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Come see available positionsfor our planned litters 

Belle/Yogi 2017 (estimated December​​)
First Pick female:Dionne
2nd Pick female:Tiffiny L.

First Pick male​​: *Gwen F.
2nd male: Available ​



​​Picks took place by 4 weeks Jan. 12, 2017
​First Female:Mocha (now Chloe) Cecilia
2nd female:Velvet (still Velvet) Christine V.
1st Male:Kisses (now Orry: means Bear) Leighanne M.
2nd Male:Cocoa (Now Yogi Jr.) Glenda B.​​​
3rd Male: Truffles Debra R. and Bridgette

​​SEE our 2016 Past Puppy Yogi/Belle Litters

Belle & Yogi Puppies: See what we expect in December and ALL future litters! -Click Belle Nursery
Available positions in next litter Fall/W 2017.early deposits accepted after those on current waitlist have option to place deposit (in order of list) Click HERE
Pups in future litters can be reserved by deposit now for next planned litter: call Cecilia 817 291-8007 2nd picks male and female are still available, but won't last long. After pups are born the actual picks between puppies take place at 3-4 weeks, but those on the list get to choose in order of deposit.

Some Belle/Yogi PAST PUPS
Belle/Yogi PUPPIES Arrived Dec. 15, 2016 
December 2016 Puppies WaitList
Please SAVE this page to your Favorites or Bookmarks then to see Day 1 Puppies Album: Click HERE
Day 2 FB Album link: click HERE
5 Puppies born Dec. 15, 2016
First Week Weight Chart
Female (Pl tail tip): Velvet
Female (marked pink tail tip): Mocha
Male: (Sparkle Tail Tip): Truffles
Male (Blue Tail Tip): Cocoa
Male (Plain Tail Tip): Kisses
Day 1           2                  3                4                5                   6                    7                   8                9
4.8  oz.       5.1       6.2       6.9          7.9           9.0           9.7          10.6     12.5      

4.8            5.1         5.6       6.2          7.1           7.9         9.0          9.5      11.3

5.1          5.5​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​          6.0          6.2        7.1        7.9            8.6          9.0     10.6

4.4         4.9           6.2         7.1           7.6        8.5          9.0          9.9    12.0

5.3          6.2​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​          7.1        7.6             8.5        9.0       9.9            10.6      12.9

