet about how Shih Tzu's change from babyhood to adulthood). In the black pigment Shih Tzus, AKC  recommends registering your puppy by the color it is as a young puppy (in cases other than Liver as they don't use fur to determine Liver unless 50% or more white fur, then it's registered as a "liver and White"). All other fur colors are considered AKC Liver" in our Puppies. Some puppies fur lighten, some darken, and many ultimately begin to gradually produce silver to grey hairs as they age. There is not a way to determine the fur color 100% when the puppy is young and even older dogs continue to change! We like to get an idea of the fur at 3-4 weeks as to whether the puppy might fade to the lighter brown..but it is a guestimate. We do NOT guarantee FUR Color. We do Guarantee the pigment is Liver (brown, pinkish brown, or Lavendar all a result of the Liver gene)! An AKC Liver Male bred with and AKC Liver female produces 100% AKC Liver. We only have AKC Liver or AKC Liver and White Dogs. The different fur shades are just the icing on the cake , In our opinion!! We have loved the variety in our breeding program. We have had what Breeders call: Dark Chocolate Non- Fading (Alamo), Milk Chocolate with Banding (Cocoa), Liver and White (Ginger), Red non-dilute Liver (Rosie), Solid Red Liver (Red), Creme Liver (Zoey), and Gold and White Liver (Ami). Dark Chocolate (Belle) and Chocolate with accents (Yogi).All our dogs have fur changes from when they were very young puppies:
For example, Our Cocoa was dark brown as a newborn and as an adult she lightened to a beautiful milk chocolate color with various shades of brown (banding). To understand the "Liver gene" which blocks black, please see below:
Cocoa and Alamo's Puppies
A WORD ON SIZE..see more on our Breeder/Health tips page ....AKC description: "Toy Group; AKC recognized in 1969.
Ranging in size from 8 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder and 9 to 16 pounds."
Companion, house pet." We don't believe in breeding runt to runt to reduce the size of the breed. If we get a smaller than AKC shih tzu..that's fine, but the intent of breeding to reduce size is not in the best interest of pet owners or their dogs, based on our Vet's knowledge that the smaller they are the more health problems, retained baby teeth..their teeth don't fit in their skulls, and high risks for organ failure). We want our dogs healthy and we breed for Healthy puppies. The word "teacup or Imperial" is a name made up by Breeders (not AKC) to promote the tinier sizes to customers who they appeal to. We are not saying all smaller Shih Tzus are unhealthy, but the health risks are not worth it to our breeding program. We just weighed all our dogs (RIGHT) and Synched with Vet's scale..our scale is within 1/10 th..so is quite accurate:


Yogi: 11 Lbs (2 1/2yrs)
Belle 8 lbs​ (2 1/2yrs.

Sophie: 8 lbs (7m)
Based on those breeding and the dogs in their lines..which we have even weighed ourselves, and requested adult weights in puppies and kept puppies into adulthood ,we estimate our puppies to be between​ 8-12lbs when fed according to directions on good puppyfood. See "Feeding your puppy" for more information.

"AKC Liver" Genes

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ALL our Shih Tzus are AKC Liver Shih Tzus: which as we have stated is determined by the Brown pigment. Thus, all our Puppies will be 'Akc Liver" puppies. The fur color is determined by fur genetics; When you put a Vibrant color dog with another Vibrant Colored dog, both with vibrant ancestors 9a good gene pool)..you would possibly "fix" the fur genetics of your puppies. This is the hope we have for Sophie and Yogi, though until we see the Puppies, we can't say with 100% accuracy that this will happen.Liver and white (has 50% or more white) like Sophie will always produces solids when bred to a solid and can also produce some Liver and white..looking forward to their 2018 first planned litters to see if we also get the Liver and whites..due to him carrying the gene..pretty sure we will see it.
​ We  All Shih Tzu fur changes from Puppyhood to Adulthood and that's why we post photos sent from our customers that show the puppies growing and changing. Note that we choose our Breeding Shih Tzus for their health and sweet temperaments, as well as desirable looks and bloodlines!

Yogi and Belle Puppy..We kept out of their second litter born Dec. 15, 2016..12 weeks in photo
Chloe (Belle/Yogi daughter)
               Sophie (Rosie/Blaze)