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Belle/Yogi 2018 PAST pups  DOB: Jan. 3, 2018)
went home Feb. 27, 2018.​..click

​​​​​​​​Let Christ Reign in Your Heart! He Lives!
Some Belle/Yogi PAST PUPS




Chloe (below) is Belle and Yogi's daughter, scroll to bottom of page, she may have available positions. Planned breedings between 2018-2021. Note that picks take place at 3-4 weeks of age even though those getting a pup know they are getting one by birthday of puppy.Breeder reserves the right to hold back a puppy for future breeding, stepping into first position , other buyers move down if and when.​
Breeding Schedule and Available Puppy Positions: Sophie(Rosita)/Yogi
Links and photos below of Sophies Litters already produced show you what pups will look like.
​Sophie/Yogi Planned Breedings 2018-2020 shown below
Sophie/Samson 2021 is her last litter
​Please call me if you have questions about our waitlist or anything else: 817 291-8007
Sophie/Yogi #1(DOB: Dec.29 2017)   Sophie/Samson #2 DOB: July 1, 2018  2 Females 3 Males  gone home 9/19
​2 males& 1 
female went home 2/2018     
 More Samson's Photo below..see Chloe litters  and see prices link
About Sophie (Rosita) and Her Family with Photos:
​Click HERE for Quick Reference to Sophie and our other two Breeding females
 Stud Yogi when 8m and Feb. 2017 (2 1/2 yrs)
​ Click HERE for Yogi page

1st Female "Lucy" (Red): Brooke S. 
2nd Female: Carma S.
Male we call "Desi":

Sophie/Samson                                     Sophie's Last planned Litter:       Sophie/Samson Winter2020/Spring 2021:
  Summer/F 2020 aprox Sept.              see prices for difference to yogi litters       LAST LITTER                               


ROSIE'S ROSITA (now Sophie)
Note: If you are offered a deposit position on any one litter prior to pups being born, when you are on non deposit waitlist and you decide to PASS..your name is moved to bottom of that litter waitlist and next on list is contacted. If I can't reach you after several attempts and messages left for you, your name is removed as a courtesy to those serious about a pup..they move up. We reserve the right to replace a Breeder on a position occupied by a Breeder that moves off the position by offering to next Breeder on the wait list. We reserve the right not to sell to Puppy Mills, Petshops and homes we don't perceive as a good fit.
"Hey, that's me as a cute baby(right)! Sophia Rose 3-16-17 (above)
3-20-17 Our Chloe
Sire: Yogi Dam: Belle DOB: 12-15-16

Belle's last 2019 LITTER before retirement: here 4 puppies are here:DOB: Nov. 19, 2019

Fall/Winter 2019-2020  LAST Litter: 
1st female :Cecilia H.
2nd Female:
Carma S.

1st Male: Lisa M.
2nd Male: Amy W.

All deposit positions are served first (before non deposit waitlist is called) and have opportunity to transfer to either available sex if their sex doesn't come.
Litter #4 ​Estimated:November/Dec 2020
Chloe/Samson: Fall/W 2020 
1st Female: Libby
2nd Female:Gwen F. 
​3rd F: Lisa M

Non Deposit waitlist Female

Barry B.​*
Sherrie L.​*
Sylvia A*​
Lisa M.*​
Mike G.​*

​1st male: William W.

2nd Male:​​​​​ Available
3rd Male: Linnzi C. (w/transferred dep)
​Non dep. male waitlist: ​​
4th male:Sherrie L.
5.Sheila E.​

1st Female:Erika T.
2nd Female: Hold (as back up for 1st pick in Litter #4)
3rd female: Barry B. (dep. also transferable to earlier available pup )
Non deposit female:

4th Sherrie L.(moves to 3rd if at least 1 female in previous litter and above "Hold" released)
5th Sylvia A.*​
6th Lisa M.*​
7. Mike G.​*
8. Natalea Z.

​1st male: Sherrie L

2nd Male:​​​​​ Hold (for William W. only until he gets male in previous litter) then 3rd moves up.
​3rd male:Elyse 
Non dep. male waitlist: 
4. Natalea Z.*
5. Linnzi C.* 

Litter #5 ​Estimated:May/June 2021
​Chloe/Samson 2021
Chloe and Samson...
​See First litter click HERE Dob:Nov. 7, 2018
As a courtesy to our customers, we decided to accept deposits for first pick in every litter (both sexes) litter like we used to, but with a back up hold on the​ next litter's 2nd puppy of that sex..so first pick gets a second chance at their puppy in case of a non typical all one sex litter win their choice..they still move their deposit to next litter, they just don't get to have 2 first picks with one deposit...see right HOLDS are on only until previous liter is born and goes home
Stud Samson (above)
​Sophie and Samson (only breeding to Samson in her 2nd planned litter Fall/W 2018 and in 2021.. and all Chloe litters..scroll down)
June 2017 Sophie 10 months
Chloe is Belle and Yogi's Daughter, so we brought in Samson from a reputable line for all planned Chloe litters. We get Akc Liver (chocolate) puppies!!

