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Ginger had her AKC Shih Tzu Pups
​December 17, 2012. 
​They all went home Valentines week 2013.
Zoey bred with Alamo for Dec. 20, 2012
Puppies..all four were sold and also went home around Valentines 2013! These two female mamas and Rosie skipped their May 2013 heat and bred again  mid October 2013 for Christmas 2013 Fur Babies that presold and went ome around Valentines 2014! We accept early deposits  for the 2015 on all three females breeding. If you want to reserve picks of litter. Click to See Avsail Pups/Waiting List



​​​See Cocoa's and Alamo's past puppy photos on our FACEBOOK Breeder page​
Located Just 20 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth

​Cocoa:AKC Liver Female: Spayed 8/2013
7 puppies! Sold and Cocoa went to Panama with the Creech Family (Missionaries). See how happy she is to be an ONLY Pet in her early retirement!! We miss and We love our Cocoa, she's an awesome Shih Tzu! To reserve a pup from her Sister, Ginger or her Daughter, Zoey's future planned 2014 Fall/Winter Litters..contact us to place an early partial deposit to "HOLD" a Position and be applied toward a future PUPPY! Deposits are refundable or transferable IF we don't produce!
AUGUST 23, 2012 Litter / Sire: Alamo/ Dam: Cocoa​​
August 23, 2012 Litter..Cocoa's and Ginger's Litters are similar when bred to same Sire: Alamo because they are sisters from two litters a year apart and have the same Sire: Hershey and Dam: Amielle
December 17, 2012 Litter/ Sire: Alamo/Dam Ginger (Cocoa's Sister)
December 20-21-2012 Litter
Sire: Alamo/Dam: Zoey​ (Cocoa's and Cashew's Daughter
These two Litters went home Valentines 2013

​Our Stud Alamo is dominant with the darker fur, but we also produce milk chocolate puppies. Cocoa has the banding gene which gives several shades of the brown in fur..and its beautiful. This may or may not be passed on to her pups! Her fur is even more beautiful in person we are told.

​All our current Puppies are AKC Liver or AKC Liver and White..and we love them all!!​​​​ See their Day 1 photos below..more photos will be posted weekly on Our Nursery April 2013 Link;

4-29-13 PUPPIES UPDATE: ALL 7 are SOLD. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS And go tour Nursery page for updated photos. We are accepting deposits for our Litters planned for NEXT Fall/Winter 2014..yes, the best way to reserve our puppies is to place an early deposit for "position"..Zoey, is Cocoa's daughter...Call today to reserve pick of litter male or 2nd Female puppy on Zoey's next litter planned with our Stud, Red after 2013 Alamo litters (expected Winter 2014-15).
​​ Cocoa is Ginger's Sister..so her pups give you an idea of Ginger's pups with Alamo/Below...Sire:Alamo and Dam: Cocoa.

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We have been praying about adding another male to our Breeding Program​​..possibly an AKC Liver Red Male Stud to bring in Puppies that have Red/Orange fur..like our Sunkist Rose...Look for Photos when the Lord answers our prayer! He did!! See "Red"'s Page!
With Alamo, Cocoa produces AKC Light to Dark Chocolates and Chocolate and Whites. Alamo is a Non Fading AKC Liver (Dark chocolate) and Cocoa is also an Akc liver on Liver (that's brown fur on brown pigment) but her fur has lightened to a beautiful milk chocolate .The gene responsible is called ch series or chinchilla gene and she has the banding gene which causes her to have several shades of brown in her coat
..I love that in her coat

4-8-13 Photos below taken 22 days from Cocoa's due date! 
Cocoa's Previous Litter August 23, 2012
Cocoa's Puppies Born 4-27-13 in the morning after all night laboring! below is photo taken in after delivery and then in the evening!
OUR BIRTHDAY!! April 27, 2013
To see age progression from birth to 3 weeks go to Alamos Past Puppies:
Al-Cocoa 2013 Pups
Below CLICK for Video of  Puppies starting to Walk 20 Days old!!​
...about Cocoa
(Zoey's Dam)
Our Retired Couch Potatoe
 now on Valeries couch in Panama
Update 3/2014: "She is doing better than just well. She has adjusted seamlessly. She acts like she has lived there always! She loves Lori & me the most & both John & Robert like her VERY much!!!! She is the sweetest dog I have ever had! I just think she is GREAT! She acts completely at hone & loves the tile floors. She goes to the door when she wants out now. Yay! She has only had a couple of accidents & a couple of times it wasn't her fault. She has never once peed in the house. I can't emphasize enough how at home she acts! She is so very wonderful!!!! How are y'all doing? This is Cocoa's favorite spot IF she wants a change of pace from the cool tile!!
By far the hardest thing about being a small Breeder is rehoming a beloved Pet/Breeding Shih Tzu...but Cocoa going to a wonderful home lessens the pain. Cecilia