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Dam: Rosie (below) planned breeding to "Blaze" in 2016
Our AKC Sunkists Rose:
Rosie is 10 lbs..we expect Blaze is 12 lbs at 17mos l.estimate their puppies to be 9-12lbs. By having a small parents on both Rosie and Blaze side it helps keep puppies on low end of AKC standard. (AKC standard for Shih Tzu is 9-16Lbs). Both Rosie and Blaze expected to pass on their Cobby bodies, short legs.
AKC Liver and White "Blaze", Our  AKC future stud has a thick lush coat..he is beautiful!! Liver Blocks Black, but the fact he has a black Dam may darken his offspring.carries for Deep Liver Red, Blue, Black Lines.He is Gorgeous and expected to throw beautiful Cherry Chocolate and dark Chocolate with Rosie. We expect beautiful Liver or  Red Liver with Zoey. With our solid Chocolate AKC Liver female, Belle from Rocher and Romeo's litter ..We  expect Liver. With Blossom or Mocha we could get possibly Cherry chocolate and maybe some Liver and white In Blaze and Zoey 2016 Breeding, we expect smaller puppies may even get colors such as Lavendar (both carrie blue gene), Chocolate, and Orange Liver .
Watch him Blaze the Trail in the rare colors we may get!! See his puppy photos below and see the colors in his ancestry that produced his shade of Liver and his future offspring. Remember Black parent will darken the shade of an offspring. Genes are past on up to 8 generations in the Shih Tzu offspring!
 To the right, we have posted our Akc females that we plan to breed with Blaze.. we are added a solid Dark Chocolate AKC Liver male (Yogi)so we can still produce those Dark rich Chocolates you have always loved!!
"Blaze": Rosita's Sire
​Blaze is no longer with us,
​but his daughter, Sophie
​ will keep his
​and Rosie's line going here!
​"Glory Ridge Blaze of
​Holland Shih Tzu" Stud in 2016

Blaze Bred to Rosie, Zoey
​Summer​ 2016!​ Those pups went home and we
bought back one at 7m.​

Looking forward to Gorgeous Vibrant Cherry Chocolate AKC Liver Puppies!!
Our Future Breeding Plans:
to alternate Blaze with our Solid chocolate male Yogi in breeding to our Liver females!
 Glory Ridge "Blaze" of Holland Shih Tzu ...his Sire and Dam and their
                                   5 generation AKC Pedigree
Some colors Akc Liver we expect to see in breedings with our line & our new future Stud B​laze:
AKC Liver and AKC Liver and White showing up as Beautiful Cherry Chocolate-Dark Choclate -Red Liver

Photos Courtesy of Glory Ridge: Thank you Karen at GloryRidge for for your 25 yrs. of experience and this boy's 7 generations of specific breeding for his beautiful rich coloring...a blessing our Breeding program! We are so excited about his perfect markings too...
Blaze Dam:
Glory Ridge's YUKO Ditto
AKC Black (6lbs)
Blaze' Sire:
Glory Ridge Cupid's Romeo
AKC Liver and White
Click to see  Sire Puppy Photo
Dam: Zoey (below) planned breeding to "Blaze" in 2016
Now this little girl is so sweet, she is petite at about 8 lbs. We expect puppies about 7-9lbs in her planned breeding to Blaze.
Zoey has a Chocolate Dam..it will be interesting to see what colors we get with this pair!Wonder if we might produce some with Red/Zoey colors!

Zoey does not throw liver and white but she does produce tuxedo markings and could produce lavendar Isabella since both carry blue gene!
Dark Chocolate NON-fading AKC Liver (solid) belongs here! Ao does milk chocolate and its beauty!Blossom can give us Cherry Chocolate with Blaze..we imagine!!Onc we breed we can see what surprises are inshore from these sweet Shih Tzus. Karen tells us this about Blaze's fur genetics:

Blaze (above) at 3 weeks
                  2 weeks
3 1/2 weeks
Our new "Blaze" at 4 weeks..still with his Breeder..only 4-6 weweeks before he comes home..driving back with Karen's daughter after Christmas!!
Blaze: 6 weeks
Blaze had his Vet vist and "passed with flying colors", according to Karen. We are so excited to have him coming home to us after Christmas!!He is hitching a ride with her daughter that lives within an hour of us...

Blaze comes home December 26, 2014...we provide puppies to others, but still get excited when we get to have one!!!

