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AKC Hollands' Divine Chocolate ​​Rocher" and Romeo
5 Puppies December 2014 Nursery...ALL SOLD and we kept a dark chocolate female (Belle: Chloe's Dam) to carry on Both Rocher and Romeos Line: Chloe is Belle's daughter
We kept "Belle", Rocher and Romeo's daughter from Dec. 22, 2014 litter/Belle and later bred in 2016 to carry on their line! Scroll down to see her!
Rocher left here 2-16-15​
Belle: Dob: 12-22-14
Sire: Romeo

ROCHER (Belle's Mom or Chloe's Grandmother is RETIRED
ROMEO (Belle's Sire or Chloe's grandfather is RETIRED
Chloe's Sire: Yogi  10 lbs (Sweet N Sassy Line)
​Parents are 6  and 6.5 lbs
Chloe and Samson Nov. 11, 2019 Nursery went home at 8 weeks
​on january 6th, 2020​
Belle: Chloe's Dam
Below: See Some History on Shih Tzu we raised in Chloe's line:
Puppies came November  11, 2019 ..photos and fb links to albums will  be added here:

Pick of litter male position is available and may be reserved by an early deposit. Call me to see how this works: (817)291-8007​​

1st Male: Available

2nd male:​​​​​​ Available
Past Shih Tzu Links:
 Available male: Streak (right)
​call (817)291-8007 
DOB: Nov.11,2019             Nov. 12       13th     14th     15th
                            ​ Day 1         Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5   Day6  Day 7   

Male 1 "Streak"5.6 oz. 5.6    6.0     7.7         8.5     9.5   10.8
Male 2 "Trek"​      5.8        6.0    6.3     7.4      8.1    9.5    10.9

Streak                         Trek
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2 Available males, first deposit gets to choose at 3-4 weeks!
Healthy pups double birthweight first week
Dec. 16, 2019 "Streak" Below is available
"Trek" below being held for therapy tobcrrect splayed legs. See him on FB video, he is dig great!
As of March 23, 2020 Streak 4mos. Is available: call to reserve him or for more questions: 817 291-8007 Cecilia