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​"AngelKiss" born 8-30-13
Sire: Thoreaux Dam: Zelda



Dark Chocolate, Akc Liver​. She is full sister from same litter as our Sweet "Rocher"! She has one white spot on her chest that is her Kiss by an Angel! We decided to go back and get this darling Chocolate female, the last chocolate (Akc Liver) girl in the litter! We love her so much! She has a Dark Chocolate (Akc Liver) Sire and Akc Black Dam shown below (scroll down center) and then keep scrolling for most current Photos of "Kisses" and some of her sisiter playing with her...this was a good decision, they love it!
Thoreau 8 weeks
When we breed "AngelKiss"  to our Akc Liver Shih Tzu stud: Alamo.we will get 100% Liver puppies (no black). The black is an advantage to influence the dark chocolate color (Alamo has two dark chocolate parents and AKC Black "African Queen" grandmother and Black Grandfathers:Southwyck's "Harley Of Newton'hill /White's Max Black At Malay'S!" and Grandmother Akc Liver "Newtonhill's Chocolate Isabel". We plan to breed "Rocher" to Alamo first for those Dark Rich Chocolates you crave!

​This page is dedicated to "AngelKiss'" puppyhood and future adulthood..you can watch her grow here (below) as we add new photos often! Please keep watch if you are interested in a puppy from her in the future. When she incomes into heat after Oct 2014, and we breed her, she will have a Nursery page. She will only be bred this once by us and then rehome to a small breeder out of state. My husband has asked me to retire from breeding. If you would like a puppy from her upcoming litter, you may check availability of positions and pace an early deposit (the way most of our puppies sell..before breeding!)

​DEPOSITS and PRICES: We accept early deposits for all our puppies for those with an eye on the future of their family and their Breeding program. *Her first Breeding will be with our Akc Liver (Dark Chocolate) stud, Alamo. Less than the investment we have in her..her Akc puppy prices will be $1600 each. Still reasonable in the world of Chocolate Shih Tzus! Call about Full Akc Rights on case by case basis.​​
​See our Purchase Agreement and our Available Puppies/WAITING LIST page for positions AVAILABLE to reserve by early Deposit.

​*Note: Our Vet said she is mature and may breed on her second heat, which we are waiting for now (Oct. 2014) 3 of our other dogs including her sister bred in October..but she has not come into heat yet.
"AngelKiss" has 12 Akc Champions ​in 5 Generation Pedigree. She is a Dark Chocolate Akc Liver: ​            
Our First Breeding an last to Alamo Dec.6, 2014 Puppies came Feb.10,  2015!

​We estimate she will be in standard Shih Tzu size 9-12lbs and produce similar sized puppies (estimates are based on ​parent size and Alamo 's size & background​​​    
 Zelda 3 1/2 wks
Our "AngelKiss and her sister, Rocher's" Parents
Our Studs: Alamo : AngelKiss' first planned breeding ​is with Alamo aprox. Fall 2014/Winter 2015
Her sister Rocher came into heat in Oct. and already Bred to Romeo and their puppies are due Jan. 1, 2015​
AngelKiss' Sire: Thoreau
Dark Chocolate (13 lbs.)
[carries "Dobie" markings]​
4 Akc Champions
AngelKiss' Dam: Zelda
Black (9 lbs.)
[Carries Liver gene &
​Dobie marking genes]​
​29 Akc Champions
Stud: Akc Liver/ Dark Chocolate
also produce Liver and White​

