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Dec. 2013 Rocher (Belle's Dam) and AngelKiss (Belle's Aunt) 

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Belle's Sire: Romeo
Belles Dam Rocher and her  aunt (Rocher's sister were two peas in a pod, Rocher and Angelkiss as a puppies (below)
AKC "Belle"  (Below): Romeo and Rocher's Daughter
(Belle is hand raised here from Our Dec 22, 2015 litter)
Sire: Romeo
​Dam: Rocher​
DOB: 12-22-14​
AKC Dam​ 2016
DOB: 12-03-14​
AKC Sire for 2016-2019
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About Belle and her Family...
Belle's Dam: Rocher (Row-Shey)
Belle's Aunt AngelKiss
Click HERE for Romeo's
​page And his Pedegree​
SEE 2016 AKC Dam: Belle page for her puppy Photos

Belle's Dam(left):

​Click HERE for  Rocher's
​Page and Pedegree
Yogi 5 1/2m
​ dark chocolate undercoat
Yogi 7m  AKC Liver with Fawn/Sable Accents!!

SEE our 2016 Past Puppy Yogi/Belle Litters
Belle & Yogi Puppies: June 4, 2016 All Sold/ 
​See what we expect in ALL future litters till 2019! -(Sophie/Yogi planned litters till 2020-21 are listed below)

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Belle Nursery (DOB 6/2016)
Belle Dec.2016 Nursery Dob: 12-15-16 See Chloe 13 wks below. (All Pre-SOLD)
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Some Belle/Yogi PAST PUPS
Belle's Sister(above)
Belle on Nov. 17, 2016
Belle 7m
We are adding back ROSIE"S ROSITA (now Sophie) to our breeding program..expecting her to be ready for breeding in early 2018!
Note on Rosita's return to us:
When Jason called us to let us know he was not pursuing breeding of Shih Tzu anymore and returning to only Bulldog breeding: he offered Rosita for sale back to us..it was a hard decision as we already decided to retire at end of 2019..but I prayed and have a peace about her return. So  we also decided to register  with full AKC breeding rights our pup, Chloe, and extended our breeding till 2021
Sophie is the pup in Rosie's last litter before retirement: I so loved that pup and would have kept her had she not already been committed to Jason at birth...anyway on March 14, we purchased her back..at about 7m. We registered her full Akc for breeding to Yogi and to Samson beginning in 2018,
​when she is old enough around 18m. We are renaming her with a name that sounds like Chloe as she had been called Chloe by Jason and though she wasn't  registered until we filed our Akc papers of ownership...we already had a Chloe. We expect beautiful Vibrant Orange red like her Dam Rosie and also 
Chocolate like Yogi, There is a possibility of Liver and white like Sophie and fawn sable accents..red tips like Yogi has!!
About Sophie (Rosita) and Her Family:
Sophie's Dam : Rosie
Sophie (was Rosita) below left 9wks
​ Click HERE for her Nursery page and links to Facebook Videos
 Yogi when 8m and Feb. 2017 (2 1/2 yrs)
​ Click HERE for Yogi page
Sophie's Grandparents:
Cowboy and Kitty​
Click HERE for Rosie's Page to see photos and Pedigrees of Sophie's line
Sophie's Sire: Blaze 
ClickHERE for Blaze page  for more photos and Pedigree
ROSIE"S ROSITA (now Sophie)
More photos to be added when  7 m (March 2017) bad haircut grows out!
Sophie 7m the day we got back home
Sophia Rose 3-16-17
3-20-17 Our Chloe
Sire: Yogi Dam: Belle DOB: 12-15-16

Chloe shown age 3m
​March 2017
DOB: 12-16-16​
Samson (right) age 6m
​March 23, 2017
DOB: 9-22-16​
6.8 lbs charting to be 8-9lbs.​
4lbs..charting to be 8-9lb
Sire: Akc Yogi
Dam: Akc Belle
we have both her parents
​ here​​

Above on Each Parent
​ and click 
HERE to see Chloe
page with ancestors
Click HERE to see Samson
​Page and pedigree
"Ill grow so fast..just watch me!"
Chloe  Samson
Samson at 6m               Samson as a baby       
Chloe and Samson...
Sophie 4-24-17
Sophie and Samson (only breeding to Samson in her 2nd planned litter Fall/W 2018.. and all Chloe litters are with Samson..scroll down)
June 2017 Sophie 10 months
Chloe is Belle and Yogi's Daughter, so we brought in Samson from a reputable line for all planned Chloe litters. We are expecting Akc Liver..dark rich chocolate puppies!!

QUICK REFERENCE PAGEFamily info on Each Breeding Female: Belle, Sophie, and Chloe​..also the males they are Breeding to: Yogi and Samson. We retire in 2021
For  more detailed ​background  info on a particular  female, you may use web friendly blue links below or please click on 
the specific  title in links to pages above
The Studs planned for Breeding with Sophie: Yogi (below and Samson (above)
All Belles Breedings are planned with Yogi (left below)
Sophie's Background
Chloe will ONLY Breed to Samson, since our other stud, Yogi is her Sire
Sophie Nov. 6, 2017...Update 11/2018 Sophie has had litters with Yogi and with Samson..see their nurseries to see the pups! Next litter planned for Dec. 31, 2018!
Belle Nov. 6, 2017   For example of Belle/Yogi pups: Jan. 4, 2018...see her 2018 Nursery
Belle will skip a heat Fall/W 2018 and breed for Summer 2019, then Fall Winter and retire​

Chloe (below) Nov. 6, 2017.. her first litter with Samson came Nov. 7, 2018.. accepting deposits on future planned litters by this pair, click foravailable positions
Rosita (above)9weeks  (now Sophie)
Sophie on Nov. 6, 2017
Puppies Due Dec. 30, 2017
Nov. 6, 2017