Glory Ridge Blaze of Holland Shih Tzu at 8 weeks
He comes home to us in 2 1/2 weeks..Dec. 26​
12-18-14  9 1/2 wks old
Scroll down and WATCH ME GROW!
Blaze on 12-18-14         9 1/12 weeks
Christmas Eve and Blaze is Finally Home!We love Him..He's a sweet boy
Expected Puppies that will be on 7-12 lbs Standard (Standard AK​C is Shih Tzu is 9-16 lbs) as adults...
December 26, 2014  
wt.: ​3 lbs. 14.4oz.
Age:​10 1/2 weeks
In 2016 We plan to breed Blaze to the Dark Chocolate AKC Liver  girl in 2017 ...Belle kept from Rocher and Romeo's Litter
Rocher and Romeo's 2 females..I'll choose one at 3-4 weeks (about mid January). Alicia placed and early deposit and gets the 2nd female... it won't be an easy choice, they are both precious!
Blaze on New Years Day (11 weeks old)
Ayden, my grandson spent the day over and thoroughly enjoyed the Blaze man 12 wks)  licking his toes!!
Blaze (below) on Jan. 30, 2015 3 1/2 mos....as a breeder we plan ahead as we retire our females (Rosie and Zoey) at age 5..their last breeding o in 2016 to Blaze
Our new 2 females beginning 2016 will breed to our 2nd stud, "Yogi" ..that way each male breeds to two females..malkes it easier when the girls come into heat together!
Sasha from Rocher/Romeo's litter is now "Isabelle" or simply "Belle" and our new girl in Rosie and Alamo's 12-20-14 litter is now "Blossom"..we look forward to adorable Chocolate puppies!
Belle and Blossom planned breeding to Blaze in 2016
shown at age 6 wks above and below
May/15  Cutisie Blaze 7 mos in photo above
We expect he will pass on his gorgeous Full coat to his puppies..producing chocolates and Red Liver
Photos below shows Blaze on 3-30-2015 at 5 1/2 months of age..see more photos:
Click HERE​
Blaze has a beautiful thick soft coat and short cobby body..and big inquisitive eyes!
Blaze is son to Glory Ridges Yuko and Romeo/ 7 generations of the best of Glory Ridge spanning 25 years of Breeding. He will throw deep Red Livers and chocolate Livers and possible liver and Whites with our AKC Chocolate Liver girls!. He has smaller parents.
He produced a sweet girl: Rosita in Rosie's last litter 2016..we are  buying her back March 2017​
8 lbs of gorgeous fur! and charting to be 10 lbs
​Spring 2017
(In 2016 Yogi breeds)
Coat textures are passed on to offspring..LOOK at this COAT!! Its so soft and full!!
My husband said we have a new Breed a "Micro Sheepdog!!"LOL

Photo taken May 22, 2015
Blaze 7 1/2m

"I need a Puppy Cut..Mama"
May 22, 2015 7 1/2m

After my Haircut  May 22, 2015..see more photos ..save our page in your favorites and then: Click HERE
Blaze is PROVEN! We stud him out to a great friend and small breeder and here's what she got! We expect similar puppies when we breed him to Rosie and likely deeper darker red...Liver and fur that's Red and White (Akc Liver and White like Blaze). And Blaze bred with with Zoey we expect all solids with possible white markings...some like the carmel Liver pup in first photo below! Rosie and Zoey will breed in May 2016 for July 2016 Puppies..positions still available, click HERE and scroll to their photos
Photos courtesy of Shawn Ryals
Before haircut
Sire: Blaze
Blaze' Daughters
Liver and White bred to Liver and White produces all Liver and White. Liver and White bred to solid Liver produces both solids and L&W
We no longer have Blaze but we bought back his daughter: Rista , whom we will rename..Her Dam is Rosie
We are adding back ROSIE"S ROSITA to our breeding program..expecting her to be ready for breeding in early 2018!This will also extend our breeding for a little later retirement. Soon Ill make calls in order to see who is interested in moving to her planned litters and those staying will move up on list. For fairness, Ill call in order of litter and order of lists.
Note on her return to us:
When Jason called us to let us know he was not pursuing breeding of Shih Tzu anymore and returning to only Bulldog breeding, he offered Rosita for sale back to us..it was a hard decision as we already decided to retire at end of 2019..but I prayed and have a peace about her return. I so loved that pup and would have kept her had she not already been committed to him at birth...so on March 14, we get her back..at about 7m..she has a bad haircut so we will work with it and get her adjusted to our small pack and when she is old enough around 18m we plan to breed her to Yogi..oh and we are renaming her with a name that sounds like Chloe as she has been called Chloe and though she's not registered until we file our Akc papers of ownership...we already have a Chloe. When her fur grows out we will will provide new photos..we expect cherry chocolate and possibly Liver and white in the future..photos here are of her as a baby when she went home at 8 weeks​
​DOB: 8-7-16
Shown here at 8-9 weeks
She is 7m and we get her next week​​
Sire: Blaze
Dam: Rosie​​
planned Breeding to Yogi begins 2018 when she is ready!​ Love this girl!