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Located Just 20 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth
Above: Our Retired Sweet Pet, Ami (above and below): Dam to both Cocoa and Ginger..she and Ginger look so much alike, Once I put Ami in with puppies to nurse them..she just looked at me like I was coo coo! We love her calm disposition! She loves to play and to go for a walk or just to be a lapdog...​she is the sweetest dog.She
is in good health with annual vaccinations given 9-2013) and current 3 yr.
Rabies vaccination in 8-2013 (due 2015).She had her teeth cleaned about a year ago.She has been loved and cared for and we want her to go to a home that loves and cares for her. She was spayed at age 5. She just turned 8 and has no known health issues. A family with children, a Senior, or a family with other dogs is fine..feel free to schedual an appt after we review your application. We will keep her available until the right family comes. We reserve the right to refuse adoption.
10-12-13 Cocoa (above and right Retired and Rehomed soon... to a sweet Servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Cocoa went to Arkansas with Valerie Creech while with her daughter for the birth of her babyand then flew with her in cabin (after Christmas) to Panama. We are pleased Cocoa is to be a Missionaries' Dog! We'll miss you, Cocoa! We send her off praying she will bring much love and comfort while these dear servants are on the field.

Please submit applications by attaching to email and sending to
signatures will be required before
final approval.
Cocoa no longer available
Ami: delivered to OK city 11-23-13

We are a small Breeder, with no more than 4 breeding females. In order to continue our breeding program we must rehome adult retired​​ Shih Tzus that we love and raise...our Breeding program would end if we could not rehome. This is not easy as we treat every dog as a family member. Our females retire by age 5. We spay all females before they leave to avoid any risk of breeding after 5. We look for homes that are as good or better than our own for them to live out their years. Many Shi Tzus live to age 16! Our adoption fee is aprox. 1/2 that Shih Tzu's puppies price. Add $100 spay and $100 teeth cleaning (if needed). 

Ami Adoption complete:
​Ami went to Karon, Tulsa.
OK. on ​11-22-13 Scroll down
for photos.

Recent photos of Ami
"Hi Cecilia, This is Lori, I'm the daughter of Robert and Valerie that lives with them in Panama.I'm not on facebook so, I hijacked their account to send you a quick note. I just wanted to say thank you for being willing to let Mom adopt Cocoa! Mom and I share a love for dogs, and we are both so excited to have Cocoa as our newest family member. I've had the joy of owning a shih tzu, and he was the love of my life. We were absolutely inseparable, and I have missed him dearly. They are the best dogs in the world, and I have been hounding Mom and Dad to get one all year. The Lord is truly using you to be a blessing to us, and I wanted you to know that. In His wisdom this is the exact time frame when we are able to commit to taking care of a dog. I look forward to meeting Cocoa and spoiling her here in Panama. P.S. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show of my Otto. He was stolen two years ago, and I miss him so much. He brought so much joy into my life."
Robert Creech Family (right): ​Missionary to Panama
Karon is "adopting" Ami as her own. We all prayed and felt a peace about Ami going to spend the rest of her years with a fellow senior..she's such a sweet dog and we hear that Karon is very loving and caring toward her daughter's Shih Tzus...we already know Ami will love her and will be the right fit with this dear Christian Lady. Karon's daughter, Christi has a deposit on one of Alamo's puppies and is glad she saw us place Ami for adoption...as she thought about her mother.Thank you Christi for helping Ami and Karon find each other!
11-17-13..Cocoa just got to Arkansas..look at those smiles (Valerie and Cocoa)! They were made for each other! Makes me so happy that Cocoa and Valerie are happy to have each other!! Valerie said:
​ "We are walking through each room right now smelling stuff! She is everything I hoped for!! What a tremendous blessing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Sisters: Karon and Glenda
How to Transition an Adult Shih Tzu already potty trained to new home: Click HERE
Valerie and Cocoa
Click on photo below to see more photos of Ami taken on 11-18-13 after her bath and blow-dry!
 Ami is in her new home 
..thank you Karon for providing a loving
home for Am

Text from Christi ( Karon's Daughter):
"Hi. Oh yes. Its going perfect! They really were a perfect match. My moms roommate, the lady who lives upstairs also loves Ami and Ami loves to go check on her sometimes. Mostly she stays by mom but occasionally she will go say hi to the roommate and the roommate loves it. Then there's me who keeps saying I'm bringing her home with me. I'm totally attached to her and she loves me too. Of course, I'm teasing my mom when I say that.
She's, playin, sleepin, eating, no accidents. Getting special food and even sleepin right beside my moms bed in her own bed. Ami has it made! :)
Yesterday I went by there to take my mom some things (and to see Ami) and I sat indian style in the floor to brush her and when I was done I had her to come to my lap. She crawled up and laid down and went to sleep. I just love her. "
Karon is so happy to have Ami.
They are inseperable!

