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Purchase Arrangements:
If we have the Pup available (already born) you desire: 1/2 the total purchase amount is due to hold your desired pup until pick up and applied to the total. Those placing early deposits for a position are required to place 1/2 down within 7 days of the birth and our confirmation that we have the pup. The final Balance is due in cash IF picking up your Puppy in person. For shipping please read below.

Please Read, Print, and sign the above Agreement (where it says Print HERE), then send with agreed partial deposit to be applied to purchase price. Before Pups are born, to reserve a Puppy, your $100-$200 (to determine, see pairs below) Deposit should be sent with this agreement. It is Applicable toward an available pup upon agreement in another of our litters (if your desired pup not produced as planned}. Your deposit is refundable providing you don’t change your mind. That means if we don’t produce, you don’t pay. Providing we produce your pup, 1/2 of total balance is due within one week of birth of litter to further "hold" your pup. If 1/2 payment not received, you forfeit your early partial deposit that held your position, and we reserve the right to sell to another interested family with 1/2 down . That early $100-$200 deposit is only a partial deposit that does not reserve your puppy past the 7th day of puppy's life. *Final balance due in cash at puppy pick up (8 weeks age or if shipping is required read below). We give a 1 day grace period after 8 weeks for pick up without additional boarding fees. It more time is needed we charge $20 per day. $50 pet delivery fee to DFW pet nanny or $75 to meet you and your flight into Dallas, Lovefield. Times must be agreed in advance of scheduling flight.
​*Final balance (Walmart to Walmart, Check, or USPS money order..sorry, no bank drafts, paypal or store MO) is due no later than 10 days before scheduled Pet nanny shipping. Cash is due when meeting us at airport or our home. We charge $50 for time and gas to meet at DFW or LoveSfield Dalla Airport. Your in cabin pet ticket is your responsibility..or if using a pet nanny you pay them direct.scroll down for more information.

​​​​​Please call for our Address to Mail $100 (for pets. or $200 for Breeder..see below) partial deposit to reserve your position and to be applied to total Purchase. We are located near Fort Worth Texas and recommend Priority Mail with delivery confirmation tracking, which allows us to hold your pup while your deposit is on it's way. We cannot "hold" a position without a tracking number from your mail sent. We will not allow another to take your position, if you provide a delivery confirmation (from your post office). ​Important Note: We accept Checks or MO for deposit. Please text or call us with trackng number (delivery confirmation) on day your intitial payment, so we can hold your position. USPS online and Postal Office both have the option to add delivery confirmation (please don’t choose signature confirmation as it may arrive when we aren’t home).
We DO NOT Accept Cashiers​ Checks due to Scammers Use of them...sorry they ruined it for honest folks.

FOR POSITIONS BEFORE PUPS ARE BORN AND IF Puppy Is already born and available:​Call for puppy availability. (817)291-8007. After agreed verbally, we decide when your payment will go out, and you send tracking.You have 7 business days for us to receive your partial deposit of $100 or $200 (check litter), however we cannot hold your position unless you send your payment Priority mail with tracking. If not received, we have option to offer position for pup to another. Under special circumstances we may agree to first class shipping..for those unable to go to post office...but check with us first.

​​Please read, sign and return agreement below with your deposit after calling for availability of desired Puppy.

Between Seller and Buyer:

