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We are a Small HOBBY Breeder: Cecilia Holland (above).  
2015 /​3 AKC Breeding Females:
Rosie, Zoey, and Mocha 2016 Blossom, & Belle​
Zoey and Rosie retire 2016​
2 ​AKC Studs: Blaze and Yogi
We produce AKC Liver: Dark and med. Chocolate, Liver and White, and Deep Chocolate Cherry Red Liver ShihTzu.
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Click on: Al-Rosie Dec 2013 Pups

See Oct. 12,2014 Litter
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​AKCLiverBrownShihTzu is Our Current Active WEBSITE Where we now add all our latest 
photos and updates..Our previous litters are on these pages: whether it be "Our Family" page or "Past Puppies" you will see us actually socializing, bathing, Potty training, Deworming,Vet visits for complete health check, and more! See Customers happy and making comments when they send us photographs after their puppy is in their home..please feel free to browse the pages and see! We also have puppy info that can help you with your new puppy..we love to share what works for us! 
​​​IMPORTANT Note: I add Photos weekly and sometimes daily so you and your family can watch your puppies grow while online! We love our babies and to provide the best homes for them until you get them!

See our Past Puppy photos with mostly our stud: Alamo on "Past AKC Puppies"link above. For Zoey's background go back even further and see our puppies from our previous stud, Cashew (Zoey's Sire). To see our litters previous to Jan. 2012, Please go to our​ Gallery where you will find loads of photos and much much more information on our previous site: www.ceciliadiane.webs.com where you can also add yourself as a new member free..and receive ALL our email updates before Puppies are born and after..get notified each time we post photo albums of your puppies getting ready for the time they will come home. We gradually wean them and show you each step of the way, how we help prepare your pup for your home. Please look for our future breeding dogs usually with the year they are planning to breed in the title at the top of the page with other pages.
Please bookmark or save this site in your FAVORITES, before you leave our site. Our page links are found in on our navigation Bar at the top of every page and also throughout pages hyperlinks in BLUE were created for your convenience. Our pages have grown more numerous so we have some in blue to the left of each page, nevertheless, they are not any less educational or informative as to what we provide in our hobby business. of Breeding Shih Tzus for sweet sweet puppies! Also you might be instructed to click on a photo for more photos or as a way to direct you to a page that gives further light to a subject we discuss related to the care of your puppy. We hope you find our site friendly and informative . We welcome your feedback, if something doesn't look technically right or if you have any questions about our Hobby business. Please see "Our Family" page to give you a visual of each person in or family that takes an active part in caring for puppies. We believe you will find our puppies are "different" as many of our customers describe the results of our daily socializing of them. We believe socializing your puppy is as important as feeding them. We want you to have a puppy that is calm and relaxed in the arms of humans, yet playful when on the ground with or without other pets. We even have tips on introducing your pets to one another for the best success with your new family member! Breeder/Health Tips
Please Visit Each of ​Our Pages to Learn more about Us. Upper left corner you will find Links to pages
​We strive to ​produce for you a ​well ​socialized pet for your ​​family ​to love..Giving ​
​the​ Best possible ​start to ​your best friend​​​!
 Click Here for More Photos of Red
Valentines 2012 Natalea from
Louisianna (right), past customer
​picking up her male, Chevelle aka: Ace. Sire: Alamo / ​Dam: Zoey
CLICK Below For ZOEY's PAST Puppies
​Zoey and Alamo PUPS came Dec. 11,2013

Just Click on the photo of our Grandson, Ayden (right), to see Our Family & more Puppy Love!
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DOB: July 10, 2015!                 DOB: July 17 2015

​         (take home Puppies mid Sept. 2015)                 Click HERE​We have male and female positions
available for early deposit to reserve a puppy! Fall 2015
Spring/Summer 2016​ Most of our puppies are reserved in advance! Look at past puppies and the parents.

Please See photos of Romeo's 2014 litter:Click HERE​
See Rosie's2014 litter:Click HERE
See Rosie's July 2015 Litter
​See Zoey's 2014 litter: Click HERE

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When Puppies are born we add Albums to Facebook OFTEN. 10-7-13 For Rosie's visit to the Pumpkin Patch on FB..Click HERE. Your Puppy photos will be added by the Album with Photo links being sent through our email Blasts..register as a free member, click on:
www.ceciliadiane.webs.com , ​add your email ​to get all Puppy updates and photo links!
We plan to breed Rosie to Romeo Summer 2015 and then Rosie to Blaze 2016 after a skipped heat. To reserve a puppy Later..See our AVAIL PUPS/Wait List to see available positions to place an early deposit Or contact me.​

Saving the BEST Photo for Last..Ayden, our Grandson.

​​Zoey/Red 2014 Litter 
DOB: Dec. 23, 2014
3 Females and 2 males..so cute!
All 5 are sold..Available now:we are accepting
​deposits males position on
Zoey to Romeo Puppies Due July 15,2015!

To See our Breeding Plans click:

Available Puppies/Waiting List

Our PREVIOUS LITTER....Alamo's Past  Pups
Announcing Rocher Below (pronounced Row-Shey) & "AngelKiss"​below. Both are Sister, both Akc Liver
​(Dark  Chocolate) with Champion lines. We will breed AngrelKiss to Alamo and Rocher has already been bred to Romeo.
Rocher (She ) 9wks 11-02-13​
"Angelkiss" 11 weeks 11-14-13
Rosie and Alamo Puppies Dec.20, 2014.
ALL 4 sold..went home  Valentines week


​Zoey and Red's Litter Dec. 23, 2014..

all 5 are soldwent home Feb.2015

Rocher and Romeo's Puppies Dec. 22, 2014..All 5 Sold and went home Feb. 2015



Zoey/Red 2014                " RED "            Rosie Alam 2014
Zoey/Romeo 2015                                   Rosie/Romeo 2015​                                                                                                                       
Zoey/Red DOB: Dec. 23, 2014
Alamo and Rosie 2014           
Rocher and Romeo 5 Puppies came Dec. 22, 2014..1 dark chocolate AKC Liver male available: Hunter!
Rosie and Romeo 2015
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2/2015...after all these years, Ayden age 5 still loves to hold puppies! Ayden holding Belle, then Blossom, then Ariel (Ginger)
Ayden's Mom,
​my daughter, Jennifer
​also finds joy in loving
​on a puppy!
Click HERE to see more photos of Belle and Blossom (9 weeks)  with Ayden 
Rosie and Romeo              Romeo and Zoey
​ 2 females 1 male all sold        4 females: all Sold

Alamo/Angelkiss Feb.10,2015 went home April 2015
Akc Liver Stud Yogi 9lbs.
Akc Liver & White
 Stud Blaze 10lbs

Rosie's Pups 2015