Karon's daughter, Christi.."just showin
you how crazy I am about her also"

" Her favorite nighttime napping spot; behind my head...She loves sitting right beside me on the couch or up behind my head. She's a real sweetie. I'm honored that you thought of me when it came time for her rehoming. Thank you again!"
With Valarie In Arkansas, Cocoa plays outside (4 acres). Inside she loves the top of the couch and has a big picture window! We are so pleased that Valarie wanted to give Cocoa a forever home that she would enjoy with the Creech family.
Cocoa is the first Shih Tzu we have raised from puppyhood that we have rehomed. We are happy she is getting much attention and love

Dec.6, 2013..thanks for the update, Valerie. Cocoa is an ALL-Season Doggie!
Cocoa flew to Panama with the Creech family in Feb. 2014 and here she is in her usual back top of couch favorite spot! We miss you Cocoa!!
Ginger Has one more Breeding to Alamo October 2014 for December Puppies..then she will love and wean her puppies. We are accepting applications for adoption now for review.  She will be available with spay contract to a Pet home..we prefer her to be an only pet ( no other dogs in home). She is sweet with children and adults, but very particular about sharing her queenship with another dog! No Breeder rights..pet only, low adoption fee. Contact me for more details. (817) 291-8007 
Ginger: (Cocoa's sister and Ami's daughter)Photo above
AKC Liver and White Shih Tzu for Adoption
December  2014...early application and early deposit ​will be considered to "Reserve her" to a good home. 2 Application forms are required and can be found on links in blue  at top of this page). Mail filled out forms to ceciliadiane@hotmail.com 
7/13/14 "Ginger" and Our daughter before our move to Aledo Tx 76008 (30 min away)..here she enjoys pleasing Katie (13) by walking through her obstacle course..boxes in Den! Sorry can't rotate right side up.
We made the move to from 4,007 sq ft home to 1,479 PLUS 300 Sq ft enclosed patio. We Decided to add custom sliding glass windows, AC and heating and it will be the dogs room..also includes a leather couch and TV and elliptical . Then we had a contractor come in and add more cedar and pack insulation in between and seal every crack outside to prevent the cold from coming in this Winter.
​ Our new home backs up to a cattle ranch, so we have to let dogs into our huge backyard and watch them, so in case a coyote comes around. We do have barbed wire at the top of our fences and sensor lights on each side outside our two new patio doors. We haven't seen them, but hear them at night. Still,  we don't let our dogs out of our site. My husband asked me to stop breeding after our 2015 planned breedings, but then agreed I could keep Zoey and Rosie to breed in 2016 after a skipped heat..then we spay them before age 5 and they are our sweet pets.Then after some decisions, he agreed I could add two dogs..a male and a female..but I had already accepted deposits to sell 5 of our breeding Shih Tzus. 4 will go to one of our customers that has 4 acres and fenced yard and give much love and indoor care to their small breeding program in 2015.... We are happy Alamo, Angelkiss, Romeo and Rocher will stay together with our customer, Robbie. Red went to another one of our small Breeders, Jessica,  after Zoey bred. Our agreement allows Rosie to breed to him a second and last time in 2015 as part of our contract with her. She won't stud him to any others to protect the health of her pack. After the Summer 2015 puppies go home and the adult Shih Tzus go home by Summer 2015 or earlier...We will breed our two girls Zoey and Rosie after a skipped heat in 2016..we will keep Rosie and especially Zoey Girl due to our attachment to her through my son, who asked if he could have her when she was just a pup and before he passed. Everytime we hold , she puts her head on our shoulders..I can't help but think of my son who has a new home in Heaven. We are blessed to continue our Hobby Business..getting a new male and keeping a dark chocolate female out of our line for a total of four dogs (3 females and 1 male)...since we 
accepted early deposits when we THOUGHT we were retiring after our move to this smaller home. Our dog room has door access from our bedroom and living room and is working out even better than I imagined after over $13,000 investment to get it people and dog ready!
July 2014..our dogs LOVE to run and play in our even bigger backyard every 2-3 hours when they come out to potty...for ease of care they all got new haircuts except Rosie.
8-2014 Cocoa UPDATE..She is doing great in Panama, she goes with Lori (Valeri's Daughter) to the community center where Lori teaches young children. Cocoa loves all the attention and petting..and this might just be her ministry!
Ginger  retired and went to live with Judy, (below) who also recently retired.​She is 
 loved so much! So glad Ginger is in a great home! Miss you 
Our dogs in August 2014 playing in our new backyard. At this point in time, We invested $13,000 into making our 338 sq ft. enclosed cedar patio livable for our dogs and family by adding 4' custom sliding windows all the way around, AC/Heater, and custom carpentry of cedar inside with layers of insulation packed into the high cedar ceilings and cedar walls and sylacone sealing of all cracks in wood, and new doors! Our dogs and puppies mean so much to me, I wanted them comfortable and safe..I spend much time in the room they are in and in yard with them too! They also come into my bedroom  We are keeping Zoey and Rosie and Breeding until 2016..we are adding a new male (since we sold Romeo..and we are either keeping a Rocher and Romeo pup from Jan 2015 litter or getting a dark chocolate from outside lines to breed with Blaze. our new Glory Ridge male! We also brought in an Akc  Liver Chocolate male we couldn't resist (from Sweet N Sassy). 
Valarie in Panama..11/17/14 Update:
"Hi Good to hear from you! I have enjoyed seeing your photos of the new litter. They're adorable. Cocoa is doing fantastic. She loves all four of us in her own special way. She seems to have a special love for John. He teaches computer class in a local private Christian school here. Lori runs a tutoring school & often takes Cocoa with her. She also attends two bible studies that Lori is hosting at her tutoring place. EVERYONE absolutely loves this dog. Most days she stays with me & I can't tell you enough how much I love this dog. She is the VERY BEST dog I have ever had!!!! She has her little routines down now. She is truly an awesome dog & has won the heart of my husband! How are you & your family doing? It doesn't look like you plan to stop breeding any time soon. Haha​"
See the insulation being PACKED in-between the wood..on high ceilings and walls...as the wood goes up..then each crack is sealed from the outside!! Our puppies are on heating pads and heat lamp tp keep them at the right temperature..this room os enjoyed by us and our pets and we invite our dogs in a few at a time to lounge on my bed or couch!
I still cry when my adult dogs go to very good homes...its the hardest part about having a Hobby Business Breeding and raising Shih Tzu..we have to rehome to make room for future breeding dogs as we are limited to how many we can have. As a hobby breeder, we can have 4 breeding dogs and still ship and not have to be a Commercially licensed large breeder. We rate open to AKC inspection and take very seriously our record keeping , our cleanliness and most of all our love and care for our dogs..we love you Ginger and will miss you very much! But we know you are going to have more attention and love in this home where you will be queen and not be barked at by the other girls when they are with their puppies.
Congratulations Judy! You got a very special Shih Tzu created by our Amazing Lord God...we are confident you will be blessed by Ginger's sweetness as we have!!​ Cecilia Holland
Judy C. adopting Ginger today 1-28-15
Thanks Judy for bringing Ginger by to visit us, we miss her and we are so happy she is so loved in your home now. Also thanks for all the great text updates! Cecilia 3/2015

