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"Rocher" has 12 Akc Champions ​in 5 Generation Pedigree. She is a Dark Chocolate Akc Liver: ​ With Alamo she produced Dark chocolate puppies expected to stay dark like her.            
 Zelda 3 1/2 wks
Belle's Dam: "Rocher's" Parents: Belle's Grandparents
Rocher's Sire: Thoreau
Dark Chocolate (13 lbs.)
[carries "Dobie" markings]​
4 Akc Champions
Rocher's Dam: Zelda
Black (9 lbs.)
[Carries Liver gene &
​Dobie marking genes]​
​29 Akc Champions
Belles Dam:
​ 10-12-13    6 weeks

Rocher (Row-Shey) 6 1/2 weeks old!
We looked for a very long time before we found Rocher. We are so pleased as our customers are right. The Liver Puppies we produce here are hard to find, according to our many customers...some people look for years. Our looking led us to bring in another line for darker chocolates (her Dam is solid Black) Alamo has a Black grandmother and Grand father on his Sires side. With all the black here and there, the chocolate darkens. Of course we can't guarantee that chocolate fur won't change from puppyhood, as all Shih Tzu fur changes. As we had hoped, Rocher and Romeo produced dark Chocolate puppies and  though we are sad to see her go, we are very excited about having Belle.
2-16-15 Rocher has gone to another small Breeder and her daughter carries on her line​

Shey (above) ​9 weeks on 11-02-2013
Dam:​"Hollands' Chocolate ​​Isabelle Grace" or simply "Belle" 
Belle's Sire (Chloe grandfather): Romeo
See his page and scroll down for pedigree​
DOB:12-22-14 Belle has bred to Yogi and produced gorgeous puppies..we even kept one(Chloe)!  June 2016 Nursery   Chloe is in December 2016 Nursery
Produces cutsie​ face chocolates (Akc Liver) and possibly Fawn/Sable Accented Chocolates. Future Litters planned Avail Pups/Waitlist page

Chocolate Litter Belle was born ..heat lamp gives red tint but they are Brown!
Our female (Sasha and later named Belle) born at 6:39am, 5.5oz.
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12-24-14 Christmas Eve: Day 2
December 26, 2014 Day 4...Click HERE for more Photos from this Album
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Females  Below...Belle (was Sasha) staying for our small Breeding program 
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Belle's Dam (Chloe Grandmother): Rocher (Row-Shey)
Yogi 2015-16 AKC Stud (10 Lbs)
Belle 8 weeks...we are thrilled to carry on Romeo and Rocher's pedigree in sweet Belle!
Belle 8 1/2 weeks
Above photo of Belle's Dam: Rocher. All Photos below are of Belle
Sasha (Belle) Jan. 3, 2015 Day 12//almost 2wks old

"We Just Went BELLY UP!"
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Belle 13 weeks
 AKC Dam Belle: 8 lbs 
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4 1/2 mos and sweet as she is cute
Belle on June 8, 2015 outside in sunlight
​(almost 6m)
4th of July..Belle on Danny's boat at our Church fellowship in Lake Worth
aprox. 6 1/2 mos.​
2016 Dam: Belle 7m  Sire: Romeo Dam: Rocher
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In Dec. 2016 Litter we kept Chloe..shown below at 12 weeks..looks just like her Dam!
Belle and Yogi's girl Velvet 1 yr old on Dec. 15, 2017..this is what their pups look like after a year. Photo courtesy of Christina V.