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Thoreau 8 weeks
"AngelKiss" has 12 Akc Champions ​in 5 Generation Pedigree. She is a Dark Chocolate Akc Liver: ​            
We estimate she will be in standard Shih Tzu size 9-12lbs and produce similar sized puppies (estimates are based on ​parent size and Alamo 's size & background​​​    
 Zelda 3 1/2 wks
Our "AngelKiss and her sister, Rocher's" Parents
To get an idea of what these puppies look like as they grow..AngelKiss' sister Rocher came into heat in Oct. and already Bred to Romeo and their puppies came Dec. 22, 2014..these will look similar! Also The Sire on AngelKiss litter (Alamo) Sire to Rosies 2014 litter
AngelKiss' Sire: Thoreau
Dark Chocolate (13 lbs.)
[carries "Dobie" markings]​
4 Akc Champions
AngelKiss' Dam: Zelda
Black (9 lbs.)
[Carries Liver gene &
​Dobie marking genes]​
​29 Akc Champions
Stud: Akc Liver/ Dark Chocolate
also produce Liver and White​
PAST DAM: "Hollands' Finest Chocolate   AngelKiss"NURSERY 
 5 AKC Liver Puppies CAME February 10, 2015!    
Going home aprox. April 7, 2015
Click HERE to see AngelKiss' Chocolate Full Brother, "Zest", and the Chocolate Puppies he Sired in Germany...Rocher has Sire and Dam as Zest that helped produce  these Puppies with dark Liver genes
10-12-13    6 weeks
"AngelKiss"Dark Chocolate
1st  breedingPuppies came
Feb. 10, 2015See Avail Pups/Wait Listto check availability of
Picks of Litter. 3 males are available as of the birth date.
AngelKiss 11 Weeks on 11-14-13
Seeing Double? Rocher and AngelKiss are from the same litter..two times the fun!! The sisters are also shown below in the pet friendly hotel in our travel playpen..we are so glad we went back for Rocher's sister . Now she has a furry playmate! Click on Photo of two puppies below and see Rocher's( Sheya's) Page.
11 wks.
AngelKiss (below) at 12 weeks old..after her bath..she is so sweet!
Click HERE for more photos from this ALBUM
AngelKiss has Gorgeous Eyes!
Trouble X Two Video Dec. 7, 2013
Come see AngelKiss and Rocher Photo Album 10 1/2mos Playtime
4 months on Dec. 30, 2013
Sisters: Rocher and AngelKiss
So excited!..only about 14-20 months. Dark chocolates are YUMMY! We hope for dark Chocolate Puppies..darker than ever
 in our small Breeding program..if you like the way these two pups look, I think you will like their puppies!
 Reserve a 2015 pick of litter! Visit Avail Pups/Wait List and call us with the availsble spot you desire
Jan. 29, 2014 AngelKiss (5 months) has her first haircut!
Rocher and AngelKiss
Outside Fun 2-18-14
Bred to Alamo for Winter 2015 puppies
All sold but we have other litters coming in Summer 2015 and 2016 with our chocolate line (Romeo/Zoey) and Belle and Blossom with Blaze in 2016. Call to reserve a pup
(817(291-8007​​ after seeing avail pups/wait list (scroll to Zoey and to bottom of that page): Available Puppies/Wait List
Dam: AngelKiss
Sire: Alamo
Photos on this side below are of AngelKiss as a puppy
These are Non Fading Dark Chocolate Puppies with a Champion Bloodline!
Going to their forever homes 4-7-15​

Coco:Brooke(3rd pup w/us)         Sally (now Maddie):Sylvia
Trey (now Max):​Becky 
Gus: Gary C
Jake: Maria G.
​scroll down for
​more photos
​on left

​ ​​​Check out our upcoming planned litters for July  2015 and for Summer 2016
We accept deposits now for future pups.$100 -$200 deposit holds a position and goes toward your total. 
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AngelKiss is as sweet as a Cookie!
She is submissive. cuddly, and just wants to please you! Looking forward to puppies with a similar temperament
Sire: Alamo Dam: AngelKiss
​DOB: 2-10-15
​Call now for planned puppy: 817 291-8007
 Name Sex    Color     ID  DOB:2-10  11   12   13   14    15    16   17   18     19    20      21    21      23    24     26    28   3/1  

(we paint tailtip color for ID)
Coco  ​F      Liver &White  6.0   6.5   7.4  8.5  9.0   9.7 10.1  11.6  12.7  14.3 15   15.9  1.1.3  1.2.9  1.3.8  1.6.4  1.7.3  1.8.2

Gus    M     Liver   Green  6.2  6.7   7.6  8.5  9.0   9.2 10.8  11.8 12.2 14.1 15.2    1.06 1.1.1  1.2.1  1.18  1.3.8   1.5.0  1.5.9