PURCHASE AGREEMENT One Year Health Guarantee___________________ All dogs bred and sold by AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland are represented and evaluated as accurately as possible at the time of sale. If your dog, during the first year of age, is found to have a congenital defect, return him or her to us ( at buyers expense ) with the registration papers and a written explanation from a licensed veterinarian, and he or she will be replaced with a comparable puppy of the same sex at no charge with the next available puppy in future litter or refunded if our last litter (we are phasing out our breeding program and last litter will be bred in Summer 2015). Any veterinarian bills incurred to diagnose or repair a problem will be the responsibility of the buyer unless arrangements have been made or approved prior to treatment. The monetary value of this guarantee is equal to the purchase price of the dog. All dogs bred and sold by AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland are accompanied by an accurate and up to date medical history. However, on puppies whose age at the date of sale precludes completion of the scheduled series of inoculations, it is necessary for the purchaser to complete the scheduled series of inoculations on time, in order to protect the puppy and for this health guarantee to remain valid. A timetable for the inoculations will be supplied on the medical history of the puppy and we recommend you follow your Veterinarians Puppy vacination Schedule. In addition, until this series of inoculations has been completed ( about 16 weeks of age ) the puppy should not be exposed to premises know to be or suspected of being contaminated by unhealthy animals. This health guarantee is valid to the original owner or owners. This health guarantee is void if puppy is resold and/or given away. The welfare of our puppies and the satisfaction of our clients are our prime consideration to us. Every effort will be made by AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland to assure the puppy/dog you have chosen will be in excellent health at the time of purchase. Our commitment and guarantee to you is that we will not knowingly sell a puppy/dog without disclosing any known health related conditions. All animals on site will be current on all their vaccinations and have received the necessary treatments for any suspected internal or external parasites. In addition, your Puppy will have a complete Exam and follow up fecal exam by our Veterinary. A signed letter of Puppy’s health just prior to sale will be provided to each Buyer. We strongly recommend a Health Checkup be performed on any newly purchased puppy/dog. We strongly suggest all purchasers take their new puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian to implement an effective health management program with their veterinarian and/or continue with the program started by our kennels. To keep the guarantee offered to you by AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland valid, we must insist an initial visit to a licensed veterinarian be completed within seven (7) calendar days of receiving your puppy/dog. During the initial exam should your veterinarian find the puppy/dog to be at a health risk or detect any physical health problems that would require further veterinarian services, we must be notified within 36 hours of the visit. Conditions or treatments excluded from the guarantee and above-mentioned requirements shall include, but not be limited to, vaccinations and/or treatments for any type of internal or external parasites or bacterial conditions. The sales guarantee does not include, cost reimbursement by AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland for the above-mentioned conditions or for any costs incurred by the purchaser for veterinarian’s procedures or services performed. Fees charged for the initial examination, and any other procedures the veterinarian performs, or deems necessary to perform, are also not refundable and are the purchaser’s responsibility and considered part of Puppy care by the new owners. In accordance with the above mentioned terms and conditions, we also guarantee the puppy/dog for seven (7) calendar days of receipt to be free of Parvo, Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Para influenza. In the event your puppy/dog should be diagnosed with these conditions within the guarantee period, we must be notified within 36 hours of the diagnosis. The puppy and all related paperwork must be returned to the seller accompanied by a legibly written and signed veterinarian report, outlining the complete medical history since the purchase. In addition, all laboratory records used to determine the diagnosis should also be furnished to AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland. Any diagnosis in question is subject to confirmation by a Veterinarian chosen by the seller. Should the seller’s Veterinarian not concur with the previous diagnosis, the matter may be presented to a third Veterinarian mutually agreed upon by the purchaser and seller. All costs for the third examination shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon verification, the seller will offer at purchasers’ option, a comparable puppy/dog as a replacement, or refund the purchase price to the Buyer. The Buyer agrees to take any and all measures necessary to assure the future health and well being of the purchased puppy/dog. The buyer further agrees to maintain an effective vaccination program including routine follow-up examinations by a licensed Veterinarian. Puppy is not to be taken to Pet parks or Petsmart or other places where unknown Dogs frequent before 10 days after final Puppy vacinations, as recommended by our Veterinarian. If buyer is unable to properly care for said dog for any reason, the breeder will be contacted with the option that the breeder will take the dog back with no consequence nor refund to the buyer. The breeder will then take back over full responsibility of said dog. Temperament Guarantee: Since there is a high degree of uncertainty in the future temperament of a puppy/dog it is not possible for us to offer our clients a guarantee on these traits in our dogs. Though we feel our puppies/dogs are unlikely to exhibit these traits it is up to the purchaser to select individuals whom they feel are best suited toward their desired needs and training techniques. RETURN OF PUPPY: If for any reason you change your mind about completing purchase of puppy that is here or can no longer care for the puppy/dog you received all money paid is forfeited, AKC Shih Tzu Puppies by Holland is to be given notice to have the puppy returned to them at no cost to them. Note: Puppy Becomes AKC Registered in New Owners name after completed AKC form provided by Seller is sent to AKC with minimal fee (aprox. $35, and CERTIFED Registration returned to buyer from AKC. *Please Sign if you agree to our terms.


