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Rosie's Sire: AKC Red Cowboy
Rosie's Dam: ​AKC Gold Kitty
See their AKC Pedigrees below
for Rosie's  Ancestors.​ See
AKC Dam: Rosie Page more info

Rosie's Non dilute AKC Red Sire: (Below) Cowboy and Non dilute Gold Dam: Kitty (right)
photos compliments of r texas star Breeder and friend: Shawn Ryals​

​Meet Stud, Red (Below). He started Breeding in our home in 2014 to Zoey and will breed to Rosie in 2015. We planned a breeding for Red, aka Moses XXIX Zoeys littermate, "Ziva (was known as "Rose" sold previously 2012) to one of our Customers. To see his puppies with previous breeder scroll down and with our own Zoey's Sister  Ziva..click on Sister ZIVA Pups PREVIEW of ZOEY/RED PUPS. We have created a whole page to their puppies to give you a PEEK PREVIEW of what Zoey and Red's Pups will look like!! We will expect Reds, Chocolates, and maybe Chocolate &Whites based on his previous 4 litters! See his ​litter's with other females below!
We accept early deposits of $100 goes toward purchase.​:See AVAIL PUPS/WAIT LIST for available positions to reserve one of Red's future pups!Early deposits are already coming in for picks.  
​Thank you Jessica for loving the breed like we do! November 2014, Red has gone to one of our wonderful small Breeders' homes and will breed to Rosie in aprox. May 2015 as part of our 
agreement, as we moved to a smaller home in Aledo. By end of Summer 2015, we will have only three Breeding females (also our pets) and co-own an outside AKC stud from quality bloodlines. This was an alternative to retiring from Breeding, and a workable one..we hope to continue to offer you sweet Chocolate, Chcolate and White, Red, and Red and White Shih Tzus from Holland Shih Tzu. 

.........  8 weeks......................................9 weeks.................10 on end weeks(far left) Good puppies in row!
6 months........................................................10 months..........................................11 months

Thank you Shawn of R Texas Star Shih Tzu for the privilege of exchanging "Sierra" our AKC Chocolate and White Puppy for "Rosie"in 2012..we were so excited to have Vibrant Red added to Our AKC Liver (Chocolate Shih Tzu family! Thank you,Rachael in Ohio, for allowing us to have Full AKC Breeding Rights in our sweet addition of Moses XXIX (Red) to Shih Tzu by Holland at AKCliverbrownshihtzu.com We simply will call him "Red" as he is just a right fit..Red is such a Beautiful Eye Opening Color..The Color of Our Savior's Blood shed for our sins!
    ​We carefully reviewed Moses XXIX Pedigree (aka. Red) and saw many familiar lines we have grown to love..even our sweet Holland's Zoey Girl has the same Great Grand Father as "Red" with 6 Shih Tzu ancestors names going back to the fifth generation, the same Robbins Tigger Roo. The relationship is far enough back according to two of our consulting Vets who are educated in Genetics and Fertility. With no known issues in the lines that are the same, Our Upcoming Breeding between Red and Zoey, due in December 2014 and should Maximize our Line Breeding for even more beautiful Puppies with Zoey. And Ziva who has exactly the same ancestors as Zoey is PROOF of how gorgeous these pups will be..They are a vibrant Red, and time will tell if there is fading to a strawberry or not..we think either way, they will be gorgeous. Red and Zoey tend to have masks in their lines, so that too will be an interesting aspect of their beauty if it applies!
We also hope to set gorgeous vibrant colors in Rosie's 2015 Litter! We are so excited! We are so happy to have a male that has recently proven himself with two litters before he left his last Breeder..rarely are Studs proven early..as they are in their prime for Breeding between 2-5 yrs. Since he has been with him, he has bred Ziva for healthy Red and Chocolate pups!!
    ​Our plans are to breed  Rosie and Zoey in 2016 and spay them by age 5. We plan to keep a solid chocolate female puppy along the way and start breeding her in 2016 until she turns 5.  Most Excellent! God is so Good to put us with the right people to bring about a successful Hobby Business that honors Him in a day when so many have turned away from their Creator. Thank you Lord..for your Blessings and wonderful Families that get our Puppies!! Thank you for people that Love Chocolate! We Love Chocolates! Who doesn't LOVE Chocolate? With God's help we produce sweet Chocolate Babies, so loving and calm in Creme, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate and White and now Red Chocolate are in our Breeding (see Alamo/Red Puppies 2013..also coming in December 2014!!!! That beautiful fur on our Sunkist Rose..She who has gorgeous Red, Vibrant Oranges, deep chocolate and so this is what we desired more of..and the Lord answered our prayer in His time and His Way..soon we are adding. We loved on Red for over a year before we had opportunity to breed him to Zoey..then our move required downsizing our huber of males. He is only two hours away and we will see him for a final Breeding to Rosie in Mid 2015. We think he;s adorable and makes cute puppies that look like him..Feel free to let us know what you think as you view the photos courtesy of Rachael in Ohio, Red's previous Breeder!
     ​Also known as "Red"
Solid Red AKC Liver "Red" and Red AKC Liver Rosie 1st planned Breeding aprox. FALL 2014...hoping for Vibrant Red Livers and Dark Chocolate Livers! Deposits being accepted early See Fall 2014 Prices and Purchase Agreement