Trey    M    Liver    White 4.9    5.5   6.0  7.2  8.1   8.8  9.3   10.4  11.1 13.2 13.9  15.5  1.02  1.1.3  1.1.8  1.5.0   1.6.4  1,7.8
Sally   F     Liver    pink    5.1    5.6   6.0  6.3  7.4  9.3  10.1  11.6  12.2  13.4 15   1.0.9  1.1.6  1.2.3 1.3.0  1.5.2   1.6.4  1.7.8
Jake   M     Liver    Blue   6.0   6.7   7.6  8.5  9.2 10.   10.2  11.5  11.8  14.1 14.6  15.2  1.00   1.04  1.1.3  1.3.2  1.4.3   1.5.2
Healthy Puppies about double their Birth weight by  7-10 days
Grandpa and Grandma to 2-10-15 litter
One Week Photo Album: Click HERE
Please Scroll down for more photos and links to FB Albums!
Feb. 19, 2015 (below)
​9 Days Old..Eyes are Starting to Open! Click HERE for Album
1st Pick male: Tina
2nd Pick: Becky
3rd pick: AVAILABLE​​

1st Female (CoCo) L&W: Brooke
2nd Female(Sally): Sylvia​​​
Sally (Sold)
Coco (sold)
2 of 3 sold/only 1 of these 3 males available
Come see our 11 Day old Album (Eyes Opening) ; Click HERE
2-22-15 Photos below from Day 12 FB Album:
Click HERE for more Photos​
2-22-15 It snowed in Texas last night..see our Adult dogs play in the snow! Click HERE
DAY 13 Puppy Photos (below):For more photos from this album, Click on  FB Album
Sally (Maddie from now on)
Name Sex Color ID   Date:         weights  continued (see above for earlier weights..weights at this age show healthy puppies gaining daily:
DOB:2-10                                                  3/1      3/2       3/3     3/4        3/5         3/6    3/11    3/13    3/19  3/21
(Color  ID)

Coco ​F Liver &White                      1.8.2   1.8.9  1.9.6   1.11.3  1.12.0   1.13.5  1.14  2.06    2.20      2.6.  2.7
Gus M Liver Green                         1.5.9   1.6.9  1.7.3   1.8.0    1.9.4     1.10.5  1.11  1.11.5  1.12     2.2   2.4

Trey M Liver White                         
1,7.8   1.9.0  1.9.7   1.11.5   1.12.6   1.14.5  2.06  2.3.1   2.5.7    2.11  2.12
​Sally F Liver pink                           1.7.8   1.9.4  1.10.5  1.12.7  1.15.0   1.15.6  2.2.6  2.6.4  2.10.3  2.15  3.2
Jake M Liver Blue                         
1.5.2   1.6.0  1.6.8    1.8.2    1.10.6   1.11.2  1.12.4 1.14   2.1.5    2.7   2,9

3/2/15 Puppies walking Video Link
ONE AVAILABLE MALE will be confirmed on Tuesday March 10, Please see photos and details: Click HERE
3/5/15 Puppies are socializing with each other..so cute!! See the link below!
3/6/15 First Puppy Food..weaning is a slow process..takes weeks..Puppies start by licking a gruel of soaked and blended puppy food off my finger, showing readiness to begin Puppy food..see more photos; Click HERE
3-6-15 Puppies are starting to eat warm gruel from a saucer now and we have increased to three times a day..we will gradually go to 5 X a day Also, when Puppies start on puppy food, the Mama no lingers like the taste of it..they had been licking puppy after each meal to stimulate potty and poo..now the Breeder takes over with a warm wet cloth after puppy food feedings until she sees them going on their own.
4 week Album of Coco and Maddie (Brooke and Sylvia's females) Click HERE
3 males at 4 weeks: JAKE (blue) was AVAILABLE ! GUS (green), and TREY (white background) Picks took place today 3-9-15. Congratulations Becki Vincent who moved to first position and chose Trey, the puppy she wanted! Congratulations Gary Coley who chose Gus, the boy he had his eye on all along!! Now, Jake is no longer Available! See his photo below with blue background.
Click HERE for more photos from this album.
Coco (left) Maddie (right)
Maria' Jake
Gary and Michelle's Gus
Becki's Trey..Now Max
 you don't get much cuter than this
3-12-15 Gary renamed Gus...Reese
come see 4 1/2 week album​
Maddie ( Sally)
3-16-15 Gus (now named Reese) has his first bath!
He posed so well for plenty of photos, when I put him back in his area he went right to the potty patch..eld it well before that
Click HERE for his very own
​photo album
After bath....
Trey (Max)..after his bath..click HERE for his album
3-17-15 Jake after his Bath/ Click HERE for His album
After bath..Sally (Maddie)/ Click HERE for more photos
Maddie....Kiss #100
More Photos of Coco..Click HERE
After bath time Photos..click on album links below each puppy for more photos of that particular pup
4/2/15 Coco's Album: Click HERE
4/3/15 (Sally) Maddie's Album: Click HERE
Maddie went home to Sylvia
Coco is Brooke 3rd puppy from us in the past 5 months..she went home today and will have Ginger, Maggie and Belle to play with. Ginger is out of Zoey/Red Dec. 23, 2014 litter and Maggie is from Ginger and Alamo Oct 2014 litter..enjoy your pack, Brooke!
Sire: Alamo Dam: AngelKiss
​"Max" aka: Trey at 7mos. courtesy of Becki V.