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Chloe's Great Grandparents:
​Belle's Dam: "Rocher's" Parents: Belle's Grandparents
Rocher's Sire: Thoreau
Dark Chocolate (13 lbs.)
[carries "Dobie" markings]​
4 Akc Champions
Rocher's Dam: Zelda
Black (9 lbs.)
[Carries Liver gene &
​Dobie marking genes]​
​29 Akc Champions
Dam:​"Hollands' Chocolate Chloe
​ or simply "Chloe"
Chloe's Grandfather:
​Belle's Sire: Romeo
See his page and
​scroll down for
​ pedigree​
Chloe: DOB:12-15-16
​ Belle has bred to Yogi and produced gorgeous puppies..we kept one(Chloe)!  Chloe is in December 2016 Nursery
We are planning for Chloe to start Breeding late 2018 to our handsome Samson. We are confident she will pass on her cutsie​ face and we will have chocolates (Akc Liver) . Future Litters planned are posted on Avail Pups/Waitlist page

Chloe's Grandparents:
​Belle's Dam: Rocher
AKC Yogi: belle's Sire(11 Lbs)

 Chloe's AKC Dam Belle: 8 lbs 
See Chloe's Family(below right side)...
When bred into a Line:
​Black darkens the Liver or Chocolate fur
Dark Chocolate AKC Liver
See More information and photos of ancestors as puppies  on Chloe's AKC Dam Belle Page
Belle's Future AKC Liver Stud "Samson"
Samson came to us 3-23-17 at 6m and will be ready before Chloe (about 15-20mos.)
March 4, 2017..Chloe  tied with Samson..her due date was May 6, 2018, but no litter so we try again in 6m. We had moved her breeding up because she had 8m heat instead of two 6m heats, guess she was meant to breed on her 3rd heat which is expected Aug. or Sept 2018 and that planned litter is now Litter #1
​ She will breed 2018-2021. As recommended by our Vets, we Breed Breed, then skip heat. See her ancestors (right)..estimated breeding schedule below: Click HEREto see Available Pups Wait list..when you get to that page, just scroll to bottom then back up to her planned litters

AKC Samson
DOB: 9-22-16​
7 lbs​..charting 8 lbs and is expected to throw pups on low end Akc or slightly lower (7-9 lbs) SeeSamson's page for pedigree
Chloe was born 12-15-16 Samson is not proven until his 1st Litter. He bred to Sophie and their pups are due July 2, 2018..watch for him to be proven!!
Deposits are coming from a breeder for pick of litter female in #1 first litter planned, then pick of litter male in first and 2nd litter. Pet price is $1850 for female and $1800 male akc limited. Im estimating a breeding when chloe is around 20m now..this is expected to be her 3rd heat . So we are back to end of 2018 its an estimate for first litter. Then after the first litter we will breed ( 4 months after arrival of pups.. which is 6m after breeding first time ...my vet recommends breed, breed , skip on heats. This is all based on if she has 6m heats from now on. When I see her next heat schedule I can predict ..but for now here's rough guesstimate -breed aug orSept 2018 for oct.or nov 2018 pups that go home around the new year or Feb 2019. Heres a possible breed plan:Then breed feb for april 2019 pups that go home june 2019..Then skip aug heat and breed feb 2020 for april 2020 pups, breed aug for oct 2020 pups, that go home around new year. Breed feb 2021 for april 2021 pups that go home june 2021, then skip aug 2021 heat. This is an example ( in a perfect world) of course Chloe could be off by a month or 2...but I would just be calling these litter number 1, litter number 2 and so on and the above are guestimates, though they could end up being somewhat accurate, we will see.hopefully this gives you something to think about  or call me and I'll Talk to you soon! Chloe will retire at age 5 as do all our females.So I'm still retiring 2021 (decided after purchasing Rosita (now Sophie) back. ​
Chloe's Sister (Velvet) says hi from her forever home
June 7, 2017 Chloe (almost 6 mos)
We have been adding photos of Chloe on Facebook