​Scroll down to See more photos of Red below Rosie..​planned for Breeding 2014
Red at 10 mos 2/2013
Rosie (above and Right..won't Red and Rosie make a beautiful pair? We are especially pleased that their fur colors are both Vibrant!! Looking forward to beautiful puppies. Red weighs 9.2oz..and Rosie is a compact
10.0 oz. Puppies are expected to be similar in size in adulthood.
"Red" (above) just shaved down 4/2013 by previous Breeder..at least we know
a good haircut was not
hiding anything..he's adorable! But we have
been growing his fur back!
    ​Thank you Rachael for these darling photos of Red..we just Fast tracked through his sweet puppyhood..and will love him just the same!
One day I asked Rachael to text me a photo of Red..He's just waiting for me to pick him..we have completed the paperwork and purchase part of his transition..now Rachael is saying goodbye and soon I'll be saying hello and he'll fly back to Texas under my seat in cabin..I'll be there soon for you sweet Red! Scroll down to see the puppies he Sired before leaving to come home to us!
4-7-13 Red is proven..here's his first litter (Out of State) produced and before he left for Texas. Aren't they beautiful..chocolates and a red! We will post the second and third litter Sired by Red after they are born toward end of April! By then he will be here with us!
Click HERE for Prices and Purchase Info on planned litters with Red and our Females as well as Alamo's planned litters
April 12-14th, I flew to pick up Red! Met his previous Breeder and enjoyed learning all about him. We have some training to do with some chewing behavior (nothing calves hooves in replacement for shoes won't handle!) and leash and  crate training, however the main thing that I love about Red is that his Breeder loved on him ALOT! I can tell when I hold him..reminds me of ours! Anyway, he has the sweetest temperament ! When I got home, I introduced him to Alamo and Alamo was ready for play! They get along great! Then the girls..It's such a blessing that Rosie and Zoey are just loving him and accepting him like he's been here all along. Cocoa, being pregnant was a little more stand offish, so I waited till morning and she agrees he can stay LOL! Ami welcome him with much sniffing to see just what is this little guy all about. Ginger, even though she is the sweetest with humans, just is our slowest to accept change..so we are working with her and Red under close supervision. Notice how Red is sniffing Rosie (photo below)..this is how dogs get to know each other!
Airport Photo: Akron Canton Airport (CAK)
This airport allows In-Cabin Pets to fly at the passengers feet in soft or hard kennel but does not ship pets Petsafe Cargo. So I made the trip to pick up my sweet new Baby!!​​​ Below is a photo of Red back at the Pet friendly Hotel, after I rented a car and drove into Youngstown Ohio to get him..I enjoyed meeting his previous owner, Rachael and seeing how he has been living​. She no longer breeds Shih Tzus...but breeds labs now!
Red loves to chew, he will be chewing on alot of goodies and calves hooves at our house instead of flip flops I saw him chewing on when I picked him up
      The reason we don't allow a puppy to chew on ANY kind of shoe is they can't differentiate between and "old" shoe and a new shoe and once you allow it, they are seeing you approving the shoe chewing behavior. If your dog chews on shoes..just a quick "eh eh!" in a low voice, take the shoe away and replace it with a calves hoof from the feed store!​
Click here and See more Breeder/Health Tips
Red at age 11 mos April 2013​
Red's Playtime with Our Zoey and Rosie 4-18-13..enjoying the fun!
Rosie and Red April 19, 2013
Just got a text; 4-19-13...Back in Ohio (2 photos above)..another of Red's Litters (with previous Breeder's "Goldie" Gold Female) are born! He was busy a few months ago when he was just around 9 mos...that's our boy already PROVEN! I'm told he has one more litter he Sired..due about April 28..will post when born
Red bred with a Chocolate girl  owned by previous Breeder and produced Red, Choclate and Choclate and White!
Red on 5-23-13   1 yr. old
Happy 1 Yr Birthday Red!! 5-24-13
To SEE AVAILABLE POSITIONS for Puppy in One of Our Planned Litters CLICK HERE and scroll down our Planned Breedings. We accept early deposits to "Reserve" your Puppy!
...about Red
Photos of Red and Rosie laying 
on the floor near each other 6-21-13​
Our Stud Red: 7-3-13 Vet weighed 8.9lbs
         Red on 7-3-13
Red bred with a female belonging to one of my customers; the Dam was not a Liver or a carrier of the liver gene..here is his baby boy..handsome huh? Scroll down for more of his PREVIOUS babies!
​We look forward to producing Livers (AKC) with our Liver females, that are as cute but with brown pigment  in 2014!
Sire: RED Dam: Belle (not ours)
Below are some of Red's babies (Sired by Red..with females that are not in our Breeding program) with other Breeders..aren't they just adorable!! Maybe they will help you see what he is capable of producing!!
Leo (Ohio)
Blaze (Ohio)
Red carries for "Dobie". The female with white was named Cherry Bell. Red's brother also had black masks like his two offspring above
Liver blocks black, so may have darker chocolate on face fur similar to Zoey's Sire: Cashew. All  Our females are all Liver so there would be no black in them (Liver  (brown) Blocks black in pigment and fur.
Red's daughters
We have plans to breed Red to Rosie and to Zoey in Fall 2014!!Accepting early deposits to HOLD positions!!To see available positions ( scroll down the page after you: CLICK HERE

