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Chloe's Great Grandparents:
​Belle's Dam: "Rocher's" Parents: Belle's Grandparents
Rocher's Sire: Thoreau
Dark Chocolate (13 lbs.)
[carries "Dobie" markings]​
4 Akc Champions
Rocher's Dam: Zelda
Black (9 lbs.)
[Carries Liver gene &
​Dobie marking genes]​
​29 Akc Champions
Dam:​"Hollands' Chocolate Chloe
​ or simply "Chloe"
Chloe's Grandfather:
​Belle's Sire: Romeo
See his page and
​scroll down for
​ pedigree​
Chloe: DOB:12-15-16
​ Belle has bred to Yogi and produced gorgeous puppies..we kept one(Chloe)!  Chloe is in December 2016 Nursery
This is our first Chloe Litter (left) and she will produce later litters all with our handsome Samson. We are confident she will pass on her cutsie​ face and we will have chocolates (Akc Liver) . Future Litters planned are posted on Avail Pups/Waitlist page

Chloe's Grandparents:
​Belle's Dam: Rocher
AKC Yogi: belle's Sire(11 Lbs)

 Chloe's AKC Dam Belle: 8 lbs 
See Chloe's Family(below right side)...
When bred into a Line:
​Black darkens the Liver or Chocolate fur
Dark Chocolate AKC Liver
See More information and photos of ancestors as puppies  on Chloe's AKC Dam Belle Page
AKC Samson
DOB: 9-22-16​
8 1/2 lbs and is expected to throw pups on low end Akc or slightly lower (7-9 lbs) SeeSamson's page for pedigree
Chloe's Sister (Velvet) says hi from her forever home
Akc Chloe Samson Nursery: DOB 11-7-18
​..photos and links to puppy albums
​added to the left side below
My puppies are Here!! 1 female and 2 males! came 11-07-18. Please Save this page to your bookmarks , then Click HEREfor Bday photos
Link to Fb Photo Album Day 2: Click HERE
Chloe Pups Newborn Weight Chart:
​Healthy puppies about double their birthweight in 7-10 days
Dob:11-07  Thurs 11-08 Fri-11-09 Sat. 11-10 Sun 11-11 Mon 11-12 Wed 11-14    Fri 16th Sat. 17 Mon19

​​Pup#1  Pete 
male Liver
4.9  oz.       5.3                5.6        6.2       7.4      7.9         9.0                     10.1        10.8     12.0     14.1                      

Pup #2 Layla
5,3  oz              5.5                6.2       7.1      7.8       9.2   1.01                   11.2         12.7     13.6      15.3

5.5​  oz.              6.2               6.2       6.9       7.6       8.5    9.7                    10.7         12,2    12.7      13.9 
Click HERE Day 4 Photos
Click HERE for Day 5 photos
First female: Carma S.(pend)
First Male: Lisa G.​​
Second Male: Glenda S.​(pend)
Click HERE for Fb Album
ClickHERE for 1 week Album

Click HEREfor Day 8 Album​​​
Click HEREfor Day 6 Album
Click HERE for Day 9 Album
click HEREfor Day 11 Pup photos

Click HERE for Nov 19 photos
Eyes are opening!​​​
Click HERE for Day 17 Photos
Click HERE for Video Of Layla
Click HERE for Video Of Isaac on Nov. 27, 2018 Day 20
Click HERE for Video of Pete
Chloe Samson Puppies are Walking! Day 22 Click HERE

Chloe Samson Puppies Faces: Isaac, then Pete, then Layla Day 22 Click HERE

Close Up Photos Pete on Dec. 1, 2018 3 1/2 weeks: Click HERE
Close Ups of Issac, then Layla, then Pete Dec. 1, 2018 3 1/2 weeks: Click HERE
Pete, Isaac, Layla
Nov. 30, 2018 Pups start transitioning to puppy food while still nursing..they will gradually learn to eat more and more while mom goes in and out and gradually weans them..easiest on both! Also we start grass pad potty patch training! ClickHEREfor Video
Dec. 6, 2018: Chloe and pups are doing great. This morning the pups were very ready to eat puppyfood!
Isaac Pete before picks took place. Yesterday Lisa chose Isaac and Glenda gets Pete(names may change but we will always post them by both but will call them by their new family choice of names if given!… Of course Carma gets the only female: Layla
here are links over the past few days..at aprox. 4 weeks of age.They are getting so cute!!For FB Album links, click below: Each Link goes to an album of puppies to help Lisa make her pick and show how pups are progressing, please note there are 5 albums and some are videos of the puppies!Click on EACH "HERE" to see!

Click HERE for Dec 7 video

​​​Click HERE for Dec 8 video,
Click HERE for Photos and Short video Dec 8 click HERE
Click HEREfor video of pups at 5 weeks ...By the way, Isaac goes by "Toby" (named by his new owner). Pups are regularly using the potty patch with few accidents. They love to eat their soaked and chopped puppy food. Mama still nurses coming in an out at will, until 6 weeks when she will nurse only at night. Then pups wean completely from mama and exclusively get puppy food. Oh and they have teeth and eat dry food too!!
Layla, Pete, and Isaac (now Toby)..click HEREfor more Dec. 16, 2018 Photos
Dec.24, 2018 Vet Exam
All 3 Puppies have been Vet checked and are ready to go to their forever homes on January 3, 2018​
Click HEREfor Vet Exam photos
Click HEREfor Layla and Vet Video
Click HEREfor Pete's Vet Video
Click HERE for Toby​​​​ (Isaac)Vet Video
I'm holding Layla after her Exam at Haslet Vet 
Vet Tech lovin on Toby (Isaac)
Christmas Day Photos Click HERE
Pups were happy and peaceful the whole 4o min trip to the Vet and 40 minutes back to Aledo!
Toby (Isaac ) gets his first bath before going home
click HERE for more photos​
Toby going to His Forever Home with Lisa!
Click HERE for More  Bath time Photos Dec. 31, 2018
Pete (above) and Layla (below) First Baths
Update on Layla
London at about 3 months