Healthy Pups gain weight..they about double their birthweight in 7-10 days. Birth weights may or may not have bearing on adult weights, we take early weights to see pups are gradually gaining daily.
Day 3 FB Photo link: Click HERE
Blue tail tip Male
Day 5 FB Album: Click HERE
Day 6 Facebook Album Link (photos below): Click HERE
We identify puppies by painting their tail tips (or not) when they are born​, then we give temporary names
picks take place in order of deposit on Feb. 12, 2017
Breeder exercising right to pick of litter female on this precious litter. Note: Iv'e never seen a bad pick, all our puppies are top notch, ask Belle!
Velvet: Plain tail tip female
Mocha: Pink tail tip female
Truffles: SparkleTail Tip
Cocoa: Blue tail tip
Kisses: Plain Tail tip
Day 7 Photo Album: Click HERE
Day 8 Album Link: Click HERE
Day 9 Christmas Eve Album Click HERE
Merry Christmas! Day 10 Album: Click HERE
I took a short video and posted on FB today..look for it near day 10 album, there is no link to copy to this page.
Day 11 Photo Album: Eyes open! Click HERE
Velvet and Mocha
Truffles, Cocoa, and Kisses
Day 13 Photo Album: click HERE
Truffles: 13 days
2 weeks Album : Click HERE
Velvet: 2 weeks
Day 16 Click HERE
Interested in a Puppy from us and willing to plan ahead? See our Available Pups Waitlist page..accepting partial deposits NOW for 2017-2019 planned litters!
Day 17 Pup Album: Click HERE
 Jan. 2, 2017 Album: 2 1/2 Weeks Day 18 Puppies are pushing up on paws and trying to walk ..but not ready yet! Click Here
Day 19 Fb photo Album: click HERE
Day 20 Puppies starting to walk Click HERE
Mocha and Velvet
3 weeks  old Jan 5, 2017 We transition to puppy food and gradually add more and more food several times a day so puppies wean naturally from Mama . She still goes into nurse during next several weeks. More photos: Click HERE
Puppies 3 weeks Below, More 3 week photos Album Click HERE
Click HEREfor 23 day album
This week puppies are socializing with each other. I posted a lot of videos on FB, please click any album link and scroll on my FB page to see as there are no links for videos. Picks take place this week by Jan. 12, 2017 (the beginning of week 4)
Puppies are all doing great! All picks made by Jan. 11 and here are the picks:​
Christina's Velvet
Holland's Mocha (now Chloe)
3 1/2 weeks FB Album Click HERE
Puppies Update::They are socializing with each other more, calm and sweet when we hold them daily, and getting just so CU-UTE! Please save our website to your bookmarks or favorites before going to our Facebook page where you find Puppy album link 3 1/2 weeks and all previous albums from birth to now!
Leighanne's Kisses (now Orry..means Bear)
Glenda's Cocoa (Now Yogi Jr. Named after Sire)
Bridgette's Truffles
1 day shy of 4 weeks Puppy album: Click HERE
Puppies are dewormed with Nemex 2 at 2,3,4,6,and before 8 weeks when they go home
​4 weeks Album: Click HERE
Mama and her son: Belle and Truffles
Bridgette's Truffles
(Debra's sister) found us for her sister​
Be sure to look for FB Videos..sorry no links are available to post for videos..puppies are getting very active..just adorable!
4 1/2 weeks Album: Click HERE
Click HERE for Day 33 Album
Yogi Jr. (Cocoa)
Pups (below) are 5 weeks old today: Click HEREfor more Photos
Truffles 1 Lb  14.7oz.
Velvet 2 Lbs. 1.3 Oz.
Yogi Jr. (Cocoa) 1 Lb 11.9 Oz.
Chloe (Mocha) 1 Lb. 12.7 oz.
Orry (Kisses) 2 Lbs. 4.0 oz.
Click HERE for Day 36 Photo Album
"We have teeth and can eat dry kibble in addition to soft puppy food!"​
Orry (Kisses)
First Dry Kibble: Diamond Naturals Small Breed Chicken and Rice Puppy Food
5 1/2 weeks Day 39 or 40! Click HERE
Only 2 days until Puppies are 6 weeks: Click HERE for FB Album..to see more like those below (from this album)
Yogi Jr. (Cocoa) 1 Lb 15 oz.
Orry (aka Kisses) 2 Lbs. 7 oz.
Truffles 2 lbs 3 oz.
Chloe (Mocha) 1 lb. 14 oz
Velvet wt. 2 lb. 6 oz.
6 Weeks Album: Click HERE
Velvet (6 weeks)
Puppies are 6 weeks 2 days: Click HERE for album
"Hi Mama!"     (Yogi Jr.) aka Cocoa
Click HEREfor 6 1/2 weeks album
Yogi Jr. (aka. Cocoa)
Orry (aka. Kisses)
Chloe (aka. Mocha)
Click HEREfor Puppy album Jan. 31
7 weeks Album Featuring Velvet and Truffles: Click HERE
Truffles: 7 weeks today 
Velvet: 7 weeks today
Click HERE for Playtime Album, when pups return from Vet..videos of Vet exams on Fb too..go see! All Pups are healthy and had negative on fecal test! Yaa!!
Truffles and Yogi Jr. Playtime!
Yogi Jr.
Bathtime Photos: Click HERE


Orry, Yogi Jr and Velvet (flying on Thursday)​
Click HERE for Truffles and Chloe bath and Blow-dry Photo Album
Orry, Velvet, then Yogi Jr ship home on Feb. 9th and 10th
Truffles is picked up since his family lives locally: Truffles album: ClickHERE​
Truffles going home to Houston
Our Chloe 9 1/2 weeks: Click HEREfor her album
Chloe(your right) 10 weeks with her Dam: Belle
2/2017 Sire: Yogi and Chloe 10 weeks 
Our final 4 litters 2017-19 planned  by same parents Belle and Yogi
Chloe (above) at age 11 weeks Album for those on waitlist to see what their puppy will be looking like as pup grows. Will try to keep updates coming. Zoey, Yogi, Belle and Chloe just had baths and blowdrys..Chloe is a lil FLUFFBALL LOL! Click HERE for her Album
Velvet 1 Year Old!!
Our Chloe
Yogi Jr. (1 yr old photo)
Thanks for the photo Updates Ladies!
"Hi Cecilia, the new babies are beautiful! I am sure you're really busy. Orry is doing great and is a real joy. He follows me everywhere, it's adorable! I hope all is well with you and family."
Orry (aka Bear)