*Buyer‘s Signature___________________

Seller‘s Signature___________________

For Pet Buyers, $100 Reserves your Pick position for all pairs.  For AKC Breeders $200 deposit is required.. The deposit is only non-refundable if YOU change your mind about getting a puppy produced here. If we don't produce  the male or female under your deposit, you may have a complete refund or transfer your deposit to another available pup in any of our  current or future litters. This partial deposit applies toward your total Puppy purchase.We accept partial deposits in advance*. Then choices from the litter or "picks"​take place between 3-4 weeks (in order of deposit received).
3-4 weeks is usually the time you can see more about a puppy. Some puppies in our pairings have a tendency to fade, while others fade less. We cannot guarantee if fur is going to fade or stay very dark (non fading) in case there is a preference of either ​the dark chocolate or milk chocolate AKC​ Liver Pup. All Shih Tzu puppies fur changes some from puppyhood to adulthood.We will inform you to the best of our ability what a particular litter does as a result of a particular breeding as well as post photos sent in by our buyers which shows fur color at different ages. AKC Liver refers to the brown pigment of our puppies.
When we confirm your Puppy Birth, 1/2 down is due within first week of birthday to hold your pup per our agreement. Final Payment is due in cash only at puppy pick up in person or by check or money order (no cashier checks please) within 10 days if your pet nanny shipping  Please update us of any change to your contact information. If no update and we find your contact information no longer valid, you forfeit your deposit. We reserve the right to remove you from any position within 48 hrs. of several attempts to contact and then we further fill that position with a valid buyer if your phone and email no longer work.We will make every attempt to reach you, but with people waiting, we cannot hold a puppy indefinitely without communication or sufficient deposit.

Our Prices*​​​​​​​​​​​​Pet Price: ​Limited AKC Registration  
​Breeder Price : Full AKC
​(can register offspring)

Accepting deposits for Puppies planned through 2020! Please go see the estimated Beeding seasons posted on our Avail Pups/Waitlist page.
Early partial ​Deposit for pet homes: $100(reserves position till birth, (in order of deposit picks at 3-4 weeks).
Early Deposit for Breeders: $200
All homes place 1/2 of total balance down by end of birth week to continue Hold ​​

​​​​​​​​​​Belle or Sophie/w Yogi
​ AKC Limited (Pet price) Females $1450 and Males $1400*

​​Belle or Sophie with Yogi
​ Full Akc Breeding Rights (*upon 
approval) add $500 ​ 

Sophie and Samson or​
​Chloe and Samson:
Akc Limited (Pet Price) Females $1850 and Males $1800
​Full Akc Breeding rights (upon approval) add $700

*we do not sell to petshops or puppy mills 




Prices below agreement
Please read our Purchase agreemen​t above before sending any money..then send a copy w/deposit or you can request for us to mail you a copy to be signed and returned. IMPORTANT: Check Available Pups/Wait List
and call to confirm availabilty Before sending a deposit. We accept early deposits to hold 1st and 2nd picks.
May 2018: IMPORTANT Change in Shipping.  We USED TO ship UNITED Petsafe. We USED TO make all arrangements for Pet Travel and get the info to you. Shipping WAS $350, included everything requred. We USED to collect it as part of your total and manage the flight.But due to the CHANGE in Shipping by the AIRLINES..no longer do they allow Shih Tzu to ship CARGO..so you must either pick up your pup and ship in cabin OR we would gladly refer you to Pet nanny used by our Breeding customers. It is your responsibility to call them and schedule payment and all details. We will make adjustment to our previously recorded balance by deducting ship fee we originally noted on your contract. We have no control over the New rules implemented out of the airlines. Please contact us if we can further help. 
Purchase Agreement in Writing is NOT otherwise subject to price change (unless a mathematical error)! Season transfer of deposits are subject to the new price in that season..though won't be substantially higher. .please carefully review the Upcoming Planned Breedings and Prices BEFORE you decide to purchase. We know from when we have looked for outside puppies, that comparable quality puppies (if you can find them) are still Higher than our Prices. We find that our socializing along with raising our own Breeding dogs or choosing dogs with great temperaments makes for very special pets and breeding dogs for small Breeders.When positions are filled, no more deposits will be accepted until we see extra pups born.. heres a link to some info gathered July 2018 regarding puppy In cabin flight : Click HERE

 Deposits for first 2 females and first 2 males are ​accepted for each planned litter. Beyond that we start a public No deposit waiting list in order of call on our Avail Pups/Wait List page for extra available puppies after all ​deposits are applied. Call 817-291-8007 to be on waiting list or to place deposit on the upcoming  planned puppies in our planned litters.
We are accepting deposits now for Belle/Yogi 2017 breeding for puppies estimated aprox.December 2017.Other dates for planned litters can be found on Avail Pups/Waitlist Page

United Petsafe Shipping
At available locations in USA $350.
includes all fees associated with shipping. All our pups ship with United Petsafe​.
​Each pup is examined by our Vet to  meet shipping requirements.

Each planned breeding pair is shown on our Avail Pups/Wait List page
Yogi 2015-19 AKC Liver Stud
For Our Prices please scroll to bottom of Page. Photos or print may overlap on a cell phone, best to use a computer for viewing info.For our genetic guarantee see below or print agreement to send after contacting me about placing a deposit after checking upcoming planned litters for available puppies and future planned positions.
Belle and Yogi PAST PUPPIES DOB: 6/2016
Planned Akc stud Samson 2018-2021
In Cabin Puppy Flight INFO: ClickHERE