IMPORTANT: Please watch us and get added to our Emails by requesting an email update.  We will announce breeding and due dates updates through ceciliadiane@hotmail.com 
When more than one female is due around the same time, we reserve the right to offer available puppies* to those in the other litter before calling on non deposit waitlist. Those with deposits are preferred due to the commitment of the deposit and agreement. *A pup is considered Available after those with deposits are filled.For example, If we accept 4 deposits and we have 6 puppies, the 2 additional pups are considered available. But if we have 2 deposit for females and 2 for males and 4 females are born, then the people with the 2 male deposits will have the option to get females before we call on those without deposits.Deposit positions are always satisfied first before non deposit waitlist . If people pass on a puppy, we call people in the order of waitlist.
Click on  QUICK Family Reference  to see Photos of our Breeding girls as puppies and photos of their parents and their background. Actually it would  be a good idea to add this page to your favorites, but you can always get back to this page titled AVAIL PUPS/WAITLIST link at the top, third to left of HOME page.
Chloe Nov. 6, 2017
Belle Yogi Baby 1 Day born Jan. 3, 2018
Went To forever  HOMES: These past pups below (left) are  examples of Sophie/Yogi future pups!
See more photos and links to albums on our past Nursery Page: Click HERE
"Penny Lane" from Sophie Yogi 2018 litter..
 Click HERE to see What Samson Sophie Pups look like: 2018 Nursery
Next Litter (#3) DOB Nov. 11, 2019

Chloe/Samson Fall 2019​-W2020

2 Males Born​​

Male "Streak":Available
Male "Trek":​​​​​​Available to right home (1/2 price, no guarantee, call for more info. Vet exam and in good health)

#3b LOL​ Summer Estimated May 2020
​I reconsidered and decided to breed 

Belle and Yogi bred Sept. 2019..and this was their last litter
​previous litters below

Belle and Yogi Boys DOB: June 5, 2019 
Willy and Reese  11 weeks below are from previous Belle Yogi litter
Available/Waitlist on Each of our females:
First pick male is born on Chloe and Samson. Call to reserve him, you reserve now but choose between the two males at 3-4 weeks.Belle​'s pick male is also available due November 22, 2019 hold pick of litter male with an early deposit!
Sophie and Yogi DOB:Nov. 8, 2019 Comes home January 3, 20120
Past puppies of Chloe and Samson (this side)
Planned Future litters: Refundable deposits placed, unless passed on previous available pup and transferred
Note:Those with deposits get first option at avail pups male or female, then waitlist called if extra pups)
Streak  (available)                                   Trek (available)
1st Female:Cecilia
​2nd female:Gwen
​​Non Deposit female Waitlist

​1st Male :  Available
2nd male: Available​
Jasmine (Jazzie) and Sadie are daughters of Sophie and Yogi
We expect AKC Livers​ that are chocolate and golden like Jazzie

Jazzie (DOB: 5/25/2019) and Samson future planned puppies:
Guestimate breeding aprox. Winter 2020​-21 (you must be flexible on this first planned litter if interested 

1st Female​​: Vicki S.
2nd female: Available​
Non Deposit:
3rd female: Patrice C.​

1st Male: Available
2nd Male:​​​ 
1st female: Michael G. (Pending Dep)
2nd female: Available​

1st male:​​
Michael G?
2nd male: Available​
1st female: Michael G.(transfered dep here)
2nd Female:​ Keina E.

1st Male:​​ Available
2nd Male: Available ​
Streak and Trek in Chloe litter: passed Vet check with flying colors. Trek: Conditional availability to right home at 1/2 price, had great Vet exam after therapy for swimmer puppy splay, legs look and work normal. No expected problems but no guarantee.please call me for information . We will hold him until we get a good home. Will sell for full price with our guarantee or half price no guarantee. You choose.
Desi: Vet checked, first shot, dewormed. Letter of good health
Sadie (DOB: 5/25/2019) and Samson future planned puppies:
1st Female: Available 
2nd Female​: Available 
Non Deposit waitlist:
3rd female: ​

1st Male:Available ​​
2nd Male: Available​