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Akc Belle and Yogi DOB:  July.8, 2018 Nursery
Puppies went home August 27,2018​
Yogi 2015-16 AKC Stud (12 Lbs)
 AKC Dam Belle: 8 lbs 
Past Puppies
​Belle/Yogi 2018 pups DOB: Jan. 3, 2018)
2 males and 3 females

Previous Puppies Fly HOME Feb. 2018
Hey! Come see my Mama And Dad's previous Litter by ClickingHERE, then return to this page
Birthday Album Day 1 Click HERE
Wow..we came on Belle's due date July 8, 2018
Congratulations for those waiting for a Belle/Yogi Pup!
​2 Males and 3 females:

​ALL Pending tracking for 1/2 by 7/15/18

​First Male: Gwen F​​.
2nd male:Sheryl W.

First female: Shauna H.
2nd Female: Patrice C.
3rd Female: Molly B.
                                    Weight Chart..First week                                                                     
​Healthy Puppies about double their Birth weights by 7-10 days

 Temporary     Day 1   Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6   Day 7 Day8  Day9  Day 10
​​  Names      7/ 8/2018​  7/9      7/10    7/11    7/12     7/13     7/14    7/15   7/16      7/17       7/18        7/21
 Memphis          5.1       5.6     6.5      7.6        8.1     9.2      9.9     10.8     11.6      12.0     12.3          13.8
​wht tail tip    
Dallas             4.8       5.5     6.2      7.6        8.1     8.8      10.1    10.9     11.6       12.0      12.7         14.5
Red tail tip

Paris                5.1       5.5     6.0     7.1         7.6     8.8      10.1    11.1     11.6      12.2       12.7       14.6
Hot pink Tail tip

Sydney           4.9        5.6     6.2     7.6        8.1      8.8      9.9      10.4     10.9      11.5        11.8       13.4
white socks

London           4.9        5.5     6.3     7.1        7.8      8.5       9.7      10.2    10.8       10.8       11.1       13.6
lt pink til tip​​​​​​​​​​​​

Pups and Belle dewormed at 2 weeks​
Day 2 FB Photo Album Click HERE
Previous Pup..Yogi Belle
Pups in July 2018 Litter will look similar to his full siblings from previous nurseries, some examples are shown below!
Brothers and sisters July 2018 Litter
"Here Iam!"
Click HEREfor Day 4 Pups Album..they eat and sleep mostly at this age and we try not to bother them or stress mom out
 The two boys
The Girls
Click HEREfor JULY 12 DAY 5 Photos
Day 6 Photo Album: Click HERE
Day 7 Photo Album Click HERE
Day 9 Photo Album: Clickk HERE
Day 10 Eyes beginning to open: Click HERE

2nd part album above continued: Click HERE
Day 13 EYES are opening!!Click HEREfor album
Click HEREfor 2 week Album
Dam: Belle, such a sweet girl
Day 16 Album: Click HERE
Day 17: Click HERE
1 Available Male Puppy: will accept a deposit to HOLD him until 8 weeks Pick up. Pet (limited AKC or Full AKC breeding rights upon approval! Puppy expected to look like his full sister Chloe (right)
​Call Cecilia (817) 291-8007 for more info
Day 18 Photos: Click HERE
Belle Puppies started their transitioning to Puppy food at 3 weeks and 1 day
Picks take place this week in order of deposit: Click HERE for photos
Shauna Picked Sydney (now Chloe) In photo on right​
Shauna's Sydney (Chloe)
Picks are as follows: 
Sidney: Shauna 
London: Patrice
​Paris  Molly B.
Memphis: Gwen
Dallas: Sheryl W.​​

4 weeks Puppy Videos: Click HERE and HERE
It's Aug. 6 and I'm very busy with growing pups..feeding throughout the day, cleaning their area and training them to the potty patch. I'm especially occupied socializing them several times a day to produce the sweetest puppies that are so calm when handled! Photos will still post on fb, so please use any link on this page to get updates possibly not reposted on this page. Time priority has me putting it into the puppies in a big way and I can't always show all that we do. Thanks for your understanding. I will, however, post milestones, such as firsts, including first Vet exam
Aug. 9 photos 4 1/2 weeks: ClickHERE

Belle pups Aug 10 evening after their face fur trim, paws buzzed, nails clipped Click HERE
Photos Of First Baths and Blowdry
​and Video Links BELOW..jusrt click on each one:

Belles Puppies August 11, 2018  5 weeks
Albums Link: Click HERE​
5 1/2 weeks album links below

Belle Pups album Click HERE

Video of Belle Pups: Click HERE

London First Bath
 Click HERE

Paris First bath
Click HERE

Dallas First Bath ClickHERE

Sydney (Chloe) Blow-dry Video!

London getting her bath
Belle Puppies 6 weeks: Click HERE
8/24/18 Click HERE for Vet Exam Video..all puppies are Healthy and go home in a week!
I met Sheryl's daughter Shamarra and Sheryl's husband at Dallas Lovefield to deliver Stone (Dean) and Dallas (Sammy)...they are thrilled to finally have them!
Puppies going Home at 8 weeks
Sammy  about 4 mos.
Lexi (Gwen's Crystal from Sophie Samson) Left with yellow Bow.. Roux (Belle Yogi boy) Below right
London at 7 months 2-2019
Belle and Yogi produced our Chloe, their daughter will breed until 2021. See Tori (our new girl out of same parents ...she will carry on the line!