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We produce AKC Liver Puppies​​.

​Our Puppies are socialized daily by me, my friends and family​

​Our puppies ship out of state with a pet nanny when needed.

​​​We currently
 have a litter due March 24. Deposits are placed and no available spots. 



​AKCLiverBrownShihTzu is Our Current Active WEBSITE Where we now add all our latest 
photos and updates..We take loads and loads of Pictures because this is our Hobby and we know that people LOVE looking at Puppies that we LOVE taking photos of!

 We gradually wean our litters and show you weekly photos and sometimes daily photos of the puppies each step of the way how we help prepare your pup for your home.
Please bookmark or save this site in your FAVORITES, before you leave our site. Our page links are found in on our navigation Bar at the top of every page . Also throughout our pages hyperlinks in BLUE were created for your convenience to take you to Nurseries to view past puppies in our Shih Tzu lines. Our pages have grown more numerous so we have some to the left of each page, nevertheless, they are not any less educational or informative as to what we provide in our hobby of Breeding Shih Tzus for sweet sweet puppies! Also you might be instructed to click on a photo for more photos or as a way to direct you to a page that gives further light to a subject we discuss related to the care of your puppy. We hope you find our site friendly and informative . We welcome your feedback, if something doesn't look technically right or if you have any questions about our Shih Tzu, please  contact us. No question is too small. Please see "Our Family" page to give you a visual of each person in or family that takes an active part in caring for puppies. We believe you will find our puppies are "different" as many of our customers describe the results of our daily socializing of them. We believe socializing your puppy is just as important as feeding them! We want you to have a puppy that is calm and relaxed in the arms of humans, yet playful when on the ground with or without other pets. We even have tips on introducing your pets to one another for the best success with your new family member! Breeder/Health Tips
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​We strive to ​produce for you a ​well ​socialized pet for your ​​family ​to love..Giving ​
​the​ Best possible ​start to ​your best friend​​​! Below you will see some of our photos of past  parents and puppies 
Just Click on the photo of our Grandson, Ayden (above), to see
​Our Family & more Puppy Love!
​This hobby is my PASSION!

Saving the BEST Photo for Last..
​Ayden, our Grandson when he was younger.

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2/2015...after all these years, Ayden age 5 still loves to hold puppies! Ayden holding Belle, then Blossom, then Ariel (Ginger)
Ayden's Mom,
​my daughter, Jennifer
​also finds joy in loving
​on a puppy!
Click HERE to see more photos of Belle and Blossom (9 weeks)  with Ayden 
Akc Liver Sire Yogi  2016
Sire to Tori,Sadie,& Jazzie​

Sophie and Samson:last litter due March 25, 2021
Sophie's Dam ("Rosie" above) and Sire "Blaze" (left) :
​Rosie and Blaze..last litter was August 2016 when Sophie was born.
​On October 20, 2016 Rosie began her Royal retirement to the wonderful Windsor Family of England and will spend her time with them in Santa Barbara and the U.K...her baby went to Jason but she was offered back to us in March 2017 and we purchased her back and now call her Sophie.. Love that girl! Sophie's First litter came Dec. 30, 2017!! Click
HERE to see her future puppy  positions and waitlist. Also we are starting waitlist at customer requests for Sophie and Yogi 2 daughters for 2020-21: Jazzie and Sadie
Sophie's (Rosita)Sire:Blaze
Holland's Zoey Girl
Our Retired​ Pet
out of our Cocoa and Cashew
Retired to their forever homes​​
Akc Dam Belle 2016
Retired Dam of Tori
Yogi and daughter Chloe 2/2017
2/2017 Belle and Chloe
Rosita (now Sophie) DOB: Aug. 7, 2016
Belle's daughter Chloe and Sophie
playing 3-20-17
Cecilia Holland: Hobby Breeder
Past Chloe Samson pups: Streak  and Desi 
 Past Male DOB: 4-22-20
Dam: Sophie and Sire Samson ​
Photos of Parents to Sophie