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20 minutes from
Downtown Fort Worth
Akc Belle and Yogi DOB:Nov. 19, 2019 Nursery
Available TWO Male Akc Liver Shih Tzu puppies! Call 817 291-8007​
 May reserve by deposit now: goes home January 13, 2020
Yogi 2015-16 AKC Stud (12 Lbs)
 AKC Dam Belle: 8 lbs 
Above Chloe (daughter) and below other Past Puppies
​Belle/Yogi 2018 pups DOB: Jan. 3, 2018)
2 males and 3 females

Previous Puppies Fly HOME Feb. 2018
Hey! Come see my Mama And Dad's previous Litter by ClickingHERE, then return to this page
Birthday Album Day 1 Click HERE And HERE
Congratulations for those waiting for a Belle/Yogi Pup!
​2 Males and 2 females:

​First Male: Available 
2nd male:Available
First female: Cecila H.
2nd Female: Carma F.

                                    Weight Chart..First week                                                                     
​Healthy Puppies about double their Birth weights by 7-10 days

 Temporary     Day 1   Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6   Day 7 Day8  Day9  Day 10
​​  Names      11/19/19  11/20  11/21    11/22   11/23   11/24  11/25   11/26  11/27  11/28

Previous Pup..Yogi Belle
Pups in July 2018 Litter
Click HEREfor Day 4 Pups Album..they eat and sleep mostly at this age and we try not to bother them or stress mom out
 The two boys
The Girls
Day 9 Photo Album: Clickk HERE
Day 13 EYES are opening!!Click HEREfor album
Click HEREfor 2 week Album
Day 16 Album: Click HERE
Day 18 Photos: Click HERE
Shauna's Sydney (Chloe)
4 weeks Puppy Videos: Click HERE and HERE
Aug. 9 photos 4 1/2 weeks: ClickHERE
Photos Of First Baths and Blowdry
​and Video Links BELOW..jusrt click on each one:

Belles Puppies August 11, 2018  5 weeks
Albums Link: Click HERE​
5 1/2 weeks album links below

Belle Pups album Click HERE

Video of Belle Pups: Click HERE

London First Bath
 Click HERE

Paris First bath
Click HERE

Dallas First Bath ClickHERE

Sydney (Chloe) Blow-dry Video!

London getting her bath
Belle Puppies 6 weeks: Click HERE
8/24/18 Click HERE for Vet Exam Video..all puppies are Healthy and go home in a week!
I met Sheryl's daughter Shamarra and Sheryl's husband at Dallas Lovefield to deliver Stone (Dean) and Dallas (Sammy)...they are thrilled to finally have them!
Puppies going Home at 8 weeks
Sammy  about 4 mos.
Lexi (Gwen's Crystal from Sophie Samson) Left with yellow Bow.. Roux (Belle Yogi boy) Below right
London at 7 months 2-2019
Male        4.9

​Female    4.8

Male        5.1

Female​​​​​​​​​   4.2