"She's living the good life and she's the queen of the house!She's really blessed our home!"
Hanging out at the pool with our grandson. She loved it!

We hosted a church family fun day Sat. Ginger got her turn to ride the train Sun with my g-kids before church. She loves it!
"grandson went with us on our park walk. We had to stop for water break at every bench. Ginger's like what's the problem dude!"
Past Adult Shih Tzu Adoptions: None available until 2016/
​we retire females at age 5
and place our adults where they are loved as much or more​
10-03-16 We rehomed Mocha to Brad and Marie in North Dakota where she will be loved and spoiled. We will miss her and this was a hard decision, but we have decided it's time to downsize to two breeding females like we had done when we started this hobby..so Belle and Blossom with be bred to Yogi over the next three years and then be rehomed too. We are rehoming Rosie to a wonderful family and keeping Zoey. We have plans to raise one of our female puppies out of one of our Yogi litters to keep company with our sweet Zoey when we retire in 2019. By the way Blaze was rehomed to Tiffiny, our customer for three of our puppies, as we only need one stud for the two girls and  we have people asking for his pups after his2016 nursery Pups with Belle and Blossom.

Expecting possible Blossom yogi Pups around December 10, 2016. Belle and Yogi had 4 ties and Puppies are due  aprox. December 20, 2016. And we will rehome Blossom and skip  Belles next heat..then breed again Fall 2017...after her December litter , we will accept deposits for her next planned litter. Belle is only 8 lbs and the right size for Yogi, she will be our only breeding female from 2017-2019..then we retire.​​​ I can say that's our plan... we have had past plans that have changed in the past..but we will be diligent to stick to this one, since I'm not bringing any new males in. We do plan to keep a female puppy now that Rosie is  rehomed...letting my daughter pick. She has a few years left in high school before College life is very busy. Since we have only ever had one tie on Blossom and Yogi first litter and it was difficult to get and all the hours of frustration on the second breeding, we are rehoming Blossom at age 2 (after pups wean) to small Breeder customer that has Blaze..a little easier for him to do the job! That leaves us with one breeding female, Belle and 1 stud, Yogi, 1 retired couch potato,: Zoey girl and hopefully a puppy for our youngest teen daughter out of the December Belle and Yogi litter. 
10/20/16 Rosie (now Lady Rose) took to Lady Windsor "straightaway"
Lady Rose will split her time between the U.K and Santa Barbara​ with her new family..what a blessing to us that she is already loved and  will be treated as royalty!