Our Sire: Alamo's AKC
     Champion Bloodline

     (AKC Showdog Ancestors below)​

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​Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
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Our AKC Liver Stud: Alamo..he is very sweet and produces chocolate Livers due to the dominance of his non dilute (non fading) gene that affects the fur. These are some of the AKC Champions in Cocoa's Bloodline. AKC determines the AKC Liver by the brown pigment (nose, pawpads, and eyeliner). Even a brown (fur) Shih Tzu with black points is NOT an AKC Liver The Recessive "Liver" Gene blocks the production of black pigment or fur. Learn more about the "Liver Gene".
AKC Standard Weight for Shih Tzu is 9-16 Lbs.
No Breeder can guarantee a certain weight but there are indications and previous pups can be studied for weight averages/ If wondering about weight..we Breed for healthy Shih Tzus that will be within AKC Standards at Adulthood: 9-16 lbs.
Previous Breeder/Owner of Alamo tells me that his offspring typically range from 9-11 lbs at adulthood. Our females are 9-11 lbs in adulthood.

Alamo's Mom "Lonestar's Finest Chocolate" aka Nessa- chocolate non fading liver
6 lbs 

Alamos Dad "Lonestar's Rock & Roll Memphis" - chocolate non fading liver 9 lbs

Alamo's Dad's Mom -"Southwyck's African Queen black female 12 lbs

Alamo's Dad's Dad "Southwyck's "Harley of Newton Hill" Black Male 12 lbs

Alamo's Mom's Dad - "Sakura Roji "Flash" O'Southwyck - Gold and white 10 lbs

Lonestars Rock N Roll

"Harley Of Newton'hill"

Konalani Little Brown Jug"
          G. Grandpa​
                           "Konalani Sugar Baby"
                                           G. Grandma​
                              "Sakura Roji "Flash"
​                                O'Southwyck -
​                                Gold and white                                             G.Grandpa
​African Queen" 
​black -Grandma
                         "CH Shali-Hi Sakura                                       Roll Wildone"
                              GG Grandpa​
               "CH Shali-Hi Sakura
                       ​Roll Myrth"
                    GG Grandma​
                            "Lonestar's Finest                                                 Chocolate"
​                                     aka Nessa-
​                                    "Akc liver"
                                (shaved down)​

VISUAL: Some AKC Ancestors (below) of our Stud: Alamo. Alamo has 23 Champions Breeding in his Pedigree and 15 total are Champions out of 65 ancestors in his 5 generation Pedegree! Some have repeat Breedings (see names in his pedigree). Means that 23 (about 1/3) of the 65 positions are Champions in the 5 generations! I have photos below of some of his beautiful Ancestors in his Pedigree. Alamo's Pedigree score is 21.
Note About Champion Bloodlines: When I look at a pedigree I count the red names with the CH in front of it as thdicates the dog in the ancestry. There are 65 positions in a 5 generation Pedigree and 23 of those positions have AKC Champion Shih Tzus in them...though there are 8 Dogs that have had some "double duty" so to speak! You may find that the Sire and Dam have some repeated Champion ancestors in their side thast both show in Alamo's pedigree. When I've said there are 23 Champions in Alamo's pedigree, I guess its not "technically" correct as there are 15 separate AKC Champions total on both sides with 8 breedings including with some of the 15 Champions. Breeders use the same Champion to "set" strengths and characteristics thay want in their line, so that the offspring are "closer to AKC standard", so it is a very common practice to "Line Breed". One of my favorite customers brought to my attention that the number 23 did not identify separate champions, so I wanted to clarify the matter. Counting the Champions in Alamos pedigree to 23, which is true, was never meant to mislead that there are 23 specific different champions in Alamo's pedigree. There are 15 Champions which is quite a bit..and 23 Champion Breedings so that about 1/3 of the Breeding activity in Alamo's pedegree was with AKC Champion Shih Tzus...we love our Shih Tzus and what Alamo produces with our girls! His Champion bloodline is a Plus in that it represents he is from "good Stock!". We don't promote that our puppies ARE or ARE NOT Show Quality. We leave that up to those that SHOW and handle AKC Shih Tzu Puppies for the ring. Come see the cute faces at age 3 weeks in this litter

Alamo is Bred to Rosie for Dec. 2014 Puppies
He will breed to Angelkiss for 2015 Puppies
Then he goes to a Breeder in Louisianna, who owned his son CoCoMo (hit by a car).
It broke our heart..thankfully they now have a fence around their several acres.