Red in our home..he is such a sweet boy..his temperment is amazing!
PREVIEW Of What a breeding between Zoey and Red will likely look like. Ziva, Zoeys Sister has Zoey's same genes (both are out of same litter) and she just bred to Red and had puppies born 9-23-13..see photos below of 3 Red and 1 Chocolate AKC Liver Litter..Sired by our Red! We have available positions for our planned breeding Fall 2014 go to Agreement page and scroll down to see all available positions... if interested in placing an early deposit to hold a future puppy sired by Red
Sire: Red Dam: Ziva (Zoey's Sister)
born to our customer, who we mentor, on 9-23-13​
Red at 6 weeks
Sire: Red in Sept. 2013 age 16m
Plan ahead by Reserving a Puppy from Red's planned Litter with ether Zoey or Rosie planned Breeding aprox. Fall 2014
For a Puppy to take home in the New Year!​ See Available Positions
Zoey and Rosie have planned Breedings to Red 2014 with available positions
Click Here to See just a few Red's Red Ancestors:
Grandfather and Great Grandparents (Dam's side) He's got some great lines..view his Pedigree above
Red's Pup (below)
2 1/2 wks click Photo for more of his Fur Babies
Click on Red's Beautiful Pup (above) to see more photos as this puppy from Zoey's sister and Red grow! They give us a PREVIEW of the fur coloring of puppies we will get in our planned breeding between Zoey (has same genes as Ziva) and Red Fall 2014..available positions by $100 deposit which "Holds" 1st or 2nd pick!! After seeing the photos please see our Avail Pups/Wait List page
Sire: Red Dam: Ziva DOB: 9-23-13

More Photos will be added to Zoeys subpage (click arrow on Zoey: Crm/Liver Zoey to see photos of her sister and Red's Puppies as they grow..please check back often for updates!
Red is Sweet Sweet Sweet..loves to give Kisses and be held
Rosie's Dam: Kitty
Rosie's Sire: Cowboy
Litters (Below)Produced By RED
Picking Up Red Out of State
Red at Hotel, Akron Ohio
Video: Red, Zoey and Rosie Fetching the Leopard!
Red's Baby
As seen in Red's Offspring..Red carries for Dobie
Black Masks are in Red's ancestry and show up in his babies too.
Red Likes to play with Zoey and Rosie and will breed to them each Fall 2014
Red's solid Chocolate Puppies..a little older here (below)
Red's & Belle Daughter: Piper Rose

Red's (Liver) & Belle (not Liver or Liver Carrier) Son: Brody
Click on Photo below of Red/Ziva Pup to see More photos of growing pups...to give preview of Red bred to Zoey, her sister..
We have two other domain names..in case you see them online..they lead to
www.AkcLiverBrownShihTzu.com :
www.AkcLiverShihTzu.com is also Us!
www.AkcLiverRedShihTzu.com leads here too! Please check out Our Akc Dam: Rosie Page..as we plan to breed Red and Rosie to set those VIBRANT RED colors in their Puppies Fur!!
Note: Due to our need to downsize in our new home, Red has gone to  his new home with our customers, the Craft Family, a small Breeder: "Sugar Cookie Shih Tzus" also in Texas..we have an agreement and still have plans to breed him to Rosie, but in May 2015. Currently we are accepting deposits on Zoey and Reds December 2014 Litter and on Rosie's and Red's 2015 Planned litter ..see whats available and let me know if you want to reserve one of his pups with us
Red sleeping like a baby in his new home..the stuffed animal is not staged..he loves toys!! Thanks Jessica for this cute photo and for letting us know that Red is adjusting well to his new home.
Red going to his forever home