​​​We love raising our own puppies from our Dam's: Ami gave us Ginger and Cocoa. We raised them from the time they could fit in the palm of our hand to breeding age and beyond. They are so sweet and love to be groomed and loved on our laps..that is a great feeling to feel such a connection to our Shih Tzus. Cocoa gave us Hollands' Zoey Girl just before we lost our son, Austin..that special bond he had to her gives me a more special bond when I hold her and she lays her sweet head on my shoulder ( I think of him). Occassionally we bring in another Bloodline, especially good for our customers that are small Hobby Breeders like us (so they can bring that new line into their Breeding program). We have brought in older Puppies, but LOVE bringing them up from puppyhood..there's just something so special about that..we are so excited about this little girl..from JiDu Line and we welcome "AngelKiss"
WATCH "Kisses" Grow! Photos will be continually added
​below in order of her age progression from 11 weeks to Present!!
 Holland's AKC Dam: "Hollands' Finest Chocolate AngelKiss"
5 Puppies came Feb.10, 2015 with Sire Alamo(23 AKC Champions in 5 gen pedigree) All sold and went home. Angelicas leaves for her
new home in May. We will miss this sweet girl.​
Click HERE to see AngelKiss' Chocolate Full Brother, "Zest", and the Chocolate Puppies he Sired in Germany...Rocher has Sire and Dam as Zest that helped produce  these Puppies with dark Liver genes
10-12-13    6 weeks
We dream about Chocolate and love cookies too... just like our customers do!
So this sweet girl is named after a combination of Chocolate kiss and cookie..Angel kiss!
 I'm sure some of us will call her Angel and other's call her "kisses"!
Dark Chocolate
1st planned breeding
December 2014 for Valentine Puppies ready to go home aprox. Mid April  2015
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Picks of Litter.
We looked for a very long time before we found Rocher and then we would dream about her sister! We just had to go back for her and were so thankful she was still available..the last of the female "liver" puppies in that Litter.. The Liver Puppies we produce here are hard to find, according to our many customers...some people look for years. Our looking led us to bring in another line for darker chocolates (their Dam is solid Black) Alamo has a Black grandmother and Grand father on his Sires side. With all the black here and there, the chocolate darkens. Of course we can't guarantee that chocolate fur won't change from puppyhood, as all Shih Tzu fur changes. We welcome this little "Angel Kiss" and we are so thrilled she will get to play daily with her sister Rocher and with us!!

AngelKiss 11 Weeks on 11-14-13
This sweet Pup, our latest addition to our family...Kisses will be loved and socialized daily to our family...in about 14 or 15mos we plan to breed her to Alamo
for more dark chocolate. We accept early deposits for those that have an eye on the future of their breeding program!
Seeing Double? Rocher and AngelKiss are from the same litter..two times the fun!! The sisters are also shown below in the pet friendly hotel in our travel playpen..we are so glad we went back for Rocher's sister . Now she has a furry playmate! Click on Photo of two puppies below and see Rocher's( Sheya's) Page.
We met the Breeder in San Antonio this time to pick up AngelKiss (below) I'm holding both sisiters..look one of them throws you a kiss too!!
Our portable playpen protects our pups from this Pet friendly hotel, they steam clean well, but I'm very protective until ALL vaccinations are completed! They are not touching the ground, we have a blanket under my portable playpen
11 wks.
AngelKiss (below) at 12 weeks old..after her bath..she is so sweet!
Click HERE for more photos from this ALBUM
AngelKiss has Gorgeous Eyes!
Trouble X Two Video Dec. 7, 2013
Come see AngelKiss and Rocher Photo Album 10 1/2mos Playtime
4 months on Dec. 30, 2013
Sisters: Rocher and AngelKiss
So excited!..only about 14-20 months. Dark chocolates are YUMMY! We hope for dark Chocolate Puppies..darker than ever
 in our small Breeding program..if you like the way these two pups look, I think you will like their puppies!
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Jan. 29, 2014 AngelKiss (5 months) has her first haircut!
Rocher and AngelKiss
Outside Fun 2-18-14
Bred to Alamo for  Dark Chocolate Puppies that came Feb10,. 2015  and at 8 weeks they went home in April. Click HERE for her Nursery page..Angelkiss is rehomed as we thought we were retiring and accepted an early deposit..but had a change of heart though we kept our contract..and have to say goodbye in May..we are happy to have her neice from her same bloodline: Belle! Planned breedings begin 2016!!